definitive debunk of MH17 shootdown photo

John Cale, “(So much for the) Evidence”, RockPalast, 1984

777 inconsistencies Malaysian Boeing: opinion of an air traffic controller
Victor Galenko, Vice President of the Russian Aeronautical Society, specially for Rusvesna, Nov 16 2014

It is the author’s point of view, but I, as a former member of the world flight Safety Foundation and the air traffic controller (Navigator), to use the words of Leo Tolstoy, “cannot be silent”. To quote a classic: “But now it’s an awful thing, for me at least, is that I can’t what to be silent, can’t live as I lived, in dealing with those horrible creatures that make these things.” And these terrible beings are of course the Russian television and the press, who work against their own country. And as you know, Russia has only two allies, her army and Navy. Being on a mission in Donetsk National Republic, I personally talked with the head of army intelligence DND, Sergey N Petrovsky (“Gloomy”, “Bad Soldiers”, as he is better known to the Internet audience), as well as soldiers of the militia, who personally witnessed the tragedy in the sky and saw with their own eyes the Ukrainian Su-27 (Yes, I stress, this is Su-27) at the time of the fall of the ill-fated Malaysian liner. Interestingly, the journalists also talked with these people, but because of their monstrous incompetence launched in the network duck about Su-25, and the same duck by mistake (evil intent? misdoing?) was released by the press service of the Defense Ministry. Why it could happen? Most likely, because the Su-25 in those days a hundred times more frequent in the reports from the front, and as a defendant in the case is about the shelling of the Luhansk regional state administration, and as another downed a vulture. Remember: the Su-25 has a completely different silhouette – instead of a straight wing, swept the Su-27, and the witnesses were talking about the Su-27. I have every reason to believe them. Note it and go on.

The trouble is that each public message about this tragedy constantly there were some inaccuracies and inconsistencies that all the time put into doubt the veracity of the claims about the Ukrainian military aircraft in the vicinity of the lost liner. Russian TV has a letter from a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology, who has twenty years of experience in aviation. He includes a photo allegedly taken from some foreign satellite and sent to the public organization, the Union of Engineers of Russia, filmed the moment of attack of the aircraft, about which they say that it is a MiG, before the crash of the Boeing 777. We are interested in what is under the picture. In the picture shown to universal time (UTC) 1:19:47. That is, in London, which passes through the Greenwich Meridian, 01 hour, 19 minutes and 47 seconds. And Ukraine, despite the time difference, the same night! Actually, the crew stopped responding Manager exactly twelve hours after the time specified in the picture, at 13:20:00. Assume that the uses on the West twelve-hour format. But then you would specify the time of day, AM or PM. For some reason it is not. Either use a 24-hour format, which means that the event occurs at the wrong time when he had a real tragedy, or figures drawn, and drawing just лоханулся. Review of the independent expert:

In aviation, as we know, the format of universal time coordinated (UTC) – one. This XXYYZZ, where XX is the number of hours from 00 to 23 (time 1 pm in the aviation industry JUST does NOT HAPPEN). There is a double fault and the format of the number of hours must be “01”, and time of shot that day is night-time. YY minutes, ZZ seconds.

One of our experts doubt that the picture claimed the MiG, it is likely the Su-27. With the high resolution to distinguish between them is not easy, but possible: the MiG has a more pronounced flows of the center section. So again, here depicted Su-27. Actually all this stuff. For before us badly executed montage, fake, fake. And it is proved that the comparison of sizes of aircraft and objects on the ground. We see the runway at Donetsk airport, the length of which exceeds 4 km, and its background is “three sevens” with the length of the fuselage 67 meters. Simple calculations tell us that in order for angular dimensions such different objects match, the distance from the lens to the nearest object (and it is at an altitude of about 10,000 meters) should be about 170 meters. Clearly, what is happening here is not a satellite image. But if the picture was taken from another aircraft from a height of about 10 km and it fit the area about 50 by 70 km, then we have the ultra wide-angle lens, which will inevitably distort objects even at a small distance from the optical axis. What is not observed. Next. In the picture clearly defined ground objects and blurry images of planes and blurred to varying degrees. It is impossible to explain the movement of objects, since the transverse blur almost stronger than longitudinal. For comparison: on real satellite images, where there are flying the aircraft, there is no blur of all the objects, or there is a small longitudinal blur aircraft, which is understandable, given the focal length of the lenses satellite cameras; for them there is no difference, is the subject at 300 or 310 km. Finally, there is little anyone noticed the fact that this picture appeared on the Internet a month ago, Oct 15, was already disassembled the bones and placed in the folder labeled “suck-ass photoshop”. Review of the independent expert, acting Colonel of the Military-Space Forces of Russia N:

About the reason of deviation from the prescribed route stated in the transcript of radio communications between the pilot and the dispatcher. This is the pilot, not the Manager, asked bypass dangerous weather conditions north of route. Look again photo and video from the site of the crash: cloudy 8/8ths, solid. The sky is not visible. And personal picture is almost clear sky, no more than 2/8ths.

