urals district FSB uncovers a nest of spies, or at least agents of influence, in yekaterinburg

I apologise for any confusion between the Russian term ‘rezident’ and the equivalent Usaian term ‘station chief’. I may not have been completely consistent in my reading below. The CIA as such is not mentioned, only the Consul-General. Note that he seems to have been running three penetration operations on top of each other, which is certainly classic CIA style: the mosques, the metals plant, and the peace marches – RB

Usaian State Dept in Yekaterinburg opened from the inside
Pravda URF, Oct 9 2014


A network that the Usaian consulate in Yekaterinburg had been setting up for years, has been suppressed due to the operation of the Urals security forces. According to sources in the security services for Pravda URF, the result of the long work was a series of events that indicates that intelligence activity under the guise of the Consulate General has received a strong blow. Usaia will not be able to eliminate the consequences in the near future. In particular, one result of the special operation will be a review of the Consul, John Rutherford, and confirmation of financial assistance by the Usaian Dept of State for subversive activities in Russia under the guise of caring about the environment and about freedom of religion. The scandal involves the spiritual leadership of Muslims in the Asian part of Russia and repeated violations of anti-extremist legislation. The Yekaterinburg consulate created a network of Usaian agents, on the building of which Usaian diplomats spent years and thousands of dollars, discovered thanks to the efforts of the Sverdlovsk security forces, interior Ministry and FSB. According to sources of Pravda URF, the special operation was prepared at the highest level, and during it the counter-intelligence services managed to introduce a “mole” into the structure of the opponents, who uncovered data on funding of various Usaian organizations engaged in subversive activities in Russia. The main “cover” was the traditional “care for the environment” and “development of the human rights movement.” In addition, the scandal involved three spiritual leadership centres of Muslims of the Asian part of Russia, centred at Yekaterinburg’s “Rahmat” mosque, Pervouralsk’s “Sabr” mosque, and Asbest’s “Irshad” mosque.

The interlocutors of Pravda UFR said that “the mole” was probably Stefan Chernogorov and the implementation of the operation began with his actions against representatives of foreign states which offered funding for the construction of the Madrasa at the “Sabr” Mosque. Later Chernogorov made statements about toxic waste discharged by Russian Chrome 1915 and at this stage he attracted the attention of the famous Ural opposition activists who have already installed and отладивших communication with representatives of Usaia, in particular Basil Ribakov. He gave a detailed history of the introduction and development of the events described in the form of an interview to one of the top bloggers, nicknamed Colonel Cassad. According to the blogger, after allegations of conflict between Chernogubov with the security services and his being beaten up by them after he made his allegations regarding toxic emissions, Stefan was directly contacted by the Usaian Consul, John Rutherford, and offered several options for cooperation, including direct funding, as well as travel abroad “to improve human rights education.” For the beginning of cooperation Chernogorov was paid for the treatment. Interaction ceased only after such contacts by the diplomat attracted media attention, with the result that he was withdrawn from Russia.

Note, before leaving the Consulate managed to ensure Chernogorov their information support, in particular through the Washington Post newspaper staff, who in recent years demonstrate an increased attention to Ekaterinburg. They collect conventionally obtained material, regardless of topic, as long as it’s sharply critical of the Russian and regional authorities. In addition, other questionable contacts with diplomats were identified during the special operation. According to Chernogubov, consular representatives talked with Svetlana Efanova of Government House and Sergei Ivin, regional representative of the National Democratic Party (NDP). Chernogorov assures us that Ivin had previously stated that the activities of “Government house” were originally aimed at the seizure of power on the ground, by swinging the situation in Moscow. As such “swing” in the region was used “Russian march”. Chernogorov said:

On the eve of the Peace March, whose attendants included the head of Sutyajnik, Sergei Belyaev, it became known that the nationalists organizing the Russian March in Yekaterinburg planned to participate in the March in support of the Ukrainian authorities. As admitted by one of their former associates, the group “Russian March Ural” had contacts with representatives of the Usaian Consulate. This time to participate in the Peace March with them demanded in exchange for previously provided legal and financial assistance. According to sources in the security services for Pravda UFR, increased attention from various foreign organizations of the Sverdlovsk region will continue to grow, despite the current setback. Of particular interest are two aspects: the oil and gas pipelines passing through the region, as well as the tremendous value of Ekaterinburg as a road junction, blocking which would entail problems on an all-Russian scale. On this basis, the security forces are confident that the special operation conducted such implementation will be repeated in the future, when the residency will begin to recover from the blow.

Pravda UFR will follow the development of events.

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