our opponents have internalised claud cockburn’s saying, “never believe anything until it’s officially denied,” so they are denying this in an effort to make sure we believe it

France denies Usaian media story on AQ defector agent: source
Reuters, Oct 6 2014

PARIS – A French defense ministry source denied on Monday a Usaian media report that a French intelligence officer had defected to AQ’s branch in Syria and was being targeted for elimination by Usaian air strikes. McClatchy’s Washington bureau reported citing several European intelligence sources that the former French officer was the highest ranking defector to go over to AQ and that coalition powers had failed to kill him in several air strikes. The French defense source said:

After checks this morning, we can assert that the information concerning supposed links between the Jihadi cited by the press and French intelligence services is totally erroneous.

McClatchy cited sources saying the man, described as a former member of military intelligence, special forces or the external intelligence services, had survived attacks on eight locations held by the AQ-linked Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. The coalition preferred to use missile strikes rather than capture the man to avoid his identity being revealed, McClatchy cited sources as saying.

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