HOWEVER, the most important question: why Russian television, in essence, the right thing, results as evidence of obvious misinformation? A few days before the “sensation” was published a screenshot of the display of the Rostov locator, the authenticity of which I am absolutely sure.


The image is a display of radar used for air traffic control. In the screenshot purple color indicates the line of movement of the flight MH17. The point where the line is interrupted, is the place in which the response signal from Boeing was obtained ground-based radar in recent times. The blue lines are the trajectories of other aircraft. The red arrow indicates the range in which there are many labels in the form of the letter “T”. This so-called label primary radar, which the locator records without reference to a specific aircraft. This happens in cases when the aircraft is not equipped with a transponder, or it is off, or there is a failure. Not all military aircraft are equipped with transponders, and those that are equipped with include them only when the civil air routes. When solving training or combat missions transponders are not used. Thus, the radar can “see” only what is in the air is some kind of aircraft. When the transponder avionics respond to “requests” ground-based radar and sends various information about the flight. South of the circle on the blue line, you can see the so-called “tracking form”, which is “tied” to another flight that was in the area of responsibility of the Manager. In the first row of figures 1471 – this code secondary radar, which is set by the crew on the transponder on the instructions of the Manager. This code allows you to associate a label in airspace with a planned flight details available in the computer services air traffic control. The second line of numbers 1127 is altitude, in this case it is indicated in the tens of meters, i.e., the actual flight altitude of the aircraft is 11,270 meters. In the third line – numbers 0950, this is the ground speed of the aircraft, in this case it is represented in km/h.

The presence of a label does not fit with the statements of the Ukrainian side that the military aviation of Ukraine in the period of time is interested investigation, no flights are not performed – rather, it completely refutes. The location of these labels to the left of the course of motion of the Boeing coincides with traces from external impact on the left wing and the left side of the cockpit of a downed plane. (Read more here) That is, being close to the Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft of the air force of Ukraine is an undeniable fact. This was also confirmed by images of military locators of the Ministry of Defence, presented at a press conference. Why the “warriors” in the press conference focused on the “Buk” and instead of the Su-27 was saying the Su-25 is another question. We can assume that since “Buk” there really were, our military would first like to draw the attention of the press and public to the problem of finding SAMS in the area: why massively to use the means of air defense, if the enemy is known not to possess aviation? Well, in the confusion to confuse numbers (25/27) no wonder. However, the topic of whether “rook” (Su-25) was able to climb to the height of the Boeing 777, was indeed a stone of stumbling and a discussion of the efforts of journalists and Internet-hamsters has gone far away from the real problems. (Press conference MO here):

To Donetsk plane followed properly, then 14 km deviated. Then there was the maneuver on return of Boeing in the corridor. To finish the maneuver Malaysian crew did not have time. With 17.20 rate began to fall, and then the plane disappeared from the Russian radars. What was the reason for the deviation from the route, we will know only after decryption recorders and negotiations with managers. On the day of the crash of the Boeing grouping of air defense of Ukraine about Donetsk had 3-4 “Buk” M-1, able to shoot up to a height of 22 km and range up to 35 km.

Why and against whom the Ukrainian security forces prepared such a powerful group about Donetsk, because the militia no aviation? This question is still open. Just proved something else: combat aircraft has flown on the route of civil aviation almost simultaneously and at the level of civil vessel. As I know the following: none of the militia (respondents in hot pursuit) had seen any traces of any launch of “Buk”, but military aircraft were seen.

