putin is trying to surrender, but the west won’t let him, because it wants war

A Guide to the Russian radical nationalist blogosphere. All of the people discussed below are Kremlin operatives, but one can only hope that the people discussing them are not. You may imagine that making a little compilation like this from nested threads in LiveJournal is easy, but it ain’t. By the end of this, I had seven tabs open at once – RB

From Changes in broadcasting policy
miguel_kud, Jul 22 2014

1. The Party of the Red Sofa, the militant information-vanguard of the Party Slow Drain. Voenov, crustgroup, stbcaptain, yurasumy, shrek1 and yadocent present at this meeting. Alternatively, putnik1, mikle1, ctakan_divanych, special_i_st, da_dzi, and top kavadim. The detail is conspicuously lacking to be certain.


2. The Party of the Green Sofa, information-fighting vanguard of the Party Quick Drain. Its commander is present in this picture. And behind the green sofa hides Surkov.


A sample of this distinctively post-modern, fashion-critical mode of deconstructing the information offensive of the Kremlin, which seeks to dupe us by pretending to be more or less violently opposed to itself, that’s the gist of it:

miguel_kud, Aug 21 2014 16:04

The pause around the disappearance of Strelkov was delayed so much that the Kremlin is necessary to enter in the propaganda war. The fact that we have to mobilize PR second and third tier shows the criticality of the situation. Last will inflate big beautiful bubble, designed to cover the abomination planned lobiani with Poroshenko. The audience is prepared to negotiate, which themselves, in current conditions, equivalent wanton delivery. The Russian Federation still has all the leverage hurricane quickly grind Mat and pour fire – instead, we offer “Munich”. The real reconciliation will come, as the next trough will be used only for further nagybanya, and so all is worse and worse, until some critical point. Somewhere a twig break and the thread will break and time conditions (degree of escalation of confrontation and involved by the time the leverage ratio of the potentials) will any much worse than even the current. But for the first time after “Munich” we are waiting for the boring weekdays – series humiliation, betrayal and dreary disappointment. Now someone will have to explain that when the Kremlin trying to distance itself from the possible accession of Transnistria, it is necessary to attach Transnistria together with Moldova and that it was led by a single territorial array. “Defeat is victory.” No wonder the popular “military observer” recently procissi militia quick victory, not waiting for the Minsk meeting, working on a thesis about “Khasavyurt”, pacify, the fall of Kiev authorities under the weight of economic turmoil and a single Pro-Russian Ukraine.

That bubble, of course, burst, and pacify can fail too quickly because of the impotence of the Kremlin and the radicalism of the enemy. But by the time bombed through the pipe a lot of water will flow, and a month of silence from Strelkov on the background of the most bloody battles, his authority will fall and the anticipation of the return will be lower. At least, that is the idea of Kremlin. Now there is no question that in order to avoid disturbances resignation of Strelkov furnished as if he is about to return. People accustom to the loss gradually. So far, they have to trust the host of storytellers, according to which so, and without saying goodbye voluntarily transferred to another public leaders. It’s terribly common sense, but dozens of bloggers and journalists in one voice saying that everything in the order that they personally know that Strelkov, but the secret will not give. And most believe the unanimous votes, and not obvious. No wonder why the militias who fought with Strelkov arms from the very beginning, I know nothing about it, and bloggers who do not have in front of Novorossiia no merit, except for the winter chanting “cunning plan of Putin,” dedicated to the most sacred secrets.

It seems that now will move to the second stage to accustom the public to the disappearance of Strelkov – to present the case so that there is nothing special in Strelkov’s absence, at the same time the maximum desacralize his feat. That in exchange for the resignation of Strelkov for some time opened access to real aid to Donbass – ammunition and men, and possibly technicals, will help to stabilize the front, despite the fierce onslaught of crazed guards, and as if to confirm the point of view that Novorossia would be defeated without Strelkov. No one thinks that a brook can again be blocked at any time (while Strelkov’s departure is apparently, irreversible), and I can hardly believe its present scale will allow the rebellion to go beyond the two areas. But the campaign of desacralization the Kremlin even pay had her selflessly began near hamsters, comic tied version of secret job of Strelkov to events in Usaian Ferguson. There appeared photo collages with Strelkov seeming to be standing among the Negro protesters. Thus, the real hero turns into a comic figure, and in the best comic book style, like “captain America.” High style coming from the Russian tragedy etched by all means. Will not to understand who works more on Russian interests – Gazprom, paying indebted to him, “Naftogaz” is much more cheap than the sum of debt service transit, or “Naftogaz” proudly refusing to take a ten-million payment from Gazprom bloodsuckers. It is not excluded that the next step should be expected invasion of humor.

