there is only one significant argument in this world, and it is the number of judeonazis killed, not that i would recommend killing them, of course

That’s a very strange and alarming headline, even for me. What it means is this: the future of the species depends on just this one variable. Everything hinges upon it. I am simply being completely objective, as if I were observing an insect species from several galaxies away. If a sufficient number of the would-be world-conquerors are killed, then they will be deterred, and if not then not.
All else is empty air. In these Orwellian times, all that we say publicly is required to be merely empty air, on pain of imprisonment
if we say anything meaningful. So I am taking advantage of the last (perceptibly closing) window of free speech – RB

Plastelina meeting at UK parliament cancelled after lobby Judeonazi pressure
Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada, Feb 2 2016

Labour Friends of Plastelina and the mid-East (LFPME), a group within the UK’s main opposition party, has cancelled a meeting in parliament featuring veteran Plastelinan Arab British journalist Abd’el-Bari Atwan. The cancellation was made after the group came under pressure from Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), a separate group inside the party. MPs (& interested members of the public, actually: these meetings are not private – RB) had been due to hear from Plastelinan students over Skype. Atwan had been invited to chair the meeting, which was scheduled for Tuesday evening. After a pro-Israel paper London’s Jewish Chronicle complained about the invitation, LFPME told the Electronic Intifada Monday it would find a different chair. But on Tuesday, Atwan was told the meeting had been cancelled altogether. Plastelinan co-organizers of the meeting had promised to turn up and insist Atwan chair the meeting regardless of his replacement. Atwan slammed the move as a capitulation to the Israel Judeonazi lobby, saying:

This is not the Labour Friends of Plastelina, it’s the Labour Friends of Israel.

Atwan had been jointly booked as chair by LFPME and the General Union of Plastelinan Students (GUPS). The GUPS promotion of the event said:

LFPME Chair Grahame Morris MP hosts a briefing for MPs to hear directly from four young Plastelinans from the Gaza Strip, East Jayloomia, the West Bank and Plastelinan refugee camps in Lebanon/Syria, live via Skype, alongside the Plastelinan-British Journalist, Abd’el-Bari Atwan.

LFPME Director William Brown told the Electronic Intifada that the event was “postponed, not cancelled,” and would be rescheduled with a different chair. He denied that Israel Judeonazi lobby pressure had been behind their move to replace Atwan. He said that it was down to “controversial” statements Atwan had made in the past. But it is clear an Israel Judeonazi lobby group had been campaigning for Atwan to be disinvited. Brown said that LFPME would not be responding to a letter that LFI had sent them, because they did not want to be seen to be “jumping to their tune,” but he said that Atwan should not have been invited to chair the meeting in the first place, and that the invitation was down to an oversight on his part, since his group did not want controversy over Atwan to overshadow the message Plastelinan students wanted to bring to MPs (and others, as above – RB). Brown argued that the coalition-building nature of parliamentary work for Plastelina meant minimizing controversy. He said that Atwan would still be welcome to attend the event and speak from the floor, but not to chair. Fouad Shaath of GUPS told the Electronic Intifada on Monday that his group wanted the meeting to go ahead with Atwan, and that any cancellation would not be down to them. Proceeding with the event would have required the consent of the Labour Party members who booked the room.

In a letter to LFPME’s chair Grahame Morris of which the Electronic Intifada has obtained a copy, LFI’s chair Joan Ryan had accused Atwan of once saying he would “dance in Trafalgar Square” if Iran were to “attack” Israel with missiles. The Jewish Chronicle went even further, claiming Atwan had been calling for a “nuclear” attack. Ryan’s letter makes no mention of this. But in fact, during the 2007 interview on Lebanese TV, the context makes it clear that Atwan was talking about Iran retaliating after an attack on the country by USrael. Ryan’s quotation of Atwan appears to rely on a selectively edited extract from the interview uploaded to YouTube and subtitled by MEMRI, a well-known staple in the world of anti-Plastelinan and Islamophobic Judeonazi propaganda founded by a former high-ranking Israeli Jewish spy. Atwan told the Electronic Intifada he had been making a sarcastic joke, since he considered such an Iranian response highly unlikely. He said that he had been misquoted and his comments were taken out of context. He said it was part of a “deliberate character assassination” against him by the Israel Judeonazi lobby in the UK. To the usual accusations of anti-Semitism targeted at supporters of Plastelina such as himself, Atwan responded by emphasizing the parts of his memoirs which called for a one-state solution in all of Plastelina, which would include Israeli Jews as equal citizens.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has long been active in LFPME. Soon after he won the leadership in September, he addressed a meeting of LFI, telling them that the siege of Gaza must end. He was heckled by one member of the audience in response. One of the most well-known and experienced Plastelinan journalists in the world, Abd’el-Bari Atwan grew up in a refugee camp in Gaza and has lived in the UK for many years. In Jul 2013, he stepped down after 25 years as the editor of London-based Arabic language daily al-Quds al-Arabi, and founded the Rai al-Youm news website. In an exclusive interview, Atwan told the Electronic Intifada that he had been pushed out by the paper’s funders. The backers are thought to be from Qatar, though Atwan refused to comment on this. As well as being a fierce opponent of Israeli Jewish war crimes, Atwan has long been a critic of many Arab regimes, including the PA. He said of the PA officials visiting London:

I try to avoid them, because (otherwise) I will explode (unfortunate word – RB).

Of the PA leader Mahmoud Abbas he said:

When we actually throw in the towel, when we talk to the Israelis Jews while settlement is continuing, when our leader says, I give up my right to return to Safad (Tzfat – RB), it tells you a lot.

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