el murid has managed to make the plotnitsky mini-junta seriously angry, with two very inflammatory posts about “batman”

This is the “Red Sofa” bloggers: specifically, it is Dmitri Dzygovrodski, though I don’t have a source link for it – Dzyga’s LiveJournal appears to have been suspended, for some reason:

On “Batman” and SF RF: The Union of fascist and provocateur from Peter

The network actively began to spread information that detention Bednov participated intelligence services of the Russian Federation. Naturally, this information is false. Information about SF RF first got this character. The reason why he decided to implicate the structures of the Russian Federation is understandable. Alexey Milchakov is a fascist from Peter. Once the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation grabbed Milchakov for fifth point, when he was in the video to cut off the puppy head. In 2011, Alexey Milchakov put on the page Vkontakte photo of the massacre of the puppy. About the atrocities Milchakov wrote many sites. In particular, Vesti.ru reported that this case took to the Prosecutor’s office. In the RRG “Batman” Milchakov was engaged in “the basement”. His art over prisoners and detainees are well known to competent people in LNR. Because the falsehood of this St Petersburg fascist is quite clear: it taste had mahnovshina and lawlessness, when he could realize all his fantasies. And he really did not want to answer to the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. Where there is law, Milchakov gets uncomfortable. Now one cover will not. In addition, the process of spreading lies about the Russian security services have joined a well-known provocateur Anatoli Nesmyan. And again he’s from Peter. 🙂 Fascist from Peter and Nesmyan from Peter – a great team. Not only that Nesmyan included the album “betray Russian world”, writing:

This is one friendly team eliminate another focus of the Russian world.

Nesmyan and “Russian world” – this causes outright laughter. That is Nesmyan now trains the most inappropriate and thoughtless network of residents, the so-called “Russian” nationalists. This audience is easily controllable, that Nesmyan and need. Yes and version it feeds the audience is so stupid that it is clear that his audience he openly despises. Next Nesmyan makes assertions in the style of the books of Tom Clancy, writing:

Given that all more or less significant commanders are under the “roof” of offices, we can assume two versions – nutricionista disassembly (FSB) and the purely commercial disputes. Dremov harder – he army line, the FSB should hard to think, to connect with the GRU.

Based on the very real data about curators, Nesmyan already invented spyware-troll story about the conflict between different departments of the FSB and the possible conflict between the FSB and the GRU. The staff of these offices wipe tears from laughter, reading the works Nesmyan. But the audience Nesmyan with delight swallows these porn fairy tales for adults. Personally, I highly recommend you save works Nesmyan. Previously, he wrote about Libya and Syria, which are very far and specialists in the regions in the network a bit. What he enjoyed. And the few specialists that he objected quickly blocked the ban on his blog. Now the situation has changed. Events happening around us. People who understand what is happening, a lot. And what Nesmyan talks about the same situation with Bednov, is from reality as far as movies about Jason Bourne. That’s just a lie it’s already easy enough to check. The easiest way to ask people in LNR, what happened actually. And they will answer. Here are just prepare yourself for the fact that the truth will not such as you want. And not exactly correspond to the “heroic images in a white toga” of social networks. Both the fascist Milchakov from Peter and provocateur Nesmyan from Peter smoothly started throwing lies about the Russian security services. Draw your own conclusions.

I haven’t looked for a response from El-Murid to the above rather typical Moscow bluster yet, but I do have an immediate response from the puppy-decapitating Milchakov

Commander DRG “Rusich” said he will fight both against Ukraine and against the leadership LNR.

Commander DRG “Rusich” Alexey Milchakov stated that his unit is out from under the jurisdiction of the leadership LNR. So Milchakov reacted to the news about the destruction of the former commander of the RRG “Batman”, Alexander Bednov. Commander “Rusich” called the head LNR, Igor Plotnitsky and the government LNR, “whores in other children” (“шлюхиными детьми”) and said that his unit was going to fight “against them, and against ucraw”.


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  1. kjok
    Posted January 3, 2015 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    “Fascist from Peter and Nesmyan from Peter – a great team.”

    WOW, isn’t Putin from Peter as well.

    The Byzantine scizoprenia is on the rise.

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