now let us watch pres putin enunciate the fateful word, “novorossiya” (right at the end, and he practically chokes on it)

Dawn Of The Slavs: What does Strelkov’s speech mean? And the fact that Putin has made a choice
Alexander Dugin, Sep 15 2014 21:49

Many smart people know that Putin is not a king and not a dictator. In the sense that he does not solve all questions on the principle of “want” and a blow of his fist on the table. Behind him is an elite. Two camps (as is). On the one hand the hawks of the type of Rogozin, on the other “Patriotic” liberals. One, the party of war, the Imperials, advocating confrontation with the West and putting on sanctions, the second, the Pro-Western forces in favour of compromise to the detriment of national interests (although they see that as being in the national interest): the so-called сливщики (Slivshiki: literally, producers of Slivka, Сливка, or Sliva, Слива, which is our old friend ‘plum’ again, whose secondary meaning is ‘drain or discharge’, meaning surrender – RB). For them the friendship with the West is very important, not least because all their money is there. Some call them pragmatic. Dugin calls them “the sixth column”. In fact, the Usaian sanctions are aimed at this group, and are intended to provoke the displeasure of the бояр (boyars: princes, rich men – RB), to force them to influence the policies of Putin. And Putin himself has always balanced between the two camps. Not giving anyone a preference. Whether because he is a Гэбэшник (Gebeshnik, KGB man – RB), or whether because Libra horoscope… Anyway, the paradoxical situation in Novorossia is associated with the struggle of these Kremlin groups. Some want to surrender Novorossia, to negotiate with the West, to yield, while retaining for Russia the likeness of a person, with балачки (balachki, ‘chat’, a Ukrainian word, not a Russian one – RB) about a single Pro-Russian Ukraine, others want to wash their boots in the Dnieper (or in the Dniester). The first group tried to bury Strelkov through the Kurginyan cult, with all sorts of behind-the-scenes negotiations, and eventually they bungled out the muddy Minsk “peace treaty” with all its “special status.” The second group want to break this script to hell, and still go on to wash their boots.

This is a historic moment, in which Putin must make a choice. The old style of Joseph Vissarionovich (Stalin) will not work any more: “Hello, Comrade Beria? Comrade Abakumov said that X is the enemy of the people and you need to shoot him. OK, goodnight. Hello, Comrade Abakumov? Comrade Beria said that X is the enemy of the people and you need to shoot him. OK, goodnight. Well, goodnight all, now I’m going to sleep.” Upon Putin’s choice depends the future of Russia, and possibly the continent. The choice: either to give way under the pressure of sanctions = to plead loser = crash personal authority, to bury the concept of the Russian World, to embarrass Russia and to sow more discord in society; or to show his teeth and to show the West that Russia which they had seen in their submissive wet dreams all these decades. We know Putin. We know that he is a fighter. All know. We know that he is a pragmatic though rather emotional man. We had no doubt what position this person would adopt, when the pressure starts to compel obedience. And those Western politicians who didn’t understand it, it’s time to give them Darwin awards. Because Putin made a choice. I think that Putin chose war. Well OK, let’s put it mildly: the uncompromising hard-line position, dictated by the interests of the Russian people. The video with a candle in memory of the fallen defenders of Novorossia is not accidental. It is a message. In this video, the President of the Russian Federation said the word Novorossia. And he looked right at the camera. This is important. When Putin gives an interview, he looks at the reporter, not the camera. He looked us all in the eye. And his voice quivered with excitement. You can hear it. His voice trembled in a very human way, as everyone’s does in moments of deep sorrow and pain. I doubt that he had rehearsed that.

And then comes the speech of Strelkov. Very bold. In which he formulates everything very clearly: who the enemy is, what the Russians’ goals are, and with whom we fight. The point is this: Russia should be cleansed from the traitors and enemies of Putin. And, in fact, that is why he is here and not in Novorossia. That is, this is even more important than the war in the Donbass. Well, he didn’t say so, but that was the red thread. And Igor promised to formulate a plan, fast. I think, this statement by Strelkov, this statement is not only by Strelkov. VVP (Putin) chose his camp, and therefore, the representatives of the other camp should be cleaned out. Just as the aforementioned Joseph Vissarionovich would have done. Well, that is, not literally of course… Other methods. Cultured and civilized. And not by the hands of Strelkov, certainly. But they will resist. And they have the money, resources. This is the first thing. Second: sanctions will be really hard. If the bear before was poked with a stick, now they will poke it with a spear. The retaliatory sanctions will also be hard. And hard for the Russians. To jam and Camembert, now they will add cars and clothes. A wider range of citizens will be affected. And sanctions against the energy and banking sectors can undermine the economy, with consequences for all the citizens of Russia. In society can begin to grow scepticism, gradually turning into protest. Naturally, those who would carefully fan these protests will need to be cleaned out. Here we need Strelkov.

Strelkov is an icon. Strelkov is a banner. Strelkov is the centre around whom the patriots will meet. And the main patriot of Russia is the Czar. So said Strelkov himself. Above him hung a photo of Putin. Strelkov supports Putin. Strelkov is a beacon in the darkness that will soon begin in Russia. Igor will create the force (in the form of public organizations, political parties, I don’t know…) which will oppose the rebellion. The liberal “patriots” (the sixth column in Dugino) tried to discredit his name, realizing the scale of his popularity. They wanted to trample the image of “iron Strelkov” in the mud in the eyes of Patriotic Russians, in order to cause frustration and confusion in their hearts. And bitterness. And after surrendering Novorossia with their own hands they will attempt to channel the wrath of patriots against the chief traitor to Russians and the Russian World – Putin. And then in the revolutionary frenzy will merge ‘white ribbons’ and nationalists, liberals, left and right. The plan to dismantle Novorossia is a plan for dismantling Putin.

His serene Highness is not stupid, he understands this; but he hesitated at the price that will have to be paid, finally choosing the side of good. I think so. And the price – perhaps a global war. He had long weighed (Libra horoscope, ..), and came to a final decision. I think so. I think he started to weigh this up a long time ago. Why the large-scale military exercises throughout Russia? Why hundreds of billions of dollars to the military-industrial complex? Why intensive rearmament of the whole army, the construction of submarines, helicopters, and other military technology, форма от Юдашкина (form from Yudashkin, no idea – RB) and landing in the Arctic? No, guys, prepare the sledge in summer… (probably a proverb for foresight – RB). Strelkov made clear – he said in so many words – that to start a fight with the government, to join the protest of the liberal Bolotnaya camp, is a rotten business. You may be the hole in the doughnut, but not Strelkov (? – RB). The Russian World, this is not an abstraction. The Russian World begins to materialize. Russia is entering a new era. This process is very dangerous. The country comes to a voyage, and what we are witnessing now is cutting the ropes. In this dangerous journey there will be storms, and people will be washed overboard, and sea-monsters of all sorts (transoceanic) will be lashing their tentacles to break the mast and pull the ship to the bottom. And perhaps even pirates will try to board, or the ship will be raked with devastating fire from naval guns. All can be. The main thing is to choose the crew correctly. And it seems to me that the crew has been chosen. Now it is time to cut the ropes.

All of which is very good and beautiful, but others say that Putin’s Cunning Plan looks rather more like this:


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