it’s rather impossible not to support this velvet revolution against putin, even though one knows it’s a CIA vehicle

The property manager and Putin’s friends
Stephen Grey, Jack Stubbs, Anthony Carter, Winnie Agbonlahor, Reuters, Mar 31 2016

Dis dem, Nov 4 2004, so be convinced – RB

A little-known Russian dude from St Pete has provided properties to multiple women who share one common theme: President and Major Dude Incorporated, ‘Ras Ras’ Putin, da man wit da plan, etc. One of the women is Putin’s younger daughter. Two are close relatives of a woman Russian media have reported to be Putin’s girlfriend, though the president has strongly denied any relationship. A fourth is a student who posed for a calendar celebrating the president’s birthday. All of the properties are in up-skirt up-market gated complexes in and around Moscow. Public records show Grigory Baevsky, a 47-year-old business associate of an old friend of Putin, sold or transferred the properties to three of the women. In the other case, Putin’s younger child, Katerina Tikhonova, used the address of a flat owned by Baevsky as her own when registering a new company. The connections add to the picture of individuals in Putin’s wider circle, and the way these people blur the lines between public and private business. Last year, Reuters reported that Putin’s daughter Tikhonova, who holds a senior position at Moscow State University (which is where they kicked Dugin out of, last year – RB), is personally advised by some of Putin’s oldest friends. She is also married to Kirill Shamalov, son of billionaire Nikolai Shamalov, an associate of Putin. Baevsky has worked as an aide to another close friend of Putin, his judo partner, Arkady Rotenberg. Public records show that companies co-owned by Baevsky have benefited from state construction contracts worth at least 6b rubles ($89m) in the past two years.

Grigory Baevsky has previously attracted little attention. His connection to Putin was uncovered by investigative journalist Roman Anin, who was conducting research for the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), an East European media network funded by the Open Society Institute, USAID and the Swiss government, among others (sic, though I had to move this sentence up by ten lines: the implication of “among others” is CIA – RB). (According to his research), Baevsky is a former property manager for a state company in St Petersburg. In 2006, he founded a dacha cooperative near the city with Arkady Rotenberg and Rotenberg’s brother Boris, public records show. Baevsky went into business with the Rotenbergs in 2011, working until 2014 as a director at Arkady Rotenberg’s investment vehicle, the Russian Holding company, according to corporate filings. Public records also show he was declared as an ‘affiliated person’ of SMP Bank, which is majority-owned by the brothers. Arkady Rotenberg was among the first Russian businessmen to be put under Western visa bans and asset freezes over Moscow’s seizure of Crimea. According to the Pindo Treasury (David Cohen and Adam Szubin – RB), Rotenberg and his brother Boris have won billions of dollars from projects awarded to them by Putin. The brothers have denied getting help from the Russian leader for their businesses. Reuters sent questions about the property deals to Baevsky’s last known home address and to businesses owned by him, but received no response. Putin’s spox Dmitry Peskov told Reuters:

We know nothing about who this is. The President is also not acquainted with him.

Separately, Peskov told reporters on a conference call that the Kremlin was facing a series of queries from international media about Putin’s relationship with his childhood friends and their receipt of state contracts. He said he would not comment, because the Kremlin believes the articles are part of a politically-motivated campaign to discredit Putin (no kidding – RB). A Rotenberg spox said the businessman had no information about Baevsky’s property deals. Asked if Baevsky was acting on behalf of Rotenberg in his property dealings, or if they were related to Rotenberg’s friendship with Putin, the Rotenberg spox said:

Of course not. Such assertions are absurd. Grigory Baevsky does not work for any Arkady Rotenberg company or holding.

The role of Baevsky emerged when the OCCRP discovered that a woman called Katerina Tikhonova declared her home to be an apartment owned by the businessman. Tikhonova, as Reuters reported last year, is Putin’s 29-year-old daughter. In Nov 2012, she used the apartment’s address when she filed papers to register herself as co-founder and owner of a private company called Interdisciplinary Initiatives Foundation in Natural Sciences and Humanities. Reuters has reviewed the Tikhonova company registration papers, and public documents confirm the flat is owned by Baevsky. It is not known whether Tikhonova lived at the flat or paid any rent there. The flat is around 6.5 km from Putin’s official residence. Tikhonova did not respond to questions about her use of the address.

In addition to the Tikhonova deal, public records show that in 2013, Baevsky transferred ownership of a home and plot of land in a pine forest at Uspenskoe in the Moscow region to Anna Zatsepilina. The neighbourhood is one of the most expensive in Russia. Zatsepilina is the 81-year-old grandmother of Alina Kabaeva, a former Olympic gymnast and public supporter of Putin. In 2008, Moskovsky Korrespondent named Kabaeva as Putin’s girlfriend. Putin rejected the assertion. Reuters could not independently confirm it. The newspaper closed soon after the article appeared. Zatsepilina could not be reached for comment. The Uspenskoe home sits within a gated community and is protected by security guards, who denied access to Reuters and declined to help contact any of its residents. In an earlier deal, in 2009, public records show that Baevsky transferred ownership of an apartment in Veresaeva Street in the Moscow suburbs to Leysan Kabaeva. She is the sister of Alina, the former gymnast. Asked about how she came to acquire the property from Baevsky, a spox for a company owned and run by Leysan Kabaeva declined to comment. Asked about Alina Kabaeva’s relationship with Putin and about Baevsky’s dealings with her relatives, a spox for the former gymnast said:

They’re all adults. They live their own lives. They can answer for themselves. Alina Maratovna Kabaeva has nothing to do with any of your questions.