Putin is a piece of shit, like I always said, contra Saker, Moon of Alabama, etc:

Putin – he’s all artificial, it is a pure product of PR and politics, without the created image is extremely grey and unstable personality, not loving to make decisions and trying to escape from problems (from elementary urgent staffing issues to a major but necessary task of changing socio-economic policy, and so on), if possible. So there’s nothing to believe, don’t believe in polls? Putin is created. The wizard of oz read? Well. Most politicians – these are just the “great and terrible magic Goodwine”, created by scientists, image makers and other paristemi. However, this image has ALREADY been created and lives his life in the minds of people. What are you going to do with it? The Kremlin today – dummy under the guise of government. Any fool can see that Putin prepares people for negotiations ostensibly under the guise of a truce. Their purpose = to agree on the topic of influence and money flows. Starving children of Donbass Putin does not need them no profit. Words Chaly (Crimea) show the situation in the Russian authorities – thieves and traitors in Moscow are the same as in Kiev. Russia has the lowest price peacekeepers at the Donbass and save thousands of lives, but Putin waits until most people Boo. they realize that they cheated. BUT, they will never understand. They learned nothing from Stalin 23 years of deception, Yushchenko. Will learn nothing and now. The only way the state ethnic boundaries. And they almost coincide with the boundaries of Novorossia New + Serbia + part of Sumy region. All. No more Russians are not.

Poutinesoyez and other peaceful Russian citizens wishing peacefully at the TV drinking beer, doing business and to plant potatoes in home gardens, citizen, nurturing cowardly sons that know God may not have happened to them to fight, live quietly and breathe evenly. War, which you are afraid, our cowardly criminal traitorous government will not allow! Soon, the Russian top oligarchs will agree on a peaceful settlement of a commercial dispute with the Kievian nationalist group, and we all together will be able to continue our further degeneration under some regular cardboard rhetoric about modernization of our completely rotten colossus. Russia is not! There is a Russian colony, managers and Holy law of shakes. “Our” Pro-Kremlin created everything (!) conditions for genocide and defeat Novorossia! And the term of Novorossia, as the Name Igor I Strelkov, very strongly will be ignored by the major media of the colony, led by the criminal oligarchic treacherous Kremlin group. Yes, mothers can be assured for their cowardly sons. They will not have tomorrow to take up arms, because the West magnet Russia otherwise, and all conditions defeatist policy of the Kremlin created! Only there was no war! Putin does not enter the troops! Yes, hidden accentuation (features) appear at the frustrations (special conditions), and tachie were created. What it showed? Here’s what: complete failure of rotten Russian elite and peacefully resting flocks, (us). Putin “do not enter” your cowardly sons to protect Novorossia! They’re bent otherwise. With vaseline, if you so more acceptable. And me why it is a great shame.

++++ The audience is prepared to negotiate, which themselves, in current conditions, equivalent wanton delivery. Everything is much easier. Now he will rob Donbass under the guise of humanitarian aid and abandon him to die. From the field report:
six machines humanitarian aid
Krasnodon: the factory “Yunost” are worth at least six machines humanitarian aid. Constant sounds and the clang of iron. Ship equipment. Before closing the factory they put a Japanese equipment. Released relay and circuitry for missiles and submarines. For a long time stood closed. JSC “Youth”, today specializing mainly in the production of various types of relays, the company is a monopolist in the CIS for the production of specialized products for missile and aerospace industry. The production of highly stable, high-precision subminiature hermetic relays weighing from 2.0 grams RES 79, RES 80, CPF 42, CPF 43 REC 21 – for machinery, aviation, aerospace, missile industry; automotive relays for electrical cars, trucks, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery. Lugansk: Disassemble ammunition plant. Snow: is one of the plants of “Motor Sich”, which makes “blades and disks for jet turbines and turbine aircraft engines and helicopters”. This is the only plant in the CIS, which makes blades for turbines. Torez: make known to the whole world, “Armor” Donetsk: make “Complex “Bridge” (intended for radiomodule lines flight control in the frequency ranges of 100-400 MHz, 960-1215 MHz.”)

A few disagreeable words about Oleg Tsarev, just in case you thought you were supposed to like him:

Dnipropetrovsk “regions” Tsarev intensified. STS write – it is not only his version of the flag (obviously unsuccessful) invented and imposed, when a militia has long been a normal, so this shit “anthem of the new Russia” offered Stalin anthem of the USSR on “Ukrainian language”! God forbid that this miserable bastard, which we have in the river even one of the Playground is not built, took advantage of the fruits of the “revolution”. Each time, reading the title “Czar Novorossiya…”, I hope that he covered the funeral feast. Tsarev not himself, this is a dummy duck Kremlin. That the owner makes – Tsarev and makes. What may be a Republic with old brains and old thieves? the same as was Novocaine. And the Kremlin is happy, and Euia, and Kiev. As well, such as Ukraine under Kuchma, and your and our.

