the method jews use to solve intellectual problems, is often to push them to absurd extremes, maybe they do not consciously realise they are destroying pindostan as a political organism by doing so (or maybe they do)

Let me make myself clear. I think Ali Abunimah’s politics are shit. He is the son of the erstwhile foreign minister of Jordan, and that is the only reason he is permitted to operate this deceptive showcase for a global radicalism that does not exist and never will exist. One reason this imaginary global radicalism does not exist, is that queers are not regarded as competent political operatives by anyone except themselves. The entire Jewish Left has been turned over to queers so that they can liquidate it without compromising the eternally hyped image of Jewish ‘radicalism’, by subtly turning it into right-wing pseudo-anti-zionist elitism. For the same reason, I consider the EU-funded +972 Magazine to be a worthless self-indulgence for a few queer elitists.. Charlotte doesn’t even mention Sarah Schulman until half way down, because she knows damn well that three-quarters of us don’t give a damn what happens to her personally – RB

Pro-Israel Zionist group targets Jewish professor over Plastelina activism
Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada, Mar 26 2016

Mercenary critturs nationwide (RB) are pushing forward bills, resolutions and blacklists to combat the BDS movement (which is not a movement, by the way, but what can I do? Every line in EI contains misused left-wing jargon of some sort – RB). This month, state congress critturs in New York and Illinois advanced the countrywide anti-BDS effort. New York state senators voted to cut $485m in state funding to CUNY, shifting the cost burden to the city. Meanwhile, a CUNY professor who advises SJP was hauled before an investigative panel. Thug State Senator Ken LaValle, who chairs the chamber’s committee on higher education, said the funding cut was meant to “send a message” to the university that it had not done enough to fight anti-Semitism on its campuses. The slash to the state budget was originally proposed by Gov A Cuomo as a way of trimming the state’s operating costs. However, on Mar 14, senators discovered that the Thugs had worded the budget proposal as a penalty to the school for its supposedly insufficient response to alleged anti-Semitic incidents on four of its 11 campuses. Demagogue Sen L Krueger from Manhattan said the resolution was “breathtakingly shocking.” She said in that stupid gimmicky way that Pindo Jews talk:

This was one giant ‘what the heck?’ moment.

Marty Golden, the sole Senate Thug who represents Brooklyn, criticized the resolution, calling it politically motivated. The allegations of anti-Semitism at CUNY originated in a 14-page letter authored by ZOA’s one-man Judeo-Nazi enterprise, Morton Klein, accusing the school’s SJP group of carrying out anti-Semitic acts over the last three years. The letter alleges incidents including swastikas appearing on campus and protesters shouting “Zionists go home!” (I know this sounds stupid, but it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about facts but about the power of money, which is to say, Jewish money, because all money is in principle Jewish – RB). Klein wrote:

The SJP has created a hostile campus environment for many Jewish students, causing them to feel harassed, threatened and even physically unsafe, in violation of the law.

The letter calls on the university to publicly condemn the group and investigate its funding. Klein includes no evidence to support the allegations of swastikas on campus, or that they were produced by members of SJP. Radhika Sainath of Plastelina Legal, who is also advising members of SJP, told the WSJ that ZOA inaccurately pinned “some instances of real anti-Semitism” on Plastelina activists (Oh, in other words, we agree with Morton Klein, a man in the advanced stages of a degenerative nervous disease who probably needs ghostwriters even to write these ridiculous letters, but nevertheless continues to be the guy the big Jewish machers give their money to cos big Jewish machers are arrogant, stupid and uninformed and like being that way, and find it grossly amusing to pretend they think that NYC is crawling with swastika-scrawling maniacs who need locking up or maybe castrating – RB). Sainath told EI last week:

Here in NYC, ZOA seems to think that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to students supporting Plastelinan rights at CUNY.

ZOA has made similar allegations against campus groups around the country, prompting investigations by the federal Dept of Education under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act. The Dept of Education’s Office for Civil Rights dismissed two of these complaints, at Rutgers and UC Irvine. A third complaint was settled before the government could finish its investigation. In response to the ZOA letter, CUNY Chancellor J B Millikin rolled out the red carpet for Judeo Nazi witchhunters – RB. He hired two lawyers to probe the claims and established two task forces to review the school’s “policies on speech and expression” and to assess how the school can best encourage “a climate of mutual respect and civil discourse” (conceding without question, in pompous prevaricated terms, that the school is deficient, cos the big Judeo-Nazi machers say so – RB). He told Klein that the school “cannot infringe on the constitutional rights of free speech and association of its students, faculty and staff.” Klein insisted that Millikin condemn SJP, but said he was pleased with the State Senate’s resolution.

Sarah Schulman, a professor of English at CUNY’s Staten Island campus, where ZOA claims swastikas appeared, was called to testify before the CUNY task force on anti-Semitism that Jones and Schechtman are heading. Schulman has been specifically targeted by right-wing Zionist groups. The NY Daily News ran an “exclusive” story echoing the ZOA’s accusations of anti-Semitism against her and quoting tweets she made criticizing Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza. Schulman is a school adviser of the SJP chapter at the College of Staten Island. Jones presented Schulman with the ZOA’s list of accusations. In a Facebook post recounting her testimony on Mar 22, Schulman states all the accusations were “fabricated or absurd.” She wrote that ZOA has been been harassing her on the Internet, sending a daily barrage of tweets to her publisher, reviewers and colleagues, publishing false information on her Wikipedia biography page, such as that she visited Gaza as a guest of Hamas. Schulman says there is no record that any swastikas were drawn on the walls of the college. She says:

There is no incident report of anyone ever doing such a thing at [College of Staten Island]. Even the president of the college does not recall this ever happening. The letter was really a list of slanders against Muslim students. Over and over, there were vague charges that ‘a Muslim student’ said something unpleasant to a Jewish student. But never was there any evidence that this composite Muslim student had anything to do with SJP. At the end of the meeting I was asked what I thought the task force should include in their final report. My suggestion: that SJP should be treated like every other student group.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Klein’s accusations against CUNY, the NY City Council’s Jewish caucus is moving forward with a bill that would require the university to implement a more stringent mechanism to monitor alleged anti-Semitism on campus. Last July, Illinois became the first state to blacklist foreign companies that boycott Jewish firms based in the OPT. The law compels the state’s pension fund to divest from those companies. On Tuesday, the Illinois Investment Policy Board blacklisted 11 companies. The list includes financial institutions and supermarket chains which have divested from or stopped conducting trade with businesses and growers in the OPT. It includes several European banks, such as Nordea and ASN. G4S also appears on the list, because it announced plans to end all business in Israel within the next two years. The firm’s planned exit from Israel came after it had lost millions of dollars worth of contracts as a result of activist campaigns. The Illinois investment board also maintains a list of companies the state is blacklisting for failing to boycott Sudan. In January, HRW issued a landmark report calling on all corporations to completely end their business activities in the OPT. Arvind Ganesan of HRW said:

The only way for businesses to comply with their own human rights responsibilities is to stop working with and in the OPT. The Illinois law and similar bills around the country seek, in effect, to penalize firms for respecting human rights.

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