putin and lavrov wave useless aid packages and fraudulent agreements to “protect the russian world” as the old & sick die cold hungry & alone

It is the unconditional foreign policy priority of Russia to provide full support to the Russian world, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Compare for meaninglessness:

A working group in the government is developing a mechanism binding heating accounts to the temperature of the outside air, said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Igor Strelkov: “For Putin we will fight again!”
Alexey Kozhevnikov, “Russian Planet”, Nov 2 2015

021115_strelkov_620Photo: Alexey Sovertkov/”Russian planet”

Last week in the Central House of Journalists held a scientific-expert session on “Party of a new type: the need and prospects of creation in Russia,” organized by the Center for scientific-political thought and ideology (Sulakshin Center). In its work took part the leader of the public movement “Novorossia,” the ex-Minister of Defence DND, Igor Strelkov. In response to the event, several media outlets and bloggers created pseudo-headlines, alleging that Strelkov had declared his readiness to lead a “party in opposition to the President.” And from then, various parties in the media environment began to pour torrents of mud on the leader of “Novorossiya”, one of the protagonists of the “Russian Spring” of 2014. Trying to understand the essence of what is happening, the correspondent of “Russian planet” met and talked with Igor Ivanovich. We talked about more important things: about the injured militias, each of whom could have been any one of us, and about the need, contrary to media manipulation, “to include brains” and faith in better future of Russia.

Q: What do you think, maybe, registered a wave of negative publications in your address, swept the media and the blogosphere last week?

A: Frankly, I don’t really understand it. I am not now a public figure with some serious resources or support, in order to consider me as a significant factor in some political field. Maybe just someone his shadow began to fear? Well, you know who, as they say. Goebbels, if I am not mistaken, wrote in his diary in Apr 1945: “We fell for our own propaganda.” Those who persistently for too long blew me up as a leader of the Patriotic “Maidan” who would come along and force them all to stand in single file, maybe really scared themselves. Accordingly, they begin to respond totally inadequately, to throw information (true or false).

Q: In your opinion, this campaign achieved its goals?

A: Indeed, a lot of wasted money spent on combating imaginary problems. The state spends money to fight those with whom, in general, it does not need actually to fight. And the funny thing is that this campaign is backfiring. This all proves the absolute incompetence of those organizing the campaign and conducting it. These people, apparently, completely lost the ability to analyze. Because this campaign does not mix me with mud. Not at all. On the contrary, it attracts people’s attention to what I say. I say things entirely different from the TV, and say this not to harm, or in order to be elected to the State Duma, or a grant of some sort to cut down, but I say that because I consider it necessary to speak. In the result, instead of having to stomp me in the dirt, below the plinth, they contribute, wittingly or unwittingly, draw attention to the fact that we speak and write about the Donbass, and about Syria, and about the situation in Russia. Extremely unprofessional. Whom the Lord wants to punish, he first makes mad, is all that can be said about it.

Q: Are you trying to provoke a “Patriotic Maidan,” as is claimed by your opponents?

A: In the first place, (those who really) provoke a “Patriotic Maidan” are those issuing high-sounding patriotic phrases, announcing big victories, but at the same time we all be left with nothing. And again I emphasize, it is possible to arrange a “Patriotic Maidan” in Russia only at the top, as well as Vladislav Surkov has organized events on manezhke in 2008, as well known to all competent people, and, of course, nowhere, no one never says and writes. And not write, because Vladislav Yurievich is a sacred cow. Thus Vladislav Yuryevich, the fellow is very clever, more precisely, I would say agile. He acts on his own. And when he has to answer for his actions, he always passes the blame: “It’s not me, it’s the President’s orders.” He takes the arrows. So if we do get a “Patriotic Maidan,” it will be organized by the same conspirators who overthrew Yanukovych,  who I’m sure are (right there) in Putin’s circle. Understand, I don’t think Putin is sinless. Despite the fact that he is now receiving songs of praise from all sides. He is depicted as a sort of Superman, a super-thinkerwho sees through everything, and will swallow the Bandar-log like the great boa Kaa (? – RB). But we are all only human, and the President too. And much he sees not through his own eyes, but through those of his surroundings. It is clear that it is impossible the President of a country with 140,000,000 population to know thoroughly all its problems. It very much depends on personnel surrounding him. Whatever Putin’s differences with his advisors, he is the one who bears the final responsibility. The final decision of Putin may mean the end of Russia. The final decision will certainly be final for Putin himself. But his advisors will always have the opportunity to evacuate. Especially since they have already harvested (put away their own stashes of stolen millions, somewhere like switzerland – RB). So when people ask me: “You’ve decided to go into opposition to Putin?”, I say: “For Putin we will fight again!” For Putin it is necessary to fight up until the last three minutes to twelve.

Q: Do you have any plans to organize a political party in opposition to Putin?

