i would advise you not to believe a word you read on this site, but you may enjoy it (if the translation engine works for you)

The protégé of the Kremlin, the Jew Kaufman, threatened to kill Mozgovoi
VIA-Midgard.info, May 24 2015


Another Jewish ritual murder: on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (the day of the giving of the Torah), on the evening of May 23, was killed in an ambush the last independent commander of the militia of Donbass, Alexei Mozgovoi. Before that, “the Minister of foreign Affairs DND,” the Jew Kaufman, stated that “the Novorossiya project” ceased its activity. The method of the murder is exactly the same as that of the murder of commander Bednov. Mozgovoi told a journalist from ANNA-News:

The so-called Minister Kaufman approached me in the hallway and said in plain words: “You are overbold, and it has not gone unnoticed. Consider the fate of Batman, Alex. You still have time.” I suggested to him that he consider the fate of Trotsky. In the eyes of the Jew I read an indescribable anger, and he hissed: “Then you leave us no choice.”

We repeatedly intercepted Orthodox Jews with suitcases full of money, en route to Igor Plotnitsky. Those Jews were also observed by us on the APU side of the front, where they took delivery of drugs. We are fighting against the New Israel. I am aware that our enemy is not the Ukrainians, but the Jewish oligarchs and their Pindosi mentors.

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