here we see what happened when an entire salvo of 40 grads hit a punisher battalion in the field

As you recall, the rebels now have a Grad launcher, and evidently they have plenty of rockets to load it with. The target is the 24th motorized brigade of the Ukrainian army – RB

The defeat of the 24th brigade under Zelenopol
Colonel Cassad (Blog), Voice of Sevastopol, Jul 11 2014




Under Zelenopol by MLRS “Grad” militias actually destroyed summary of 24th mechanized brigade of the junta. Picture of defeat are truly apocalyptic character, Recalling the broken pillars of the Wehrmacht during the war. To fight against their own people punitive profit from Lviv region, stationed there 24th motorized brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine. One of the first who gave the information on the air, was the so-called centurion “Maidan” Vladimir Parasyuk. He said that in the ranks of the attacked was his friend. The last thing on the phone told sister-city of parasuco, was the fact that there is a significant human losses: the attackers used reactive volley fire “Grad”. “A large number of dead and wounded. Connection no, everything was burned. Help does not come,” he said, Parasyuk the words of a friend. Ukrainian media confirm and lead the preliminary data about the killed 30 people. The head of the Ministry of defense DND Igor Strelkov said:

I Confirm. Column defeated “stuff”.

Under Lugansk Zelenopol continues the fight of the Ukrainian troops are asking for help, they have nothing to shoot, said the wife of an officer 24-motorized brigade (Yavoriv district, Lviv region). According to her, about 14.00 communication with it went a man of the survivors during the shelling, UNIAN reports. He said that the bombardment began at 4.40 a.m., resulting in the entire camp military defeated, killed more than 50 people, more than 100 wounded. Also burned part of the military equipment and ammunition. The wife of an officer requested the journalists to convey this information to the management of the military operation and the state. She said:

At this time the fight is going on, but they have nothing to fight with. They are in need of reinforcement and help! The convoy with wounded sent from a broken camp, came under fire fighters, leading the battle, and it was directed surviving technique. At the same time part of columns returned back to the camp. Using them is still there.

Previously, the militia commander Igor Strelkov reported that the militia on Friday morning under Zelenopol in Lugansk region defeated a convoy of the Ukrainian military. Information about the column spread and one of the centurions of the Maidan Vladimir Parasyuk. Later, acting Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kirovograd regional organization of the party KICK Konstantin Polyakov said about 50 people killed and 150 wounded. As mentioned earlier, the presence of artillery and multiple rocket launcher creates for militias new opportunities at the tactical level, to which the junta obviously were not ready. Militia in the last days openly encouraging offensive outburst. PS. Specify that were attacked 24th and 79th brigade (hence the disparity in the definition of the destroyed part), and the death toll may exceed 100 people (there is even an estimation up to 300 people killed, but the evidence as yet). Folk artists have displayed a terrible defeat in the “painting”.



  1. lobro
    Posted July 11, 2014 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

    isis, pravy sektor, novorossya, shias … lost my cheat sheet that tells me who to cheer for … is it good for jews?

  2. niqnaq
    Posted July 11, 2014 at 5:31 pm | Permalink

    Nu, it’s not good for the Jews. These Novorossiya characters are all anti-Semites and terrorists. They have even smuggled a pravoslavic icon into Donetsk so that they can pray to it. This is probably the prelude to a priest-inspired pogrom.

  3. lobro
    Posted July 11, 2014 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    there was a hilarious event where the protesters spray marylin manson with holy water during his moscow gig.

    he is seen screaming in panic, running and making circles (kikels).

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