i should like to know how many “tochka-u” the junta possesses, because there are signs that some have hit at random spots (not well-aimed)

This is filed at a Russian-language-newspaper I’m not familiar with, under the reassuring topic line “Catastrophes & Cataclysms” – RB

Donetsk fighters showed a huge crater in the city
Andrei Krasnoshekov, Ridus.ru, Aug 14 2014 23:00 MSK


Opponents of the Ukrainian army’s claim that it is the consequences of getting ballistic missiles. We were at the sign “They” destroyed the bypass road around the district of Donetsk Petrovsky in the morning of Aug 14. Representatives of the militia, showing two of the crater, with a diameter of approximately 10 meters, said that the consequences of fire in the previous two nights. Missiles that the militia was called ballistic, fell almost at the same place (the edges of craters a few meters from each other). I never saw a place fortified positions. There is, fortunately, no residential buildings. Only the pond and highway. Runoff from the pond and filled the hollows by almost half. The road, however, there is already invisible: not something to pass and go on this direction is already difficult. I have the eyes of a local woman made their way along the edge of the crater, clinging to the grass, about five minutes. Fighter DND told that the front is just a couple miles away from our location. We stood almost between the controlled militia of the district of Donetsk Petrovsky and Marincas suburb, where he settled in the Ukrainian military. From the craters we, a group of media, has already passed in the residential sector Petrovsky. What we saw there. This damage is also not more than two days. Local apartments, apparently, visited howitzer shells.


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