“allah! give me that hot black propaganda from the english tory press! it’s sunday and i need it bad!”

Einz, Zwei, Das Torygraph ist Unser Weg! Heute ist das Erstses Tag des Viertes Reich! – RB

Leaders of Syrian Alawi sect threaten to abandon Bashar
Richard Spencer, Torygraph, Apr 3 2016

Bashar is facing a new challenge as a group of religious leaders from his powerful Alawi sect circulates a document demanding a change in its relationship to the regime and “dissociating” itself from his leadership. The document, which its authors claim has been circulated to a significant number of Alawi sheikhs in Syria, was smuggled out of the country amid extreme secrecy and shown to Das Torygraph Zum Viertsez Reich and a handful of other Euronazi operatives. Some of its authors (MI6, who else? – RB) have also briefed European governments on its contents. However, it is unclear how much support it is likely to have on the ground. The authors, acting anonymously out of fear for their security once back in the country, said they had been forced to act because of the extreme danger the sect was now facing. Its young men have been the vanguard of Assad’s fighting forces (it is not a confessional army – RB), both in the army and in local militias, but have suffered enormous losses, amounting to a quarter of all the sect’s men of fighting age, by some counts. Many Alawis also fear genocidal vengeance being wrought if Bashar is ultimately forced out by the Jihadis, who regard the Alawis as heretical as well as intrinsically tied to the regime and its massacres. The sheikhs who spoke to The Torygraph said they wanted to forge a new relationship with Syria’s Sunni majority, and had reached out to its religious representatives, though they would not identify who.

From here on in, is fuckin’ inspired bollocks of the sort that makes one proud to have such a monster as MI6 in one’s kitchen garden, pushing up daisies so to speak:

The document attempts to redefine the core faith of the Alawis, often regarded as a mysterious hybrid of Shia Islam. It claims it is a branch of Islam that is separate from both Shia and Sunni. That is significant because the regime’s support from Iran is partly explained by the historic links between their beliefs (balls – RB). It says the group should abandon its long-standing persecution complex. It has often been marginalised and oppressed, a historical trend that has been used to explain its aggression (sic) against the Sunni majority under the Assad regime and particularly in the civil war. Its members have been accused of repeated massacres of Sunni civilians (who hasn’t? – RB). The sheikhs said that the document was not calling on Assad to step down. They said they were not advocating any particular solution to the crisis, and some authors favoured him staying on. However, the document refers implicitly to the regime as “totalitarian” (COS THE FUCKIN’ SHEIKHS ARE ALL FUCKIN’ HANNAH ARENDT FANS, WHAT ELSE? – RB), describes the uprising against the regime as “an initiative of noble anger,” and says that the only future for Syria is as a secular, pluralist and democratic state. The document says (plausibility has been cast to the winds, but who except a few guys at SOAS who are on the MI6 payroll anyway, would either know or care? Not many that are white, I can promise you that – RB):

The ruling political power, whoever embodies it, does not represent us nor does it shape our identity. Nor do we, the Alawis, substantiate it or generate its power. The legitimacy of a regime can only be considered according to the criteria of democracy and fundamental rights.

One of the sheikhs who briefed (or was briefed by) Der Einz Zwei Drei Graf Des Viertzes Und Letztes Reich, said the association of the Alawis with the regime meant that it was “rejected by everybody, and by Sunnis completely,” but that nevertheless the regime was a “product of Syria” as a whole, rather than of one sect (which is obviously true and undermines the whole sectarian divide and rule propaganda push of these motherfucking judeonazi english gents with their perpetually rolled-up brollys – RB). The sect, he said, was now threatened by both the possibility of fresh vengeance against them and because the Jihadis had been given the opportunity to implement long-standing fatwas issued by clerics of centuries ago against them. This wretched sheikh of ours had himself lost 60 members of his extended family to the war. With no political plan to promote, he could not say what effect the document would have. The sheikh said:

The Alawis are now in a position of self-defence, because it’s become necessary.

Here’s the best bit – the Viertes Reich run off to the local Mossad guy for a briefing:

Leon Goldsmith, an expert on the sect and author last year of a slim volume of inexorable scholarship entitled in a brash, not-too-scholarly way: “Cycle of Fear: Syria’s Alawis in War and Peace,” said it was potentially a turning point. He stroked his moustaches and murmured in our pearly shell-like Anglo-Nazi ear:

I see this document as extremely significant. It could well pose a mortal blow to Assad. The growing reliance of the regime on Iran and Russia could have provoked some sect leaders who had long been aware that the regime had endangered it by playing the sectarian card. It could lead to major divisions between the tribes and clans who have benefited more from the Assad regimes, and those who have benefited very little, but nonetheless have paid the price of defending Assad. Other important groups in the regime coalition could revise their positions.

(Here, the original guy from MI6 who described the document urged caution, cos this is the briar patch sales pitch, don’t throw me there, which you should expect always and everywhere in psyops. So he came back & said):

It’s a very credible attempt to redefine the Alawi identity, but there’s no ‘big bang’ effect.

One Alawi who just this minute crawled straight outta my ass and asked to be called just Mohammed, said there were many who were against Bashar, but at the same time most felt they had no choice but to follow him. Shaking with fear, the witless native stammered:

Bwana! Them heap big medicine in them thar hills! Them ghost-dance pow-wow mucho dinero, plus the Toads are flying in with gold-plated Glocks at their sides. We all know that the Sunnis offered the Alawis nothing but death and threats. The Alawis’ history is 1,000 years of persecution. The Sunnis intend to continue with this. Bwana, go home, is the first thing.

Joshua Landis, (who I think is married to one – RB), said:

There have been previous efforts by dissident individuals from Sheikhi families to establish themselves, but they lack authority. All the same, many Alawis are fearful about the future and are trying to think of some alternative option,.

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