we needn’t be surprised that kolomoisky is directly recruiting jihadis for his death squads; after all, that is what zionism is all about

Masters of Kiev junta gather Muslim extremists under flags of fascists Ukraine.
Truth from Ukraine, Aug 1 2014

In the Internet at Jun 2014 appears site of “battalion Crimea”, military unit created in base of fascist “battalion Dnepr”. Their goal is war for fascists junta and Wahhabi ideas of Islam Ummah (aka Islam Khalifat). I want to remind that “battalion Dnepr” was created by Igor Kolomoisky, citizen of Israel and president of few Jews world’s organizations. Israel treating in the hospitals Wahhabi thugs, who Syrian people and bombing Syria as Al-Qaeda air forces. Israel have profit in Wahhabi movement, because war crimes commit by Wahhabi using by media for describing all Muslims as dangerous savages. Also Wahhabi destroy states and turn territories to chaos and anarchy which are easy to occupy for army like Israel Defense Forces. Now they want to use Wahhabi against Russia, in the site of battalion “Crimea” were written few articles, I choose few paragraphs from them, which can to describe goals of this Wahhabi-fascists gang. Below translation of paragraph be link to article where I took these words:

We all have good news: Jun 25 was made an official decision on the formation of “hundred” entitled “Crimea”. It will operate as part of the famous battalion “Dnepr”… This is the reality, when the Jew instructor teaches Muslim correct firing from machine gun. And you will be surprised to know that the Muslims of Ukraine consider this war a defensive Jihad… Moreover, the Muslims of Ukraine – it is a factor of great significance in the development of Ukrainian culture and a golden bridge to the Islamic Ummah – and it is one and a half billion people… First, we together with the Ukrainians will liberate East Ukraine, and then – also together – return Crimea. Already in the foreseeable future of the Crimean airport “Belbek” Ukrainian flag will be raised, and the bricks of the Kremlin all visitors would take as souvenirs.

Airport “Belbek” is military airport near city Sevastopol, base of Russian Navy in Black Sea. In the emblem of this battalion you two swords, which could be considered as part of Al-Qaeda symbols. In the center symbol of Crimean Tatars, who want to make from Crimea nationalistic (fascist) republic. Few hundreds Crimean Tatars – Islam extremists fought in Syria against Syrian people.

Site: http://battalionkrym.blogspot.com/

Photos from their site:



DPR News, Aug 1 2014


The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office sent materials to Interpol to launch an international search for Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky. The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation told Yuri Chaika. According to him, Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office considered the appeal of the National Central Bureau (NCB) Interpol, the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the question of the international search to arrest and extradite Igor Kolomoisky. In the event that his location is on the territory of one of the member countries of Interpol, the Attorney General’s Office will request his arrest and extradition for criminal prosecution. The investigation Committee of the Russian Federation on Jun 21 ruled on making Kolomoisky and head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov defendants in a criminal case, concerning the application of the prohibited means and methods of warfare in Eastern Ukraine. The victims in the criminal case are about 6,000 Ukrainian citizens, as well as Russian journalists. On Jul 2 and 9, Basmanny court gave authority to arrest Kolomoisky and Avakov. As reported previously in the UK, the investigation resulted in collected evidence of the involvement of such Kolomoisky crimes like murder, use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, hindering work of journalists, kidnappings. According to the investigation:

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, acting in concert with the Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, appointed to Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine, and others, from among the top leaders of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on April 12 with the intent to murder civilians, organized and supervised the conduct of military operation in which they attacked Slavyansk, cities of Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Mariupol and other settlements, proclaimed as part of People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, were used multiple launch rocket systems, “Grad” rockets, aircraft, having a cassette warhead, and other types of heavy offensive weapons with indiscriminate effect.

As a result, more then 100 civilians were killed, including Russian citizens; the journalists Igor Korneluk and Anton Voloshin, Andrei Mironov, Andrea Rokkelli, also over 200 civilians suffered damage of varying degrees of severity, totally or partially destroyed and burned more than 500 houses. In addition, the investigation suggests that it was with the knowledge of Avakov, Kolomoisky and other members of senior management of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine organized the kidnapping of journalists of “Star” channel Andrei Sushenkov and Anton Malyshev, illegal seizure of the TV and radio journalists Eugenia Davydova and Nikita Konashenkova, as well as a number of other Russian journalists. Materials of the Prosecutor General’s Office is a necessary condition for Interpol arrest.


  1. Crazy Ivan Report
    Posted August 2, 2014 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    It seems Russians and Putin particularly do not know what the word “prevention” means. They prefer draw lines and actions post factum. So soon we will be watching and following events in Grozny 2 on Crimea territory. Then Putin will start to blow apartment houses in Russian cities, and if nothing like Ryazan had happened, another Grozny 2 will be left in ruins and ambers. Mazel tov!

  2. niqnaq
    Posted August 2, 2014 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    Dugin has an interesting thing on his VK page about Putin. Or, well, he did have, but it’s disappeared. Basically, what it was saying is that Putin is like a postmodern musical composition which doesn’t have any meaning or purpose, where the notes are more or less chance. Perhaps each alternate note makes you think aha, then the next one goes back in the opposite direction, and so on indefinitely.

    I posted a little clip of Kurginyan talking about the Buks, in today’s miscellany. I am aware that Kurginyan spends all his time trying to make trouble and avenge himself on people who resist his horrible influence, but still, I’d like to know what he has been saying about the Buks, and to whom, and how it has been received. Anything you know, please share.

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