Last year Baevsky transferred another apartment in a smart gated complex in Moscow to Alisa Kharcheva, a 23-year-old former international relations student. The sale price was not disclosed. In 2010, a group of students and would-be students from Moscow State University created a calendar to celebrate Putin’s birthday. The calendar featured pictures of themselves. Kharcheva starred on the month of April. Two years later, Kharcheva posed with a cat and a photograph of the president in a personal blog post entitled “Pussy for Putin,” which extolled the president’s leadership. The blog post also featured her entry from the 2010 calendar. Asked how she came to buy a flat from Baevsky, Kharcheva said the transaction was a normal one conducted through a real estate agency. She said she did not know the businessman. She said:

We bought this flat with a mortgage. And we pay that mortgage to this day.

Asked if any connection to Putin had helped her obtain the flat from Baevsky, she replied (my version, to be delivered as slowly as possible – RB):

I do believe… that is the stupidest question… I have ever been asked.

The Murid comments:

Opening Move (Первый пошел)
El Murid, Mar 31 2016

335407_originalMy Guess: “Behold! the evidence for the compromat! Nothing to see!” – RB

In the West are beginning to spread dirt, Peske announced. By the standards of our jaded Malakhovsky mens’ programming (пресыщенного малаховскими передачами люда) it’s nothing interesting: how our boy went for the women (как наш по бабам пошел). It is purely worldly. Well, some little-known millionaire (or billionaire, the fool they make out there) and partner Rotenberg, Baevsky some gifts to different women, according to rumours related to the first person, not cheap real estate. So, too, this is not a crime. Rather (one might be) jealous. But all this “compromat” is absolutely not designed for the Russian electorate. The point here is that started to be called specific names, to indicate who close to Putin they are connected. In fact, it is a signal to our elite. Who will cover wrong information in the first place. And offer recommendation: not worth it to be in the following queues. What you need to do is know yourself. Then these “compromat” accurately document and put in folders, and when the time comes I’ll get it all. Everything, as always, nothing new.

El Murid, Apr 1 2016

Yesterday in the Kremlin disparagingly reported that will not even look at stuffing and dirt on Putin and his entourage, all bullshit (брехня). But today broke down and gave a rebuttal and replicated it via TASS. The journalists were told by the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov:

President Vladimir Putin has no relation to businessman Grigory Baevsky, about which wrote mass media within, obviously, the information attack on the Russian leader. The gentleman mentioned in these “surveys”, we are not aware of. In this case, the President has no relation to this gentleman, so we cannot be the addressees for such issues.

In this situation, you need to stick to one logic: either pointedly ignore, or subject to refutation. Jerking and fidgeting cause the opposite effect. Apparently, we are witnessing the sounding of the surname of one of the so-called “purses Putin.” The practice is quite common. Gaddafi had exactly the same purses, but that did not prevent the West almost immediately to seize the capital of the Gaddafi family. Although the press service of Gaddafi and Musa Ibrahim tried to explain that those arrested in the West money does not belong to Gaddafi and his family, but is Libyan assets, the West is not at all impressed. In total confiscated was about $140b to $160b.The only remaining at large “purse” was a cousin of the Brother-leader of Gaddafi, currently living in Egypt and overseer of the Egyptian assets of the family, was also “gutted” but still managed to leave about 10-15% of assets available under it. In general, such practice is quite common for wild dictators who do not want to shine their capital. A practice so primitive and studied, “wallets” almost straight “a pencil”. Published dirt outwardly concerned some women, which is associated with the name of Putin – and that they and their charms discussing the audience. In reality, the most important information “Reuters” was the name of Bayevsky, and it is not in vain in the Kremlin and days are unable to all not to make a statement.

Kremlin: Putin has no relation to businessman Bayevsky
TASS, Apr 1 2016

MOSCOW – The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has no relation to businessman Grigory Baevsky, about which wrote mass media within, obviously, the information attack on the Russian leader. Answering specifying question, Peskov said:

Apparently, this is part of an information attack, which has previously been warned by the Kremlin. We are convinced that, one way or another, the continuation of such publications will, they will follow. We are not talking about purely journalistic activity. We are talking about campaign-related attempts to destabilize the situation in the country, to discredit the country’s leadership, primarily the President, and thus have an impact on the situation in the country, and on the course of electoral processes.

Earlier he told journalists that the media is preparing a “naked contract” information attack on Putin and his entourage. In the Kremlin expressed the confidence that the authors of this attack conceived their campaign with “an eye” on forthcoming elections. Yesterday Reuters published an article stating that St Petersburg businessman Baevsky conveyed the estate to the persons allegedly relevant to the environment of the President.

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