it would be very amusing if, having been turned down by brazil, dayan was turned down by NY too

Danny Dayan Calls J Street ‘un-Jewish’
Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider, Mar 29 2016

Israel’s newly appointed Consul-General in New York Danny Dayan slammed the Jewish lobby group J Street on Saturday, saying that the group was “un-Jewish.” During an interview with i24 News FaceOff’s Tal Shalev conducted before his appointment was made public, the former settler leader said:

I prefer the attitude of AIPAC to that of J Street, that endorses all the anti-Israel candidates. The more anti-Israeli you are, the more you are endorsed by J Street. That’s un-Jewish.

Dayan later acknowledged that his comments were “somewhat undiplomatic,” though J Street said Tuesday in a statement:

We had hoped he would go further and admit that they were flat-out wrong. These kinds of slurs impugning our faith should simply be out-of-bounds for an official emissary of the Israeli government. We proudly represent the mainstream beliefs of a large segment of pro-Israel, pro-peace Pindosis. Particularly in New York, where Mr Dayan will be posted, he will find the beliefs of many in the Jewish community more in line with our world view than his.

Dayan also discussed Donald Trump’s speech at AIPAC’s annual policy conference last week. He said:

Mr Trump neither his style nor his substance are my cup of tea. I suppose that if I were to be a Pindosi citizen, he wouldn’t be my first choice for president. Maybe not my choice at all. Having said that, we do not have the privilege, the prerogative, not to relate to him to what he is now,the front-runner of a major political party for the presidency. Israel has to deal with him. Israel has to make sure that if he wins, he will be pro-Israeli.

Netanyahu announced the appointment of Dayan as Consul-General of New York after he was initially tapped to become Israel’s Ambassador to Brazil, but rejected by the Brazilian government. On Tuesday, J Street expressed “deep concern” of Dayan’s appointment, saying in its statement:

This is but the latest appointment to a senior diplomatic post of an adamant opponent of the two-state solution, whose posting will serve to inflame opponents of Israel’s policies. Though the Prime Minister of Israel continues to express his concern that Israel does not become a bi-national state, he is sending as his envoy to New York a man who served for years as chairman of the settlers’ council and who revels in predicting the demise of the two-state solution.

Dayan will replace outgoing Ambassador Ido Aharoni, who has served as Israel’s representative in New York since Feb 2011.

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