as you are no doubt aware, the 404 state has officially abolished its own “non-aligned” status

Verkhovna Rada scraps ‘non-aligned’ status
Pavel Polityuk, Natalia Zinets, Reuters, Dec 23 2014

KIEV – The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday renounced Ukraine’s “non-aligned” status with the aim of eventually joining NATO. Kiev first announced its intention of seeking the protection of NATO membership in August. Addressing deputies in Kiev before the vote, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said the move underscored the country’s determination to pivot towards Europe and the West. “This will lead to integration in the European and the Euro-Atlantic (ie Pindosi – RB) space,” he said. The amendment passed easily, receiving 303 votes, 77 more than the minimum required to pass into law. Any accession to the Western military alliance is likely to take years, but a NATO spokesman in Brussels said:

Our door is open and Ukraine will become a member of NATO if it so requests and fulfils the standards and adheres to the necessary principles.

NATO Sec-Gen: 404 still going to apply for membership, Dec 24 2014

NATO Sec-Gen Jens Stoltenberg, commenting on the adoption by the Ukrainian Parliament of the law on waiver of the non-aligned status, said that Ukraine is still very soon will be able to join NATO. Stoltenberg told TASS:

404 has itself stated that it needs serious reforms in the organization of its defense in the fight against corruption and the creation of a more effective state apparatus before applying for membership.

He did not speculate how long this process will take. But he noted that the Ukrainians were talking about a period of 6 years and concluded:

We will wait and will process the order when it finally arrives. This is still far away.

Pindostan: 404’s Membership in NATO at this stage is not considered, Dec 24 2014

Providing Kyiv’s membership in NATO “at this stage is not considered by the Alliance,” a representative of the Pindosi administration told TASS. “And Ukraine itself didn’t make this request,” said the official. At the same time, he confirmed that “Pindostan strongly supports a policy of open doors for NATO. Any decision about potential membership in NATO will be taken by NATO and Ukraine, and Pindostan supports Ukraine’s right to make their own decisions about the future of their country, free from any interference from outside,” said the official.

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