404 elections all done
ITAR-TASS, Oct 26 2014 20:07 UTC+3

city KIEV, failed state Ukraine – Early elections of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation in 404 was completed. According to the latest data of the CEC, the turnout was 40.77%. According to the national and international exit polls and survey conducted by the TV channel “inter”:

  1. Block Petro Poroshenko (PPO) (Choko Bloko) – 22%-23%
  2. Popular Front Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Official Mad Rabbit Party) – 19.7%-21.8%
  3. Self-Help mayor of Lvov Andrei Sadovy (Nazis from Galicia) – 11%-14.2%
  4. Opposition bloc Yuri Boyko (mostly ex Party of Regions) – 7.8%-9.9%
  5. Radical party Oleg Liashko (Gay Lib, BDSM, Live Out Your Fantasy) – about 6.5%
  6. Freedom Oleg Tyahnybok – 5.8%-6.3%
  7. Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko – 5.6%.

Other parties, including the Right Sector and the Communist Party, supposedly failed to overcome the 5% barrier.
Absent: Crimea – 12 districts, Donetsk region – 9 districts, Lugansk region – 6 districts. Thus, at present it is expected that the number of MPs-constituencies will not exceed 198, that is, will remain vacant 27 seats.


An interesting calculation

Parties controlled by Kolomoisky and Co
(ie those parties somehow financed by the oligarch):
Pop. Front
Op. Block
Total : ~53% of the vote
Now Poroshenko and Co:
1. Block Poroshenko
2. Radical party
Total ~ 30 % of the vote

Thus the armed forces of Nazi Ukraine is controlled by Kolomoisky. I think that the situation in majority constituencies will be approximately the same in favour of Kolomoisky – trah_babah, El Murid.

But a response states than Op. Block is controlled by Firtash, not Kolomoisky. And so does this, from the “Secret Forum”:

Screenshot from 2014-10-27 12:33:09Screenshot from 2014-10-27 12:38:44

What that little quote is saying is: “Liashko’s Radical Party was funded by Firtash, and so was the Op. Block. This was already clear, when all through the runup to the election, Firtash’s INTER TV channel never defamed or insulted Liashko. And on the last Friday before the election, Liashko quarrelled with BK (Kolomoisky) on the Black Mirror show hosted by Kisilev, who was very nearly deported on Thursday from Ukraine.” Liashko is really good at provoking people into attacking him, Another note elsewhere says Semenchenko, Teeruk (commanders of battalions Donbass and The Peacemaker) during the telethon “Election Night with with Savik Shuster” almost got into a fight with Liashko. A final interesting observation, though I can’t make much sense of it, so as usual, today is a day in need of Russian speakers, which is why I include parallel texts

3 of 7 parties have their battalions, i.e. sold himself on the punishers and people liked it. Julia punishers is not enough. And about 17% is allocated for the Nazi party – even those who did not pass. And if you count the fascists + punishers = 52% (approximately)
3 из 7 партий имеют свои батальоны, т. е. пиарились на карателях и народу это понравилось. Юле карателей не хватило. И порядка 17% отдано за фашистские партии – даже те кто не прошел. И если считать фашисты + каратели = 52% (примерно)

Links: English, Russian – RB

Website of CEC has Ukrainian and English versions, but no Russian. Darth Vader not allowed to vote:

Ukraine is divided into two parts. Legitimate and monitored by the OSCE
Maxim Kononenko, Radio Vesti, Oct 27 2014 02:21

Ukraine held an extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Voter turnout, according to the latest data, amounted to more than 40%. With its eye – Maxim Kononenko on the radio “Vesti FM”.

Ukraine was held early parliamentary elections. 3114 candidates from 29 parties fought for 450 seats in the Parliament with a dead economy and serious internal conflict. In 15 districts located in the place of this conflict, the Ukrainian CEC hadn’t even passed the ballots. Elections in Donetsk and Lugansk was not. Yet even with Donetsk and Lugansk, the May presidential election was attended by about 16 million voters, only 37% of the population. And interest for the parliamentary elections are traditionally lower than the presidential. And the new Ukrainian Parliament is a Parliament of only half of the country. The half of the country which was represented by the candidates Darth Viktorovich Vader, Emperor Viktorovich Palpatine, Stephan Mikhailovich Chewbacca and Master Vladimirovich Yoda. Deprived of the election in the Donetsk and Lugansk preparing to conduct their elections. There is also the candidates all right. Online published the minutes of the meeting of the Board of the Cossack national guard, which is going to take part in the elections of the head of administration of Luhansk region. Attended the “Pasha, Dragon, Wolf, Uzbek, Yarik, Bagram and Grandfather.” However, I believe that the chances of her and Stephan Mikhailovich Chewbacca approximately the same amount. That is, zero. And the main chances of those who now defines the work of the Verkhovna Rada. After all, now the elected deputies from parties other half of the country in Parliament do not appear. And special elections simply fix the situation in legal terms. And now, along with the President of half of the country in Ukraine is the Parliament of the half of the country. And then, of course, the government half of the country. Perfectly legitimate, says the head of the OSCE observers Doris Barnett: “We have no right to say that because of the absence of certain territories of Ukraine in the elections they are illegitimate.” Well, I don’t have any right to say it. Completely legitimate and under the strict supervision of the OSCE, Ukraine is divided into two parts. Completely voluntarily and independently. Blame, however, still we find ourselves.

Screenshot from 2014-10-27 12:16:58Screenshot from 2014-10-27 12:21:39

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