they will gradually tighten the vice of (ersatz) ‘public opinion’ until ‘militants’ (of either side) are ‘no better than nazis’

Look what delights are in store! This from REN TV. Think of occupied Slavyansk, but 2 or 3 times worse:

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine said something about the terrible fate of Donbass which is prepared for it by Kiev. As stated by parliamentarians, the region needs to turn into a solid concentration camp. The initiative already introduced in Parliament. About this on air of the Ukrainian TV channel told the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko. According to him, the Donbass it is necessary to protect the barbed wire to go there only convoys. He said:

It is necessary that there not working the enterprise, and if it worked, it was only on raw materials in order to obtain critical products for Ukraine. Water must be served intermittently, to be received by the population, but the enterprise was not able to use it in production. You need to make in the occupied territory was an information war on our side.

More detail from the publication “anti-Fascist” via Yuzovka Operational.

“The concentration camp as a special status for Donbass.

As Pres Poroshenko has repeatedly urged, the proclaimed Republic(s) will never get “special status” in Ukraine, the country will remain strictly unitary, and any statements to the contrary are misinformation by sneaky competitors and poorly camouflaged agents of Putin. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, in turn, once mentioned that the special status can only count for so-called “Ukrainian Donbass.” But as it turns out, all that was far from the truth: special status is indeed possible. That it should be only in the form of concentration camps, in no way contradicts the singularity. Yes, it is about a modified large concentration camp where rebels against the heritage of Bandera will quietly die. The details of the upcoming surely singularity of the status of Donbass were shared by not just anybody, but People’s Deputy of Ukraine, honorary commander of Karbala “Donbass”, Semyon Semenchenko. He declared on air, on “Hromadske TV”:

Donbass should be fenced with barbed wire and blocked completely. To fence, to make it so that there was no humanitarian catastrophe, should let in convoys, but only from Akhmetov, Ukraine and the ICRC. It is necessary that there should be no industrial enterprises working there, or if any do continue to work, it should only in order to obtain critical raw materials for Ukraine. Water should be delivered intermittently for the domestic use of the population, but the enterprise was not able to use it in production. We need to make in the occupied territory an information war from our side: newspaper, broadcasting and so on.

How Ukraine intends to continue to purchase coal of Donbass if the latter stops working the mines, is unknown. Apparently, Semenchenko offers to go for firewood. In addition, the former commander of the battalion “Donbass” reported on subversive work in the territories of the DPR and LPR. He said:

We really will be able to create, on the basis of partnership of volunteers and the army, that is, the normal contract army, to increase our intelligence agencies, and one day, behold, the coup that was only in DND was a great excuse to kindle and liberate a few cities. Use to ignite this feud, to make disruption in the work of insurgents, and the military way to return multiple cities, these are features of the special status that must be prepared for Ukraine-loving Donbass.

Alexander Zhuchkovsky about the campaign in the press against the volunteers:

“These are the kind of articles began to appear in the press. Note the title: Too Free Radicals. Russian security officials are concerned about the flow of weapons and militias of Donbass. The title is distinctive and provocative. Russian volunteers who have the “status” of oppositionists in Russia have long been tightly linked with the theme of weapons that are allegedly exported from Donbass, supposedly for the organization of the future “Moscow Maidan.” We are talking primarily about Russian nationalists and the “National Bolsheviks” (the members of the party “Other Russia” of Edward Limonov). Prior to the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass, we (nationalists and National Bolsheviks) actually were in stark opposition to the Putin regime in the field of public policy. With the beginning of the Russian spring, many of us practically rolled up our “political” activities and put ourselves on “a war footing.” This decision was due to both ideological reasons (protection of Russian Novorossia), and with the political “center of gravity” of Russian politics has shifted to the Ukraine, we were hoping that together with the Russians, the irredentists (would-be recoverers of supposedly ‘stolen’ territory – RB) will begin a positive transformation of the Russian Federation, therefore we should promote this process, showing a certain degree of loyalty to the Russian authorities.

So thought and acted in the past year, hundreds of nationalists, the National Bolsheviks and other people who were previously stiff public opposition. We became a part of Russian national liberation war in the Donbass, many became true heroes of Novorossia, received military awards, and some gave Novorossia their health or even their lives. Having in previous years some organizational experience in public affairs, we have quite successfully, in my opinion, undertaken the coordination and training of volunteers, the supply of the militia, and many other areas related to the war. At first, we received the corresponding moral support from the Russian security services. They provided no special assistance, but they did not interfere with our work, and in some cases, they helped to resolve emerging operational issues and misunderstandings. It was not until September of last year. Since the first Minsk agreements, the situation has changed. Moral support from the security forces has stopped, and we began to be treated as suspicious, especially to the militants they began to make warnings, they sounded even threats. At the end of Oct 2014, I received information from sympathetic friends in the FSB GRU RS that I was going to be arrested. I have repeatedly had to refuse a variety of offers to buy or sell weapons in Russia. I temporarily had to go semi underground (полуподполье).

In January, tensions declined, DNR began a winter campaign, and our bellicose rhetoric and activities were no longer interfered with by the “Minsk regulators”, as the peace process broke down. In March, after the conclusion of the second Minsk agreement, the situation again began to change. Again began to be a topic of politically unreliable, too independent volunteers. Activate this process in late May and “coincided” with the murder of Mozgovoi. I began to get blamed (unofficially of course) that I allegedly supplied Mozgovoi unaccounted weapons. This is particularly recently wrote Sergey Fomchenkov:

Our friend, NatsBol Dima Russos, one of those whom the MGB sent from Donetsk, told me that he was inclined to sign insane testimonies about what the National Bolsheviks from Zorya are trafficked to Russia for weapons purchased with money from Zhuchkovsky, which gives them to Mozgovoi.

You can read all this material on the struggle with dissident volunteers. As far as I know, this subject in the DNR was actively “pumped” by Khodakovsky, who doesn’t like Russian nationalists. In the end, a situation that for the year in the eyes of the state of the allies we have become almost enemies. Russian security services are concerned about the “problem” that many Russian volunteers gain combat experience and, seizing weapons, are going to continue their opposition activity in Russia, using radical methods. This is nonsense, however, in which security officials believe and intend to take “preventive measures.”

As for the weapons which I supposedly traded in DND (and have such conversations) and can export to Russia, all available weapons received trophies or donated, were transferred to the partisans in the occupied territories and to new volunteers last autumn-winter (this weapon then documented them were fixed). At the moment neither I nor my comrades possess any clandestine “trunks” and to Russia for a year and a half we have not been taken out a single bullet. This I do, in order to inform competent authorities reported. But who are actively exported and continues to take weapons and ammunition from the Donbas, are citizens of the Caucasian republics. Of course, these trades are local, and allegedly Russian “militia”, but it is about the bandits, who are not related to politics, crime and elementary. Going back to the publication “Kommersant”, I want to say and warn my comrades that despite all the merits of the “Russian peace,” if current trends continue, such articles about the “too free radicals” will appear more and more. In the case of delivery of Donbass, active Russian volunteers waiting for tight control, and the most “politicized” possible physical persecution.”

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