ha ha ha, i’m not optimistic either, not with these jokers at the wheel

Syrian opposition not optimistic
Lisa Barrington, Ali Abdelatti, Reuters, Apr 4 2016

Riad Hijab in Munich, Feb 14 2016 (Photo: Michael Dalder/Reuters)

BEIRUT/CAIRO – The Syrian opposition is not optimistic about talks scheduled to start around Apr 9 in Geneva because there is no international will for a political transition, opposition member Riad Hijab told al-Araby al-Jadid TV late on Friday. Hijab, the spox for the Toad-backed HNC in case you’ve forgotten, said:

There is no international will, especially from the Pindosi side, and I do not expect anything to come of the negotiations. The HNC will attend the next round of talks, but I will be clear to our people: we have no optimism concerning the negotiations process. We are not afraid of the Pindo-Russian rapprochement, but we fear the secrecy, the lack of clarity and lack of transparency. We do not know what has been agreed. What is happening in Syria is a proxy war.

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