more bataclan links plus, in the middle, you see an actual secret service operative running the pseudo-gang, untouchable by police

I’ve added another story beneath, from WSWS, but I don’t think the author of that one quite appreciates what is after all a racist pecking order. Someone like Aba-Aoud can never be the real boss of the pseudo-gang. He may be the visible boss, and indeed his job is to be visible, thus building the legend of the pseudo-gang, but the real boss is (a) concealed, and (b) white, because he is a DGSE officer. Finally, please note this on the owner (until 2 months ago) of the Bataclan. Who owns it now? – RB

The Voice of the Paris Attacks
Chine Labbé, Marie-Louise Gumuchian, Reuters, Nov 27 2015

PARIS/ALENCON – The voice that claimed ISIS was responsible for the Nov 13 Paris attacks is known to many in the small French provincial town of Alencon. To family, Fabien Clain was a “big teddy bear,” to neighbors he was polite, and at the local mosque he was a fellow worshipper who came to pray. To the French authorities, he was a veteran Jihadi, jailed once in the past for recruiting, and believed by them to have fled to Syria this year. In the online audio message detailing the assaults and claiming they were orchestrated by ISIS, Clain’s voice sounds haunting and triumphant. He warns the massacre “is only the beginning of the storm.” Investigators are now looking at what Clain’s role might be and how it fits with that of Belgian Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, whom they believe to be a ringleader. Police are also looking into Clain’s younger brother Jean-Michel, who authorities say sings on the five-minute recording. Investigators are unsure whether the two brothers are now in Europe or Syria. Originating from the French territory of La Reunion, the 37- and 35-year-old siblings have previously been linked to radical cells in France and Belgium, according to judicial sources. Their names have appeared in investigations into planned attacks, like one foiled on churches in a Paris suburb this year and a previous suspected plot on the Bataclan music hall. It is the elder Clain, who goes by the name Omar, who is the main focus for French authorities. Only six years ago, he was jailed for recruiting. Clain converted to Islam in the late 1990s. Like his younger brother, he is believed by French police to have become radicalised in the early 2000s, when he lived in the southern city of Toulouse where he frequented radical networks and played a role in the militant recruitment “Artigat cell.” A police source said:

It is possible, because they have been involved in radical movements for a long time. Aba-Aoud was still young when they were already part of the Artigat cell.

Members of that cell were believed to have been mentored by Salafi preacher Olivier Corel, known locally as the “White Emir” (sic! This is a dead giveaway, and it gets more and more incriminating as it goes on. This guy Corel is obviously a recruiter for the DGSE, the French secret service – RB). A French national of Syrian origin, Corel lives in the Pyrenees village of Artigat. He is also believed by French police and intelligence to have mentored gunman Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people in Mar 2012 (I remember him from then, actually, but I don’t seem to have any posts on him – RB). As part of a security operation targeting Islamists under the state of emergency imposed in France after the attacks, police raided Corel’s house this week, handing him a suspended jail sentence for possessing a hunting rifle. He is not believed to have any link to the Paris attacks.

Born on Jan 30 1978 on France’s Indian Ocean island La Reunion, Fabien Clain moved as a child to Alencon in southern Normandy where he grew up with his brother and two sisters. He returned to La Reunion as a teenager before eventually coming back to Alencon, where he married a school friend, Mylene. The brothers converted their family to Islam and when they moved to Toulouse, their wives wore the niqab veil over their faces, an unusual sight in the city back then. On French social web site Copains d’avant, Clain’s profile lists him as living in “Toulouse, Egypt.” Judicial sources say both brothers studied Arabic in Egypt in the mid 2000s. It is unclear when the page was last updated. It also features class photos, lists history and basketball as hobbies and the words “Still here, thanks be to God.” Clain also lived in Belgium for about a year in 2004, according to a judicial source. Back then, the older brother was already suspected of being part of a group of radicals from France living in Belgium, the source said. Authorities began investigating the Artigat cell some 10 years ago, when Syrian police arrested two Frenchmen trying to cross the border into Iraq as part of an AQ cell. One member of the cell, Sabri Essid, who is Merah’s half brother, took part in “physical training sessions” with Clain, according to other members questioned by police, another judicial source said. Both he and Clain were sentenced to five years in jail in 2009. Jean-Michel was questioned for four days but released with no charges.

