i’m only going to say this once

People who reproachfully post links to sites I have repeatedly said I no longer read, will be banned. Also, if I might just observe on a more general level, to those who have not as yet succeeded in establishing any sort of stable communication with anything that could conceivably be described as a Higher Self, a Holy Guardian Angel, a Flying Spaghetti Monster, an Egregore or one of the Neshamot:
all your brain is doing is excreting at the back end, the stuff that more conscious beings put in at the front end.

Here, have another disgracefully overproduced Bowie video:

The above features an amiable-looking demon, not more than eight or nine feet tall, with comical horns and a boisterous style of play. But I have a more disturbing little final observation to leave with you. I am quite sure you watched Bowie’s final video, “Blackstar”. You will recall that the demon in that video never comes into full view. You may wonder what it is wearing. I suggest that it is wearing one of these ‘ghillie suits’, more familiar to us now as sniper camo outfits:


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