Now a quick reference for the Su-27 air force of Ukraine. According to experts at the moment of disintegration of the USSR on Ukrainian territory left at least 74 of the Su-27. 39 of them were part 831st brigade tactical aviation (Mirgorod), 14 as part of the 62nd fighter wing (Belbek), 14-16 in the composition of the 100th brigade tactical aviation (Novofedorovka), 2-3 in the 8th fighter wing, plus a few in educational institutions. The modifications of the picture was this: T-10 (prototypes) – 2, Su-27A – 43+, Su-27P – 14, Su-27UB – 14, Su-27K (Su-33) – 1. In the air force was included 71 machines. However, their number decreased: 9 aircraft were sold (1 to UK, 3 to Ethiopia, 2 to Eritrea, 1 to China, 2 to Pindosi. Another 2 were broken up (one 24.04.1994, the second 27.07.2002). So physically on the balance of the air force was supposed to be 60 Su-27s, but according to other sources for the beginning of 2014 actually had 55; apparently five of them were decommissioned. This is exactly the fate which befell both the prototype T-10s, another aircraft was transferred to the Aviation Museum. The basic unit of the air force of Ukraine with the Su-27 is 831st brigade tactical aviation in Mirgorod. Apparently in 2014 it had 41 aircraft of this type. 6 of them are Su-27A (##27, 52, 45, 46, 100, 101) and three Su-27UB (##73, 74, 75). 32 aircraft are in sludge: 28 Su-27A (##01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 22, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 43, 48, 49, 50, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59) and 4 Su-27B (##62, 67, 68, 70). The distance between Mirgorod and Donetsk is 619 km. Roughly speaking, only 40 minutes flight at subsonic speed. By the way. Most of the witnesses stated that the airplane was blue, which matches the coloring of the Su-27, but the “Mirgorodskaya” Su-25, on the contrary, were camouflage green.


Let’s go back to the holes. Recall the phrase: “however, the location of these labels to the left of the course of motion of the Boeing coincides with traces from external impact on the left wing and the left side of the cockpit of a crashed plane.” Here’s a photo:


Very similar to the 30-mm gun of the Su-27. Ammunition built a double-barreled gun AO-17A caliber 30 mm, 250 rounds of ammunition. But back to the Leontief injecting Channel One programme:

Sensational photographs appeared in the editorial office of the Channel One. In the information-analytical program “However,” Mikhail Leontiev presents a unique frame that e-mail as attachment to letter came to the Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky from George Bilt, who introduced himself as a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) – sent to the Russian Union of Engineers of a photo made by a satellite system. The photo clearly shows the Malaysian Boeing 777, flying in the sky above the Donbass on 17 July 2014, being attacked by military aircraft. In a letter, George Bilt describes the situation under which it is attacked from the air with cannons and “air-to-air” missiles, which became the cause of the crash of the passenger airliner.


We already figured out that the picture is fake. But, paradoxically, this is not important. I still was left with only one question. Why any stuffing information on the Malaysian Boeing necessarily contains misinformation? Starting from “the plane stuffed with corpses” and ending with this fake photo? Is it not because we carefully away from the truth? Instill doubt to any information on this topic? Catching the “smoke screen”, “ink cloud” so that we ourselves could not understand this is not so confusing? But if so, why? Ukraine does not want to put him in the corner? Or on TV and in the government is so infiltrated by “agents of influence”? Or expect to make our “partners” in the heat of controversy to get off and put some sort of concealed in the sleeve of the facts – remember the 1983 year, when our “we don’t know what happened to your plane on the left side of Japan” were instantly laid out and the results of satellite reconnaissance, and records of negotiations pilots, and data locators suddenly happen next R-135… I don’t know. But I firmly believe that Malaysian Boeing 777 was hit by a Ukrainian Su-27, and there is enough evidence is more than justification for any other version. But the constant attempts of our press sweep under the rug the fact is alarming. I repeat: there are exact and irrefutable evidence of the presence in the air space near Boeing of Ukrainian military aircraft. It is known to our military, you know, and civilians. However, immediately after the publication of this information loudly and widely injected hollow sensation. About accidental leakage of truth all immediately forgot. Whether in this game Leontiev player or a pawn, it doesn’t matter…

And a bit of history. 4 October 2001 over the Black sea crashed passenger plane Tu-154 M the airline “Siberia”, a flight 1812 Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk. On Board were 66 passengers and 12 crew members, they all died. Interstate aviation Committee came to the conclusion that at the height of 11,000 meters, the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile S-200. However, the Ukrainian side is still denies his involvement in this episode. While in Holland on earth investigators put “avipal”. The details in the article by Sergey Melnichenko in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” here. Take care of yourself and remember that despite all the troubles, aviation remains the safest form of transport!

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    The text of the following link is not that interesting, but the video on top of the article is: , look at 01:20 , I didn’t know that this zombie zbigniew warmonger has a sub as a son (even more than one) “that” is perpetuating the imperial madness that is written in the grand chessboard. Let’s have a look at his career according to wikipedia, it reveals that he has serious ties with 404:
    “In 1993–1994, Brzezinski became a volunteer advisor to the government of Ukraine, where he assisted Ukraine’s National Security Council, Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry and Parliament.”

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