ha ha, this is it, the balloon is about to go up, stand by for ww3, ww4 or whichever (always melodramatic, old debka)

Putin orders full combat alert for central Russian troops
DEBKAfile, Jun 21 2014

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Saturday that the Central Military District of Russia was urgently placed on “combat alert,” the day after Russia’s beefed up its military presence on the Ukraine border. The announcement followed Poroshenko’s unilateral seven-day ceasefire, which the separatists in the East refused to accept. Washington has imposed new sanctions against seven Ukraine separatists and Saturday threatened “scalpel” sanctions on Russia’s financial, defense and high tech industries.

But alas, ’tis but a drill:

Ukraine: Russian Forces On ‘Full Combat Alert’
Sky News, Jun 21 2014

Some 65,000 troops begin a week of military drills as the country builds up its forces on the border with Ukraine. Troops in central Russia have been put on “full combat alert”, a day after neighbouring Ukraine declared a week-long ceasefire. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said the alert would encompass the Volga region and Ural mountains and would last a week, according to Russian state news media. The one-week drill will involve 65,000 troops, according to the head of Russia’s General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov. Last week Russia continued to build-up its forces on the border with Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists are locked in battle with Ukraine government forces in a conflict that has killed some 300 people and forced 34,000 civilians to leave their homes.

34,000 refugees all have to go somewhere, even if some of them go to Crimea. But Jennifer Psaki and her comrade in disinformation, Matt Lee, never got that particular figure, in fact Psaki doesn’t really believe in refugees at all:

Everything is such a surprise, when WW3/4 finally starts, we shall be the last to know:

Putin orders surprise drills to check combat readiness of central Russia forces
Rt.com, Jun 21 2014

All Russian forces in Siberia, the Urals and beyond have been put on combat-ready alert, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said after President Putin ordered surprise drills. Russia’s troops in the Central Military District have been put on alert to verify troops’ combat-readiness during massive war games of all branches of the armed forces. The exercises involve the relocation of military personnel and hardware, firing training and complex inspections. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at staff meeting:

In accordance with president’s order, today starting from 11:00 Moscow time, all troops of the Central Military District have been placed in a state of full combat readiness.

The drills will last for a week, from Jun 21-28. During the first 24 hours, the troops’ readiness for immediate deployment on a combat mission will be checked. After that, military units will switch to tactical training, marching in battle formation to firing ranges for practice, Shoigu said. Air Force units in the district will relocate planes to operational airfields to check their readiness for action in new locations. In particular, the 98th Airborne Division will be relocated from the Ivanovo Region of the Volga Federal District to the Urals for paratrooper jump exercises at the Chebarkul firing range. The minister specifically ordered units to avoid any possible damage to civilian installations and infrastructure during the military drills, and to ensure the safety of military personnel, arms and hardware. The Jun 21-28 drill is the second stage of general exercises in the Central Military District, Shoigu said. A special commission has already verified the general situation in the district and now the war games will give the picture of combat readiness of the troops stationed on a swathe of huge territory from the Volga River through the Urals Mountains to Siberia, and from the Kara Sea in the Arctic to the steppe on Russia’s southern border with Kazakhstan. Shoigu said that the 28th and 35th Motorized Brigades began the training Jun 20, when both units were put on alert ahead of the rest of the military forces in the region. The Russian army has staged a number of military drills this year. The most recent exercises took place less than a fortnight ago, when on Jun 10 the Russian military launched drills by its assault forces in the enclave of Kaliningrad in answer to the double war games being conducted by joint NATO forces on the territory of the three Baltic States.

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