Now, some interesting remarks about the Murid’s reaction to Strelkov’s carnival circus simulacrum disappearance non-event:

The Murid, I think, is in principle not able to adequately perceive major effects: it is simply beyond his intellectual and moral level….

The Murid got scared or something, but he went on to say opposite things. First, he said that Strelkov did not say anything to his soldiers, and they even asked where Strelkov was. But then Murid had a strange change. I was at a meeting with the Murid about his new book, and lo and behold, the Murid very vigorously all reported that Strelkov were all together and all is said. ) And he said I am the truth, the ears do not believe that commanders sometimes need to change that type Strelkov one of many, and nothing of his character to do. Then he said that it took “political leadership DND”..))) And added that, if Strelkov had not gone, it would be … MUTINY!!! A very strange speech of the Murid, as if with him who spoke it, and he immediately understood. And in his post the Murid said that Strelkov has the right to private, and most importantly for Strelkov was … security! Not bad, huh? All called to fight to the death, and most importantly safety. In general, just became to destroy the reputation of Strelkov as he could. And you know, then can no longer read it.

I have long in this world live. To be with these people in the same room on their own I would never have wanted to. As Strelkov, I just don’t understand. The same alphabet do not believe any former friends, not her former colleagues. All the promises of assistance to the militias, etc. no cost and cut off the tongue of him who spoke about it. What can you do? It is necessary to break the scheme of arrangement Poroshenko with Putin. To break it in two ways – to deprive Poroshenko of that promised by Putin, or deny Putin of that promised by Poroshenko. Without going into details – you hit the Mat such that any move to Kiev. Or crash the front militias that Poroshenko was the understanding that to negotiate with Putin, it is not necessary. Walk to Kiev from militia forces there. Therefore, you should defiantly start the withdrawal of troops on the territory of the Russian Federation, referring to the inability to maintain the front in terms of the demoralization of the troops. One of the few options for Putin will extract from “money” at the time of Strelkov, to organize resistance. If Strelkov is clever enough, he will find a way to cast about to spiral out of control. Even necrosis a lot of their former (I would like to stress the former) colleagues and/or friends. Yes, that’s the impression that our party is afraid to do any action in favor of the militia. Now with a column of trucks surprised everyone immensely: to think, dare to have the courage to bring food to the hungry without direct permission…

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  1. Cu Chulainn
    Posted March 12, 2015 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    comments on Putin/Kissinger and Bircher stuff; not clear to me that HK has a nefarious agenda here, he has been a voice of reason on Russia–

  2. niqnaq
    Posted March 13, 2015 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    Did you notice that Sibel twice in the novel identified her characters as wearing “Swatches”? I bet she was paid to do that.

  3. Cu Chulainn
    Posted March 13, 2015 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    btw i don’t agree that Sibel’s subscription policy reflects venality, her goal seems to be to create an activist community with some skin in the game and to maintain a certain quality in the comments without aggressively banning people; if she were venal she had other opportunities (like Doug Valentine, who turned down a CIA sinecure): http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2015/03/12/processing-distortion-with-peter-b-collins-insider-view-of-first-look-the-billionaire-omidyars-intercept/comment-page-1/#comment-17151

  4. Posted March 14, 2015 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    If I may interrupt to comment on “Putin is trying surrender”. I am trying to understand why the west would not see risks inherent in war, if surrender is offered anyway. Or perhaps to wonder what benefit would be worth it that risk?

  5. niqnaq
    Posted March 14, 2015 at 3:53 am | Permalink

    I wrote that headline six months ago, but I remember exactly what my train of thought was. If the opponent surrenders, you cannot nevertheless destroy him and his dependent nation. You are obliged to moderate your punishment, and your expropriations.

  6. Posted March 14, 2015 at 5:46 am | Permalink

    Yes, and I’ve thought about it since. Then I saw it in Cu’s BFP thread and my reservations we’re clarified.I can imagine Putin being corrupt or a traitor. But maybe not to his FSB boys club. Who might that boys club betray? That I’d like to know.

  7. niqnaq
    Posted March 14, 2015 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Cu Chullain, you already said exactly what you say above, on another thread, when I said I do not on principle join subscribe-only sites, newsletters etc. I cannot see what your saying it again has to do with my mention of the swatches. It occurs to me, though, that her printers may have inserted the swatch references, to make a few bucks for themselves. Doubtless, stranger things have happened. If you read the wikipedia page on swatches, you will rapidly grasp that the swatch company is promotional-gimmick-crazy.

  8. Posted March 14, 2015 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    I remember swatches from “Expo 86”. I lived in Vancouver at the time and they seemed to be everywhere. Since that time I’ve heard nothing about them, and would have guessed they were out of business.

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