interesting observations of bataclan shooters

Julien Pierce, a journalist for radio Europe 1 was an eyewitness to the events at the “Bataclan” concert hall in Paris on Friday. He told TV channel France 24 that the terrorists who attacked, had nothing (marking them out as) fighters, they looked like ordinary people. He said that they entered the hall through the public rear entrance. Pierce was a dozen feet away from three of the terrorists who moved most deeply into the hall. One of them seen so close. He said:

People like you and me. Without masks, with open faces Rather white. The one I saw was very young. He was 20 years old, at most. He had a beard and a small cap on his head. But in the crowd we could not see the terrorist in the man that guided us on the Kalashnikov and ravaged with shots one after the other unhappy people who were in front of him.

He describes the attackers as people who behaved quite coolly, completely self-possessed. They did not communicate. Each clearly had his specific role in the attack. They methodically shot people in a circular queue, trying to kill as much as possible, and when finished a clip of ammo, changed it with another one. The audience fell to the floor and clung to each other. An eyewitness said:

It happened the first 3-4 minutes. I was, like hundreds of other people, pressed to the floor. I was lying on the other person or two, that may have saved my life. Some people took advantage of the short moments when the bandits were simultaneously changing their magazine clips to run far away and find some shelter.

The journalist did not observe any external signs or slogans designed to express what forces belong to the terrorists. The witness believes that their purpose was not to capture hostages. They came to kill as many people as possible. From the first moments of the attack there were many wounded or moribund who begged for their lives, but the bandits coolly finished people with headshots. It was all done methodically, calmly, steadily. They were there to kill the largest possible number of people. Everything happened in an environment of people screaming, accompanied by shots. Nothing testified that the terrorists plan to take hostages and to present any demands.

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