the murid displays his judar (yes, virginia, i am implying the moronic toads have jewish advisors)

Deep freeze
El Murid, Apr 3 2016

The Toads suddenly refused to “freeze” the level of oil production, and completely outplayed the situation of the last three months. If the cancellation will be announced officially, this would knock the proposed meeting Apr 17 in the Kremlin, into a cocked hat. The news was announced by none other than the king’s son, Mohammed bin Salman. The Toads have pulled a classic Pindosi-style Jewish-style sting. Lured with promises of getting real action with “partners” in advance, from which to refuse would be extremely problematic, then gracefully withdrew their previous verbal and informal commitments. Just to business will not sew.

– But you promised to marry me!
– Never mind what I promised you!

In fact, the Toads demanded from Russia that Russia twist Assad’s arm and get him to the negotiating table, force him to conclude a truce with pro-Toad terrorists, and this while Russia is now itself at war with ISIS. Assad is hardly directly threatened, but he is very worried about the Toads, and quite rightly sees in ISIS a tool of Qatar, Britain and the part of Pindostan that is still asleep and sees the Toads as agents of “justice.” (bollocks – RB). It turns out that some wild Bedouins blatantly lied to our Greatest Genius, but at the same time his hands still fighting with their enemies. More disgrace to come up hard, but this is not enough. Now we all do it for thanks. Just like that, with all our soul. Again, a knife in the back and again from partners. Soon there would have to move just kicks ass.

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