it is always possible that some disgruntled lesser being, some piece of pindo-employed human dust, may fly off the handle and frag the lot of them

Screenshot from 2016-03-16 18:00:10Source: Antiquaries

Here’s the article from the Russian site:

Ukrainian soldiers complain that Pindo soldiers in Ukraine are fed better, Mar 16 2016

Ukrainian servicemen in social networks have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Pindosi and Canadian troops arrived on the territory of the “independent” state of Ukraine, are fed is better than they are, the representatives of the armed forces. So, a serviceman of the armed forces of Ukraine Yuri Temchenko in Facebook to publish a statement on “double standards” applied to the Ukrainian military and overseas. From the post Yury Temchenko:

Jaworowski polygon, Guards the town (the place where they live and feed Ukrainian soldiers), menu: grey-brown homogeneous mass, resembling the smell of buckwheat porridge, bread meatballs with meat taste, brown water and a pie with jam. The reception at the same site on the Central campus (the place where Canadians and Americans): apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, salad of white cabbage with pineapple, salad of blue cabbage, Korean carrot, white chocolate and biscuits, Apple cake, cakes with cottage cheese, soup mushroom, spaghetti, rice with vegetables, barbecued ribs, battered fish, fried chicken, tea, coffee, Apple juice. Where is the justice?

And here’s another cry from the same Ukrainian soldier (the spelling and punctuation of the author saved):

Tell me why the defenders of Ukraine, UKRAINE!!!! fed worse than dogs, and defenders of Canada and the United States, UKRAINE!!!!!!!, better than the average Ukrainian can afford?

However, the 404-patriotic-minded readers urged Temchenko on his Facebook page not to “make waves” because “the financing of the Ukrainian army will soon be doubled.” Here is one such fantastic posts (its author is Sergei Polyakov from Kiev. The hryvnia ₴ currently = 3.8 Pindo cents):

Don’t you think loosely? Our food is paid for by the Defense Ministry, but the Pindopsios have their own feeders. They have daily $15 to $18, and our daily content is allocated ₴70. No long ago, it was ₴37. Soon it will have doubled. Do not make waves!

But there are other comments to the article are Temchenko remarking upon the “double standards.” Here is one of them (the author of the comment is Igor Markov):

It’s simple, alas. The food of the owners has never been allowed to the slaves.

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