the BDS campaign seems like an excellent political weapon, and gilad here is being ultra-leftish deliberately, to sabotage it

“The Moor has done his duty. The Moor may go.”
Gilad Atzmon, Mar 29 2016


(I’m going to interrupt before he starts. What we have here is not from Shakespeare’s Othello, but from Friedrich Schiller’s Fiesco. It reads: “Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan. Der Mohr kann gehen.” The Israeli hebrew is “הכושי עשה את שלו, הכושי יכול ללכת,” which in my own phonetic transliteration is: “Ha-Cushi oseh et-shelo, ha-Cushi yakol lelechet.” Gilad wishes you to read “cushi” as “nigger,” but I do not think this is fair. The word is a Biblical anachronism with a slightly comic ring, akin to for instance “Nubian” – RB

This is how the Israeli Jewish elite now treats Omar Barghouti. It is appalling, but not unusual. Israeli Jewish Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told Ynet yesterday:

Omar Barghouti uses rights given to him by Israel the Jews to act against them around the world.

Deri was one of four government ministers to participate in an afternoon question and answer at an anti-BDS conference in Jayloomia. By law, Plastelinans Arabs cannot return to Plastelina. But Omar Barghouti accomplished the impossible, Deri said:

Omar Barghouti was born in Qatar and received resident status in 1994 after marrying a Israeli Jewish woman from Acre and claiming his life is in Israel.

It seems Barghouti enjoyed liberties other Plastelinans Arabs and even Israeli citizens Jews can only dream of. Not only was he allowed to return to Plastelina, he lived in Ramallah and was entitled to travel freely between Israel and the PA. He travelled all around the world campaigning against the ZOG. He studied at Tel Aviv University then called upon the rest of the world to boycott that university. Omar Barghouti proved that Israel is a tolerant country! Deri said:

He was given rights similar to those of a citizen, and he took advantage of our enlightened state to portray us as the most horrible state in the world.

The truth is obvious. Right-wing Israeli Jewish politicians knew about Omar Barghouti’s activities all along. Israel The Jews allowed Omar Barghouti to travel around the globe and condemn the ZOG. Israel The Jews allowed it because from a very early stage BDS was an Israeli Jewish-controlled opposition manoeuvre. For Israel the Jews, BDS presented the ideal front on which to fight. Instead of battling for a Plastelinan Arab Right Of Return that is ethically solid and backed by UNSCRs, the solidarity movement was reduced to an internal Jewish debate over the “Right to BDS.” Instead of dealing with the acute Plastelinan Arab refugee crisis in Syria and Lebanon, our devoted solidarity campaigners gathered around their local food store to protest against gefillte fish made in Israel (in fact, the scalps of several EU-based multinationals are already nailed over the collective BDS fireplace like moose heads – RB). But what did Barghouti give in return? Pretty much everything. In 2005 (here), the BDS campaign’s first demand was that Israel the Jews should end their occupation and colonization of “all Arab lands” and dismantle the Wall. This represented a clear and brave challenge to the legitimacy of the Jewish state. At some point, BDS’s primary goal was changed significantly. It now (here) talks of ending the occupation and colonization of “all Arab lands occupied in Jun 1967” and dismantling the Wall.


How was this change adopted? Where is the protocol for such a detrimental shift of position to compromise on the most precious Plastelinan Arab principle, ie 1948?  Who made the BDS campaign into an instrument of legitimization of pre-1967 Israel? Those well versed in the ins and outs of the movement point to Omar Barghouti, and the evidence is undeniable. The first record of BDS’s revised and diluted goal statement appeared publicly on page 6 of Omar Barghouti’s book, published on May 26 2011 (see image above – RB). In 2011-2012, at the time the call for the Right of Return was gaining momentum, Omar Barghouti changed the BDS goal statement into a zio-friendly text. Why did the Plastelinans Arabs allow him to get away with it? In fact, the BDS’s goal statement was only changed in English, to appease the so-called ‘anti-Zionist’ Jews. It was never translated into Arabic. It was done behind the backs of the Plastelinan people Arabs and against their interests. Then what is the Israeli Jewish fuss about now? Why threaten to revoke Omar Barghouti’s residency status? The Israelis Jews have precedent on that front. They never look after their collaborators and partners. The southern Lebanese Maronite militias were left to their fate once the IOF withdrew from Lebanon. Israel often exposes its Plastelinan Arab collaborators. This demoralises the Plastelinans Arabs and leaves them feeling vulnerable and infiltrated (This is exactly as nonsensical as common sense would have suggested in the first place. They recruit informers by offering them real inducements, not by making it clear they will throw them to the wolves later on – RB). For Israel the Jews, Barghouti has been a win-win situation. They tell the world, ‘we let this Plastelinan Arab in, and he turned against us.’ So Israel threatens to revoke Barghouti’s status. Let’s assume that such an action leads to widespread international condemnation and Israel the Jews reconsider their move and retain Barghouti’s residency status. By doing so, Israel the Jews can prove to the world how ‘enlightened’ and ‘tolerant’ they are. I wish the Plastelinan Arab liberation movement would be left to fierce tacticians and freedom fighters, rather than trusting the clumsy hands of ethnic activists who are incapable of thinking past the notion of a picket.

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