Also in 2009, French authorities opened an investigation into a plot to attack the Bataclan. There was not enough evidence, and the investigation was eventually dropped in Sep 2012. But the Clain brothers’ name came up when the main suspect, a Belgian man of Tunisian origin, told police he was “very close” to them and that they had introduced him to a Jihadi forum known for using techniques to avoid detection. Another witness in the Artigat investigation told police Clain had “a true talent for converting people,” according to judicial sources. Clain spent three years in jail. He was behind bars in Mar 2012, when Merah carried out his killings. Judicial and police sources believe the two had strong ties. Samia Maktouf, a lawyer for one of the Merah victim’s families, said she had asked prosecutors to question men linked to the Artigat cell, including Clain, but her request was not heeded. “Everyone thought this was a sleeping cell,” she said. Yet in Sep 2012, police opened an investigation into Artigat members fleeing to Syria. It is still under way today. Essid reappeared in an ISIS video this year in which a child shot dead a man.

Banned in 22 French districts after his release from jail, Clain returned to Alencon with his wife and children in 2012. At a small apartment complex on the town’s outskirts, a buzzer on the three-storey building still bears his name. Inside, his letter box is full. Last week, police raided the Alencon flat of his cousin and limited her movements, telling her to regularly check in. The cousin told Reuters:

When I heard the audio, I was so shocked. I just don’t understand. I don’t know him any more. I last saw him at the start of the year. I saw his wife in May/June when a family member died. After that I didn’t see her. I was in touch once for the children and when she told me she was there (Syria). She said they were well.

Neighbors and worshippers at Alencon’s Mahabba mosque, which he attended from late 2012 to early 2015, said they had seen him in February. Mylene’s mother last saw her daughter in February in Alencon. According to a neighbor, police had seized Mylene’s passport and those of her children but she still managed to evade French authorities. When her mother eventually noted her disappearance, she alerted police, but it was too late. “She is devastated,” the neighbor said. Prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation in March into Clain’s disappearance and presumed flight to Syria. This was turned into an official judicial probe in June. Jean-Michel is also believed to be in Syria with his wife and children, a police source said, adding there were questions whether he was even still alive, meaning he could have recorded his singing beforehand. Before he disappeared, Clain sold halal goods such as soap and massage oils in Islamic shops, according to his cousin. Standing in her doorway and often in tears, she said she rarely saw Clain and that she spent more time with his wife and children, often going shopping together or watching television. She said:

They were extremely centered on religion. He was so kind, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He was like a big teddy bear, always smiling, laughing, joking around.

Now she says she has cut off contact. Other neighbors of Clain paint the picture of a robust but quiet neighbor, seen as often in a robe as in casual clothes. At the local Mahabba mosque, Clain taught Arabic to young children for about two weeks, until a 2013 television report linked him to Merah airing their photos. At a lunchtime worship this week, the few worshippers there recalled seeing Clain, but added they did not really talk to him. Omar Sadequi, head of the Mahabba mosque association, said:

When that picture aired, people began distancing themselves, but you can’t stop people coming to the mosque. I had very little contact with Clain. The mosque bans ‘groupuscules’ on its territory. He had given people the impression that he had changed, but really he hadn’t changed at all. (This is what the mosque managers always say, and quite accurately so – RB)

New data on police foreknowledge
Kumaran Ira, WSWS, Nov 27 2015

Since the Nov 13 Paris attacks, new revelations have provided more evidence that Islamist elements who launched the attack were well known to the intelligence services before the attack that killed 130 people. These details are of the greatest political significance. They contradict official claims that the attackers evaded the attention of French and European intelligence, and that the only way to prevent new attacks is to accept a permanent state of emergency and police-state measures. If the terrorists were able to plan and execute such a massive, coordinated attack, it was because intelligence agencies did not use the powers they already have to prevent attacks that were carried out by Islamist terrorists with which they have close political ties. On Nov 25, the NYT reported that Belgian authorities had a list of suspected Islamists that included the Belgian residents who were involved in the Paris attacks. It wrote:

A month before the Paris terrorist attacks, Mayor Françoise Schepmans of Molenbeek, a Brussels district long notorious as a haven for Jihadis, received a list with the names and addresses of more than 80 people suspected as Islamic militants living in her area. According to sources inside Belgium’s security services, the list included two brothers who would take part in the bloodshed in France on Nov 13, as well as the man suspected of being the architect of the terrorist plot, Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, a Molenbeek resident who had left for Syria to fight for ISIS in early 2014. Schepmans said, “What was I supposed to do about them? It is not my job to track possible terrorists. It is the responsibility of the federal police.”

