quote of the day, if not the decade

“What could be worse than war with the Anglo-Saxons? Only friendship.”

– General of the Russian Imperial General staff A E Adrian, 1912

By the way, since I still have this post open, I might as well add this. You recall some fudging about the cause of the explosion that killed a 10-year old boy at a tank display in Donetsk. Well, the fudging continues, this is as of today:

Recall, the tank competition was suspended after the explosion at the landfill 24 Torez, where the event is held. An explosive device detonated in the fighting compartment launchers of anti-aircraft missile complex “Strela-10”.

I’ll use this as a dump for odd items from the Antiquaries, I’m too tired to bother with them:

Pindos blocked the Russia-proposed draft on the mideast

The representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said: “the Statement was blocked. The Pindosis said that will not work on our statement.” Scheduled for Sep 30 a workshop on the theme “Maintenance of international peace and security: conflict resolution in the MENA and the fight against the terrorist threat in the region” is the key event of the Russian chairmanship in the UNSC. Thus, 90-min meeting of the leaders of Pindostan and Russia has done little to improve relations.

Always that extra level of willed stupidity:

I thought that I have nothing to surprise, but today I heard this thought, literally:

We (Ukraine) will assist the international community in the fight against ISIS, first of all by our experience of war with Russia. It is no secret that ISIS have Russian troops, equipment and instructors.

Rate the passage, man in the street “quietly” suggested that Russia is fighting on the side of the Islamists. The source is a political scientist named Ostapenko, on the channel 112. It doesn’t matter, in one form or another is saying others.

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