A: Of course not. Because I am a realist. And incidentally, I said at the scientific-practical conference Sulakshin, that now no political party which is not embedded in the existing system, whatever they may be: Patriotic, anti-Patriotic, liberal, if they are not obedient to, controlled and financed by the Kremlin and its affiliates, they just will not pass. They will remain at a marginal level, even if they will be able to create and register. Accordingly, I am not going to waste time and money on idle activities. It is clear that the presence of independent opposition should be in every state in one form or another. The state in which there is no serious opposition, just rots. Begins a period of self-admiration, unbridled flattery, and after some time all the real politics is turning into mere PR. And people who take state decisions, no longer distinguish truth from falsehood in what they said or wrote. What is happening in the situation of our resistance to the West, is characterized only by the term propaganda. We have created a huge publicity shaft. That, without encountering any obstacles, rolled on shore and then returned to its authors. And they think that really everything is done correctly: the President’s approval rating is growing. That is, they have the impression that their policy is the only possible, the only correct one. After some time any criticism is perceived as either paid for by the State Department, or as inadequate from the point of view of mental abilities of those who published it. This distorted picture of the world, of course, is very dangerous.

Q: Do you get the feeling that dissent in our country is increasingly equated with extremism?

A: As a historian, I can say that it has happened before, many, many, many times. History repeats itself every time a new stage. The same thing happened in 1917 and in 1991. The Government is so distant from the people, so used to manipulate them and completely proceed from its own interests, after which contact with reality is lost. In this case, the interests of the population are generally not considered as such. And this loss of contact with reality and, on the other hand, the underlying feeling that something is going wrong, leads to inadequate solutions. Meanwhile, looks interesting, what power we have allowed to criticise the liberals, which they call “White Ribbon” or “Bolotniya”. Moreover, their criticism is quite harsh and public. Their mouthpiece “Echo of Moscow” took first place in the popularity rating in Moscow and the Moscow region. It belongs to the state-owned “Gazprom-Media.” Nobody else is allowed to criticize our government. In our country there is only one patriot: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his team. All the rest, would not fit into this system. But for example, if like me they don’t “wear the White Ribbon,” then there is generally a gap in the template, and the authorities just don’t know how to treat us. In the picture of the world drawn by the presidential administration, we do not fit. Maybe this causes such nervous explosions.

Q: You will go on the Russian March on Nov 4?

A: I won’t go. I do not see myself any more within the so-called street politics. Most people whose opinion matters to me, consider the “street” frivolous. It’s probably not true, but this opinion is rather widespread. So now, if I appear “outside”, I think it is unproductive for the work which I do.

Q: What, in your opinion, hinders the rallying the patriotic forces of Russia?

A: As I said, the government wants to position itself as the only patriotic force. While often openly conducting pro-Western liberal policies. All those who express a point of view at least partially different from the views of the authorities, are either written off in full misfits, or this “White Ribbon” liberals, or crooked souls hiding anti-State activity (контргосударственные) under patriots elements. There is disorder and vacillation in the patriotic movement. Given that the words the President and his team are positioning themselves as patriots, but in reality everything happens differently, people experience what is now called cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, how can you oppose the President, when he says all the correct ‘patriotic’ words, says that “we need to hit first”? On the other hand, it turns out that sort of beat us. We have invested $7b in the Pindo economy over the past two months, and not the other way round. Similar examples could be multiplied indefinitely.

Take the campaign in Syria. According to the official version, we came there on foot Uncle Sam, the Pindos and the British in a panic. Meanwhile, Pindos are extremely profitable, so that we fit in. And moreover, without their express permission, well, you can call it negotiation, we would have no aircraft to place. And all matters of supply of our group are actually under the full control of Pindostan and NATO. Turkey is member of NATO, and may terminate all of our supply lines at any time, by direct order of Pindostan.

Now, returning to the theme of a split personality in the patriots. We really want and I really want to believe the President and his team. But we see that everything that was proclaimed in 2014 during the “Russian spring” either did not take place at all, or took on a sort of dwarfish form. Partial solutions that were not implemented. They talked about Novorossiya from Kharkiv to Odessa, but we received separate districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, which with maniacal persistence must be put back to Ukraine, regardless of the consequences, which I believe will be disastrous. They tried to divert the attention of the electorate onto their “great victory” in Syria, but there we are fighting at close quarters. I believe that it is a gamble. But since we are now there, we need to understand what awaits us in Syria. Available forces will not even be able to reverse the situation, let alone gain the final victory, which is generally a phantom in these times. Time has been irretrievably lost. We would have had to intervene three or four years ago, or at the very least two, if we were still to have had a chance to win. So the patriots are disoriented and shattered. I want to believe the President, but I cannot believe him. On the other hand, to oppose the President is indirectly to facilitate the “White Ribbon” opposition. Then there’s his enemies: the West, the liberals. They will apply divisive tactics, to split us into smaller and smaller groups.

