moscow demo (or counter-demo) on sunday

Truth from Ukraine, Sep 21 2014

MOSCOW – 2 rallies are being held right now. People of 1st rally are waving Russian and Ukrainian flags, someone is holding the flag of NATO, people are with banners “No to war with Ukraine”, “Putin, make peace, not war!”, “Hands off Ukraine”, “Occupation of Crimea is the shame of Russia” and shouting “Putin is a thief!”, “No to War!”, “Putin is with scums, the truth is with people!”, “Stop lying and fighting!”, “Peace to Ukraine, freedom to Russia!”, “Shame on Putin!”, “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes!”, “Glory to nation! Death to enemies!” and singing “Putin is a fucker, la-la-la-la!”


People of 2nd rally are waving the flags of Novorossiya, banners “Donbass, forgive for that march! Russia is with Donbass!”, “Our liberals sell our children in Novorossiya!” and shouting “Fascism won’t pass!”, “Ukraine is in blood!”, “Judases! Shame!”, “Russia is with Novorossiya!”, “Poroshenko is a man-eater!”, “Police is with people, do not protect scum!”, “Putin is God!”, “Liberals, get out of Russia!”, “Berkut!”, “Novorossiya!”


Also demonstration in support of Novorossiya is being held in front of the Usaian embassy in Moscow. People are holding banners “Obama, give back the Nobel Prize!”, “Obama! Hands off Novorossiya!”, “Usaia is aggressor #1!”


Participants of the fifth column “Peace March” in Moscow came upon an unexpected surprise once they reached Pushkin Square. Marchers faced a massive “March of the Traitors” banner courtesy of the art collective “Initiative Group of Moscow students.” Valery Petukhov, one of the members of the art group, commented:

Our campaign poster depicts familiar faces known to all lovers of the junta and frequenters of every march: Andrey Makarevich, Boris Nemtsov, Dmitry Bykov, Tatyana Ulitskaya, Eugenia Chirikova and Lev Ponomarev. Into each of their heads runs a drainpipe coming directly from Washington DC & the brain icon is crossed out. This is not surprising. Consciously or not, by blaming Russia for all the problems in Ukraine including the killing of residents in Donbass, this group acts in the interests of Usaia. Psaki & Makarevich-Nemtsov are one and the same anti-Russian nonsense.


One of the idiots of the “March of the traitors” in support of the Fascists in the former Ukraine wearing a button that says “Embarrassed”. Yes, he should be embarrassed of himself and his support of the atrocities against peaceful people in Donbass!


A young man holds up a sign “Crimea is Russia” in front of the traitors or bussed-in Maidummies from the former Ukraine on their “March for Peace”:

Remember the parade of Ukrainian nazi soldiers in Donetsk when two street-cleaning machines followed them? Today, after the march of Maidummies in Moscow, the streets were cleaned with water too! The street-cleansing machines had the Ribbons of St George and banner: “We are cleaning up after the march of the traitors” 🙂


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