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Poroshenko as the father of Ukrainian corruption and the first corrupt official
V N Oleynik, Apr 4 2016


Inflames corruption scandal associated with the name of the Ukrainian President. Published data that he is the owner of several offshore companies. The investigation was conducted by a reputable international group ICIJ and the results of its work are available on the website of the Centre. And on “Hromadsky TV”, Ukrainian journalist Anna Babinets recalled that in Aug 2014 the British Virgin Islands registered firm Prime Asset Partners Limited (BVI), owned by Petro Poroshenko. So a company was formed immediately after the inauguration. Already rattled the Ilovaysk copper, people have already died in the war, and only just come into office the guarantor of the Constitution, under itself creates a legal entity for the purpose of tax evasion. Thus Poroshenko as holding the highest post in the state official, clearly showed that he is the chief corrupt official and the “father of Ukrainian corruption.” Poroshenko himself constantly calls Ukrainians, regardless of income and his posts to be honest, and the President creates his own criminal schemes, allowing his personal business taxes in their state not to pay.


It should be understood that this scandal is not private. It broke out during the visit Poroshenko in Pindostan, where almost the main theme of the meetings … was the fight against corruption in Ukraine. You already were talking about the creation of some institutions of power during the anti-corruption fight, Poroshenko reports about the successes in this fight, and it turns out that Barack Obama himself on the camera pats the arm of the first and chief corrupter of Ukraine! In fact, the Obama discredits himself and makes a mockery of the world what a fight, if there is a friendly, albeit ceremonial, firm handshake with someone like this (against the same activities as whose) Pindostan & Eurostan declares uncompromising struggle… Though information about offshore companies Poroshenko does not cause mistrust, however, that the guarantor, in the presidential administration that Ukrainian policy is still not given comments in fact. Moreover, the National Agency for the fight against corruption has explicitly stated that the President’s offshore is not their business. Turns out that the very idea of creating such an independent and impartial (in words) of the Agency is hollow, and the statements made on behalf of this newly created Institute is no more than fiction. Probably should not expect an adequate response from the Prosecutor General’s office. Most likely we will hear statements like:

The Attorney General (does not believe) anyone could be so corrupt as to perpetrate the schemes (attributed to) the President.

Any developments in this regard, seems the most likely? From Poroshenko now will shy away all his allies. But to unite behind Poroshenko, his former allies also should not be expected. In yesterday’s presidential allies both Tymoshenko and Yatsenyuk also have offshore companies, along with other “heavyweights”. By the way, it is because having your own offshore mentioned characters do not comment on the current scandal, leaving this role to politicians of lower rank like Leshchenko and Butusova. Probably should forget about forming a coalition in Parliament. Hence, this is not a question of coalitions, but of elections. The current Prime Minister is also satisfied with this: everyone is not Yatsenyuk, means carried. Lyashko can be brought politically, but most likely as usual will leave in a whistle like the noise of the steam in the kettle. Of course, the President will need in the near future to give some explanation, and will not be sensation, if Poroshenko accused of creating offshore companies in his name he hired a management company, saying that it’m not me, not my responsibility, and while I’m in the middle of the war someone took and abused my honesty and integrity. Only here again, the source reporting that the presidential offshore, beyond doubt, none… It seems that Poroshenko is a political corpse ready. This means that in the Ukrainian state, (there remains) no one to deal with the Ukrainian President except… the Ukrainian people!

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