Aba-Aoud, who died in the massive police raid in Saint-Denis last week and was believed to have orchestrated the attacks, lived in Molenbeek. Known to police since 2002, he received multiple prison sentences between 2006 and 2012. He came to the attention of the intelligence services in Feb 2014, when he appeared in an Islamist video driving a truck dragging the corpses of unbelievers. Six months later, international arrest warrants were issued for him. The two brothers cited by the NYT, Brahim and Salah Abd’Eslam, also lived in Molenbeek. Brahim blew himself up on the boulevard Voltaire and his brother, Salah Abd’Eslam, is currently on the run. Police also had a file on Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, a suicide bomber at Bataclan theater, even before he travelled to Syria in 2013, while Sami Amimour, a gunman at the Bataclan, had been detained in 2012 due to suspected terrorist links. Already before the NYT report, numerous media outlets had revealed that most Islamists involved in the Nov 13 attack were known to security forces. Since the Paris attacks, a growing number of experts on French Islamism have expressed amazement that such figures were allowed to operate in France and prepare the attacks. When Aba-Aoud was identified as a possible orchestrator of the attack, David Thomson, a journalist specializing in Jihad in France and author of French Jihadis, wrote:

If this report is substantiated, what would be involved would be far more than astonishment at a meltdown of the security services. One must understand who this man is. He is the public face of the French-speaking Jihadi world. His face was displayed for several days last year round-the-clock on all France’s major news channels. In 2013 and 2014, on his own Facebook page, under his true identity, he posted videos of himself on the Syrian front, grenade launcher in hand, calling for people to join him.

Aba-Aoud’s ability to travel in Europe and plan and obtain supplies for a major terrorist attack can only be explained by the close ties between Islamist terrorist circles and French intelligence, which uses them to promote the imperialist war for regime change in Syria. Under these conditions, the Paris attackers were able to exploit what amounted to official protection for their operations from sections of the French state. The government’s claims about the attacks are rapidly being discredited, among rising disputes inside the state apparatus and the security services. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had claimed:

A zero-risk situation, faced with such actors, who have declared war on our country and on Europe … ça n’existe pas.

In fact, amid deep divisions inside French imperialist circles over how to proceed, sections of French intelligence are criticizing the government’s all-out support for regime change in Syria for blocking police operations in France. Bernard Squarcini, a top intelligence official under Sarkozy, told Valeurs Actuelles Magazine (which printed the police witness leaks reported elsewhere, and is a resoundingly anti-socialist organ – RB):

Since the arrival of Laurent Fabius at the Quai d’Orsay, all contacts with Damascus have been cut, because Paris is betting on the fall of the regime. All the French Jihadis are going there.

Squarcini told Valeurs Actuelles that Prime Minister Manuel Valls refused an offer from Syrian intelligence, passed through Squarcini, to provide more details on French Jihadis fighting in Syria. Valls’ refusal was motivated by “ideological reasons,” Squarcini said. This policy is rooted not only in the aggressive foreign policy of French imperialism and its NATO allies, including Pindostan, but the escalating social and economic crisis of European capitalism. The ruling elites are happy to rely on Islamist terrorist groups as instruments of their foreign policy overseas, while using their operations to justify massive assaults on democratic rights at home. This makes a mockery of the so-called GWOT. The Hollande/Valls government, whose austerity policies obtained a 3% approval rating in one poll last year, is handing over sweeping powers to police in a 3-month state of emergency, and planning to write a permanent state of emergency into the French constitution. After the Paris attacks, the right-wing Belgian government of Prime Minister Charles Michel declared a security emergency last weekend citing an imminent terrorist threat, ordered the shutdown of entire neighbourhoods, and launched vast police-military operations, ostensibly to arrest Islamist suspects. In fact, only one individual was detained. This led to broad charges, including within sections of the political establishment, that the government was manipulating events for its own political purposes.


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    You might find this interesting:

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    It wouldn’t surprise me if this Olivier Corel was Jewish. I was literally just as minute ago thinking about the question, for completely different reasons: “Is one allowed to observe that an abnormal proportion among the religious mountebanks or imposters of modern times have been Jewish.” The trouble is, this is just his radical ‘legend’/ cover story/ PR that is being given here:
    This is what Corel wants his followers to believe. It tells us little or nothing about who or what he ‘really’ is/

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    The ancestry info was confirmed to me by a reader, very familiar with the history and politics of the region. He said Dendachi was known as a Turkish family name. The Turks have a large, influential donmeh (crypto J****) community that was responsible for the Turkish republic.

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    well, i know about the donmehs. occultism is my business.


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