mount karachun has fallen to da rebelz

КАРАЧУН НАШ!!! Донецк Донбасс
Truth from Ukraine, Jun 21 2014

Today in the central square of city Donetsk, capital of Donetsk republic, were declared that position in Mount Karachun came under control of defence forces of Slavyansk. If it is truth, then troops of Kiev junta don’t be shell cities Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, as well as villages in this area from this position. We waiting photo or videos evidences or statement of somebody from commanders of Donetsk republic.

Video about happy citizen of Donetsk

Today in the city Donetsk was adopted oath of army of Donetsk republic and was confirmed the news of the capture of Mount Karachun. Today, in the central square of Donetsk, the capital of Donetsk republic was a solemn assembly. Alexander Boroday, Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic took the oath from the army of republic. Donetsk republic’s army swore allegiance to the people and vowed to clean Donetsk republic from the Fascists. In addition, Alexander Boroday reported that Mount Karachun was liberated from the troops of fascist Kiev junta. I want to remind you that more than a month fascist junta shelled the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, as well as the surrounding villages from Karachun mountain. There were large-calibre artillery and mortars, maybe that’s from the mountain Kiev junta troops fired by phosphorus shells village Semenovka. This is good news, but Kiev junta have artillery in the area of wastewater treatment plants near city Slavyansk. Also the Kiev junta sent to a war zone rocket launchers as “Grad”, “Hurricane” and “Tornado”. These rocket launchers will allow to the fascists junta to bombard the cities from a distance from 20 up 120 km. We all wish military luck to the army of the Donetsk republic, who gave oath today in the central square of Donetsk.

Семеновка, про ополченцев, ГРУ и все такое?
Truth from Ukraine, Jun 21 2014

Slavyansk and the village of Semyonovka were being attacked by the Kiev gang’s army with the use of incendiary bombs on Jun 12 2014. Much of the village was set ablaze. Militias are showing ruins of bombed Semyonovka (the suburbs of Slavyansk). They ask Poroshenko and the Ukrainian government:

Why did you come here? We didn’t come to you to fight. Why did you attack us? We are an independent state. Leave us alone!

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