Q: How is this throwing the patriots can end?

A: If the situation finally comes to a standstill, we again will light up the Caucasus, when it ceases to do a lot of money, it would be pretty difficult for the state in a situation of economic crisis. Begins aggravation in Central Asia and Trans-Caucasia, where, too, without the intervention of Russia, the situation quickly gets out of control. It may be a situation in Yugoslavia, where Milosevic for too long exploited the patriotic ideas and was overthrown by the hands of the patriots, and there came to power a fully pro-Western, liberal government which eventually capitulated completely to the West. Of course, he was toppled not by the people but his own advisors… as it was everywhere, actually. I could make it so that at the crucial moment to unite the patriots will not be able. Some of them will be for Putin to the bitter end, just as there were people in Ukraine who were for Yanukovych. Others will be slightly against. Still others are completely against. The fourth will be, in the words of Wrangel, “though with the devil, but against the Bolsheviks.” And as a result we can get Khodorkovsky or Navalny presidency, with the subsequent consequences of the collapse of the country, with a repetition of 1991. It is very dangerous.

Q: A real return into our own cultural space?

A: I think, yes, it is realistic. Especially in largely superficial nationalism there. Unfortunately, a unique chance to get her back, was entirely missed. Therefore, I believe that it is still necessary to put forward the option of the split of Ukraine, and annexation to Russia of the whole of Novorossia. There is still a large part of the population, after you have exposed the lies and myths spread by nationalist Ukrainian media, that will be able not only to live with Russia, but also to support this Association. the thing just requires effort. Not doing nothing, is preferred by our highest officials. But I think that it is possible. First Novorossiya, from Kharkov through Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye to Odessa, then the rest of Ukraine.

Q: Tell us about the activity of your movement “Novorossiya”. Do you feel the pressure?

A: We can manage less and less. Pressure occurs, this was recently discussed in a video message from our commander Alexei Sorokov. And basically, for me to act is useless. But people who are closely associated with us, of course, the pressure has the effect. For example, the Club of National Security Club (Клубу национальной безопасности), which was our legal entity, recently very strongly hinted that they will be in big trouble. So what? After some time we will have another legal entity, then if it gets swatted, a third one. The problem is that, due to the propaganda, people have the impression that supposedly in Donetsk everything is fine. There is already white Trucks, again went that MMM-nik Dennis Pushilin talks, and in general the Donbas has actually risen. And all of the requirements of the Donbas has actually made, leaving only a little pressure, and it finally comes back in the status of autonomy to its “dearly beloved Ukraine.” Well, on the one hand, all this is total nonsense, but on the other hand, the background is created. Accordingly, we must not forget that people have their own hardships here. The crisis is just beginning. But those people who actively helped the Donbass, have been the first to feel it. Maybe the owners of the cars at half a million dollars have not yet felt it, but those who are working have already experienced it. Accordingly, the flow of donations both material and financial is sharply reduced. In this case we have, in principle, nothing to offer. We can’t help people more than we help ourselves. We have almost completely eliminate our costs. At the headquarters, perhaps, only two people remain on the payroll. Well, but consider the employees of the warehouses, the truck drivers. Everyone possible has beentransferred onto a volunteer basis. We survive at the expense of the internal resources personally of each member of the movement. Most likely, after some time (we shall have to) reduce humanitarian assistance to the very minimum, and focus on helping the wounded. There is a need for a great many prosthetics. In short, we will work to the end, as long as there is even the slightest opportunity to help.

Q: Igor Ivanovich, do you mostly consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?

A: I am a pessimist, of course. All my service has not contributed to the development of optimism. As an intelligence officer, I solved problems related to the protection of our constitutional order. Our goal has always been to discern threats to the country, and (even when) the state seems to be in a relaxed environment, to assess the prospects of future development, to identify what helps, what hinders it, and to work out counter-measures. Naturally, when all the time one is looking for flaws, one gradually begins to notice them accurately. That is, I have for years had the habit to look at life on the inside (на жизнь с изнанки). But on the other hand, despite the fact that I am a pessimist, I still believe in a better future. Here is my sense of faith in the best! And most importantly, I believe that you still need to do regardless of the circumstances, like you got to do man. You need to always remain human, not a soulless machine that lives for itself. Something like this.


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    rb, why aren’t you covering the invasion of europe as well?

  2. helvena
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    you might find this interesting: http://www.kas.de/wf/doc/kas_36349-1522-1-30.pdf

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    ghuh. abolition of the nations. fait accompli. jah has spoken.


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    ya well, gods die all the time 🙂

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    nasty remarks about waiting for ayedolf:

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    yes, I certainly see the connection but don’t despair old friend, it’s always darkest before the Phoenix rises.

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