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How Pindo-Backed War on Syria Helped ISIS
Daniel Lazare, Consortium News, Mar 31 2016

Why are Islamic militants wreaking havoc from Brussels to Lahore? The best way to answer this question is by taking a close look at how the NYT covered this weekend’s liberation of Palmyra from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ISIS. The article “Syrian Troops Said to Recapture Historic Palmyra From ISIS,” began on a snide note. While the victory may have netted Assad “a strategic prize,” reporters Hwaida Saad and Kareem Fahim wrote that it also provided the Syrian president with “something more rare: a measure of international praise.” The article noted that “Mr Assad’s contention that his government is a bulwark against the transnational extremist group” had been bolstered but added that “his foes and some allies argue that he must leave power as part of a political settlement to end the war in Syria,” without of course specifying who those allies might be. Then it offered a bit of background:

Lost in the celebrations was a discussion of how Palmyra had fallen in the first place. When ISIS captured the city in May, the militants faced little resistance from Syrian troops. At the time, residents said officers and militiamen had fled into orchards outside the city, leaving conscripted soldiers and residents to face the militants alone.

Since the NYT claims to have “several hundred” surreptitious contacts inside Syria, the charge that Assad’s troops fled without a fight may conceivably be correct. It’s hard to square with reports that ISIS had to battle for seven or eight days before entering the city and then had to deal with a counter-offensive on the city’s outskirts. But even if true, it’s only part of the story, and a small one at that. The real story began two months earlier, when Syrian rebels launched a major offensive in Idlib province with heavy backing from Turks & Toads. Led by Nusra but with the full participation of Pindo-backed rebel forces, the assault proved highly successful because of the large numbers of Pindo-made optically-guided TOW missiles supplied by the Toads. The missiles gave the rebels the edge they needed to destroy dozens of government tanks and other vehicles, according to videos posted on social media websites. Indeed, one pro-Pindo commander told the WSJ that the TOWs completely “flipped the balance of power,” enabling the rebels to dislodge the Syrian army’s heavily dug-in forces and drive them out of town. Although the government soon counter-attacked, Nusra and its allies continued to advance to the point where they posed a direct threat to Latakia province, 50 or 60 miles to the west. Official Faschingstein was jubilant. Some kinda boxtop enthused trendily a month after the offensive began:

The trend lines for Assad are bad and getting worse.

The NYT happily observed:

The Syrian Army has suffered a string of defeats from re-energized insurgents … (These events) raise newly urgent questions about the durability of Pres Assad’s rule.

Assad was on the ropes or so everyone said. ISIS thought so, according to AP, which is why it decided that the opportunity was ripe to launch an offensive of its own, 200 miles or so to the southeast. Worn-out and depleted after four years of civil war, the Syrian Arab Army retreated before the onslaught. But considering the billions of dollars that the Pindos & the Toads were pouring into the rebel forces, blaming Damascus for not putting up a stiffer fight is a little like beating up a 12-year-old girl and then blaming her for not having a better right hook. So Pindostan and its allies (erstwhile supposed treacherous goddamned unamerican once but no more vassals – RB) helped ISIS by tying down Assad’s forces in the north so that it could punch through in the center. But that’s not all Pindostan did. It also helped by suspending bombing as ISIS neared Palmyra. As the NYT put it at the time:

Any airstrikes against ISIS in and around Palmyra would probably benefit the forces of Pres Assad. So far, Pindo-led airstrikes in Syria have largely focused on areas far outside government control, to avoid the perception of aiding a leader whose ouster our world-straddling superhuman Jew-inspired Fuhrer has called for.

The upshot was a clear message to ISIS to the effect that it had nothing to worry about from Pindo jet bombers as long as it engaged Assad’s troops in close combat. Pindostan thus incentivized ISIS to press forward with the assault. Although residents later wondered why Pindostan had not bombed ISIS forces “while they were traversing miles of open desert roads,” the answer is that Washington had other things on its mind. Rather than defeating ISIS, it preferred to use it to accomplish its primary goal, which was driving out Assad. What does this have to do with Brussels and Lahore? Simply that Pindostan’s fundamental ambivalence toward ISIS, AQ, etc, its policy of battling them on one hand and seeking to make use of them on the other, is what allows Sunni terrorism to fester and grow. The administration is shocked, SHOCKED, when Islamists kill innocent people in Belgium, but not when they kill innocent people in Syria. This is why the White House long regarded ISIS as a lesser threat: because it thought its violence would remain safely contained. Deputy Major Cunt Ben Rhodes explained in Aug 2014:

Where AQ’s principal ambition is to launch attacks against the West and the much-prized though ultimately worthless Pindosi homeland, the primary focus of ISIS is consolidating territory in the Middle East region at the expense of our enemies, which is right handy really.

