government by means of continuous jacqueries

This is an idea of my own. Perhaps Cu Chulainn who I think is a faculty member in political science somewhere will find a better term for it. But I am seeing this pattern rather than the pattern of fascism proper, in a number of places, and I think it indicates an emergent CIA strategy not previously identified as such. I could just be rediscovering the wheel, under another name. Anyway, a recurrent problem for the CIA like MI6 before it and of course many others, in one sense or another, is this: for the organization to be effective it must be versatile. It must be able to grasp and manage conflicting elements from the opposition. They may be (in their own terms, at least) either left wing or right wing dissidents. CIA correspondingly has to have ostensibly sympathetic and therefore ostensibly leftish as well as rightish case officers. I have explained this before, I know. It accounts to some extent for the peculiar phenomenon of sincere revolutionaries who are at the same time CIA stooges. The case officers will humour their agents by encouraging them in their revolutionary fantasies, and the example I gave in my previous discussion of this was Sayyid Qutb, whose contempt for bourgeois Pindostan was scathing and overt. What I said was that the case officer would have humoured him by agreeing with him that Pindostan itself would benefit from a fascist revolution or rather putsch, and that a substantial part of the CIA were working to bring this about. In the days of James ‘Jesus’ Angleton, this might even have been true. But really, lunacy aside, it is a form of humouring and I want you all to grasp the implications of that for actually existing fascist conspiracy both inside and outside the Pindo governmental system.

I didn’t start this post merely to reiterate what I have said before. I wanted to contribute a new idea, and here it is: by way of compromise between the two wings of the CIA, a proposal might be this, via-s-vis Ukraine for an obvious example. Let us maintain the country indefinitely in a state of constitutional exception, that is to say, operating beyond its own supposed bounds of bourgeois legality, but still short of fascism proper. Fascism completes the process of rejection of bourgeois legality, by making it formal and explicit, and by promulgating a new constitution that makes no mention of it. But the state of exception has already begun, the moment the fascist militias hit the streets. And their purpose is hardly ever to topple the state. More normally it is to smash the Left, and then to smash the liberal centre, but not to smash the state. After all, many of the fascist mobs are composed of and organized by secret state employees, and this is normal. This is the beginning of the wind-up towards a putsch proper, I grant; but there are many intermediate steps. El Murid has often written about the different sorts of coup, by the way. But he tends to look at them in superficial terms: either they are popular or they are ‘apical’, meaning they are originated from within the elite itself. But the reality is that all such phenomena are both popular and apical at the same time, and must necessarily be so. Introducing a false opposition right at the start of a discussion, is an obfuscatory tactic. In many ways, Murid proves himself to be a very treacherous guide to absolutely everything. But in his treacherous way, he still shows you what is there. It’s very odd. Finally, to my idea itself, government by means of continuous jacqueries.

A jacquerie is a peasant rebellion. The equivalent is the neo-fascist shock troop, such as Right Sector, or on a slightly less tooled-up level, the various Natzbattalioni as I call them: the Battalion “Azov”, etcetera. These entities will periodically rampage through the capital, and their agents will let off fire extinguishers or worse in the Rada. The deputies will fear that it will get much worse. In general, the liberal deputies are easily terrified, the conservative ones less so. Right Sector might march a uniformed spox into the chamber of the Rada, to deliver an ultimatum at gunpoint. But they will never go all the way, because the Rothschild in his lair does not desire a fascist regime, he desires an liberal, open-market regime. The putsch is ‘apical’ when it eventuates, after much audible bureaucratic shuffling. It isn’t a real putsch in the Francoist sense, which cuts the liberal bourgeoisie right out of the government, but a bourgeois simulation of a putsch, just a shoddy trick to cut costs. The masters of hell will decide who will rule as their puppet, and the masters of hell are not the visible authorities but the ring of moneyed men who throttle the state, from Akhmetov to Kolomoisky to Bogolyubov to the awful Rothschild. All are satisfied except for the neo-fascist useful idiots, who have been marched up the hill by their captain (almost certainly a Jew), and then marched back down again as often as necessary, or just threatened to be so. They can do political media acrobatics to stay in the news, like Dmitro Yarosh, the head/ex-head of Right Sector. The money for all this comes from Rothschild, who conjures it from thin air, with the aid of evil spirits. Below: music for the phony putsch – RB

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