Since the only people in harm’s way were Syrians, there was no cause for alarm. The rest of the world could relax. Hence the confusion when ISIS did the unexpected, by striking out at Western targets after all. As the NYT observed in a major takeout this week on ISIS’ Western operations, officials were slow to connect the dots because Euro-terrorism was not supposed to be ISIS’s thing:

Even as the group began aggressively recruiting foreigners, especially Europeans, policy-makers in Pindostan & Eurostan continued to see it as a lower-profile branch of AQ that was mostly interested in gaining and governing territory.

Turkish officials made essentially the same point last week, in response to widespread complaints that they have done little to prevent Sunni terrorists from making their way to Syria. They said that when they tried to return the Jihadis from whence they came, they found that members of the EU were none too eager to have them. A senior Turkish boxtop told the evil Graun:

We were suspicious that the reason they want these people to come is because they don’t want them in their own countries.

Instead, they preferred to see them continue on their way. And why not? At home, they would only cause trouble, whereas in Syria they would advance Western interests by waging war against Assad. Thus, Brussels was unresponsive when Turkish officials informed it that they had detained a Belgian citizen named Ibrahim el-Bakraoui in the border town of Gaziantep on suspicion of travelling to Syria to join the jihad. The Turks deported him anyway, but the Belgians remained unconcerned until El-Bakraoui turned up among the suicide bombers at Zaventem airport. The same thing happened when the Turks intercepted a Syria-bound French national named Omar Ismail Mostefai. Paris was also unresponsive until Mostefai wound up among the ISIS militants who stormed the Bataclan concert hall last November, at which point its attitude turned distinctly less blasé.

In Jun 2014, the Turks intercepted a Norwegian citizen in Istanbul travelling to Syria with a camouflage outfit, a first-aid kit, knives, a gun magazine and parts of an AK-47, all of which EU customs officials had somehow overlooked. Two months later, they intercepted a German citizen with a suitcase containing a bulletproof vest, military camouflage and binoculars that customs had also failed to notice. When they apprehended a Danish-Turkish dual citizen on his way to Syria, they sent him back to Copenhagen. But the Danes gave him another passport regardless, so he could continue on his way. Everyone figured that what happens in Syria stays in Syria, so why worry? Now, of course, everyone is worried big-time. With AP reporting that ISIS has armed and trained 400 to 600 fighters for its European operations, talk of ISIS sleeper cells is ubiquitous. Referring to the Brussels district where the Mar 22 bombing plot was hatched, French social-democratic minister of youth Patrick Kanner warned ominously:

There are today, as is well known, hundreds of neighbourhoods in France that present potential similarities to what happened in Molenbeek.

The implication was that the state of emergency should not only continue but deepen. As hundreds of neo-Nazis descended on Brussels chanting anti-immigrant slogans, paranoia took a giant leap forward, as did its handmaidens racism and Islamophobia. But as much everyone would like to blame it all on Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and others of that ilk, none of this is really their fault. On the contrary, the West’s disastrous Syria policy is entirely the creation of nice-guy liberals like Obama. Desperate to appease Israel (plus the gulf sheIkhs he says, but I think this is really no more than a blind – RB), he signed on to a massive Sunni Jihad that has turned Syria into a charnel house. With death estimates now heading for half a million, which is to say one person in nine, the idea that massive violence like this could remain confined to a single country was absurd to begin with. Yet Obama went along regardless. Indeed, the administration is still unwilling to back down despite all that has happened since. A reporter asked point-blank at a State Dept presser:

Do you want to see the regime retake Palmyra, or would you prefer that it stays in Daesh’s hands?

Spox M Toner hemmed and hawed before finally admitting:

We think Daesh is probably the greater evil in this case.

The next day he walked back even that mealy-mouthed statement. Refusing to endorse Palmyra’s fall at all, he declared:

I’m not going to laud it, because it’s important to remember that one of the reasons Daesh is in Syria is because Assad’s brutal crackdown on his own people created the kind of vacuum if you will that has allowed a group like Daesh to flourish. Just because he’s now, given the cessation of hostilities, willing and or able to divert his forces to take on Daesh, doesn’t exonerate him or his regime from the gross abuses that they’ve carried out against the Syrian people.

(Assad is the only one to blame. The Jews have defined him as such and then brainwashed everyone through their global control of what is solemnly called “news” and the entire political echelon is in their pocket – RB). Pindostan doesn’t have to ponder its own contribution to the problem. Instead, it gives itself a clean bill of health and moves on. Rather, it would like to move on if only ISIS would let it. But the more aid Pindostan and its allies asshole buddies, sadistic tricksters and thieves funnel into the hands of Sunni terrorists, the more groups like ISIS and AQ will grow, and the farther their reach will extend. The upshot will be more bombings and shootings in Paris, Brussels, and who knows where else, about which Pindostan does not give a shit. In fact it welcomes them. Racism and Islamophobia will continue to surge regardless of what bien-pensant liberals do to talk it down. The liberal center is engineering its own demise and Pindostan, obviously, is laughing all the way back to the bank, from which it had been briefly distracted by war and rumours of war.

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