the war of all against all is well under way, everybody hates everybody, starting with erdogan & poroshenko

The international press against Poroshenko
Yuri Kot,, Apr 4 2016


In the most popular newspaper of the Netherlands “De Telegraaf”, published an article in which in a very negative light reflected the current Ukrainian reality. “Welcome to the Wild West of Eastern Europe,” says the edition the title of the publication. The paper says that corruption, scandals, blackmail captured all of the Ukraine. “Bribes, threats, blackmail and sabotage was taken hostage Ukraine; ruthless corporate raiders freely they rule,” is the subtitle of the controversial article. The article provides a very expressive infographic, which depicts a map of Ukraine covered with strands of corruption schemes managed by oligarchs and high-ranking Ukrainian politicians. “Welcome to the Wild West of Eastern Europe,” a reversal of today’s De Telegraaf newspaper, the circulation of the newspaper of the Netherlands. Well, and a card explaining: “The Oligarchs are pulling the strings in Ukraine. They buy judges and officials, control the bandits and mercenaries. In my opinion, all very lucidly explained, don’t you think so?”, the article says Ukrainian political analyst Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov. Also we will remind that on Saturday, under the Ukrainian Embassy in the Hague, a meeting was against the Association agreement with Ukraine under the title “Stop fascism in Ukraine!” The press not only Holland, but also the most popular and respected publications in other countries are harshly critical of the corruption of the Ukrainian government and President Poroshenko. In particular, recently Poroshenko stepped in a huge scandal in relation to an article critical of him in the NYT. By the way, the NYT is not the first time “slanders light Ukrainian reality” and “perfect moral character” of the Ukrainian President. The article wrote:

(Poroshenko) as a product of the old political system specifically allows for the continuation of corrupt practices in the country to preserve policy space. Looks like Poroshenko took the existing corruption as the price he pays for the manoeuvre. But the President and the Prime Minister must understand that the IMF and donors, including Pindostan, will not continue to fund a corrupt swamp, if the government fails to begin the formation of a democratic system of governance, which the Ukrainians demanded in their protests.

In the Internet appeared the video with the comments of the President of Ukraine in response to an article in the authoritative Pindo newspaper. Poroshenko admitted that he had known of the facts in the article. However he called it a “provocation” and wrote:

I would Like to clearly comment on this: today against Ukraine is a hybrid war, including through mechanisms for disseminating information, discrediting the Ukrainian state.

Here, we note, not only opponents, but even colleagues of Peter Alexeevich in the political struggle, could not resist laughing. In the conflict against the President by the NYT, Poroshenko did not find support even in Ukraine. To blame in the conduct of the war, the leading foreign journalists, especially such an exalted, irreproachable, absolutely upright and fair Jewish newspaper like the NYT, this is utter nonsense and a disgrace for the head of state. Apparently, Poroshenko found that the face you just move on and not worth it. When your country is a mess and civil war, to blame everybody but you loved. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of three convocations Olena Bondarenko wrote on his page in Facebook:

The supporters of the Maidan for the sake of complacency ready to curse anyone but themselves. They will forever be unhappy. Because they live unfortunately, but the blame will always be (placed upon) others.

Ukrainian political analyst Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov commented:

Well, if the NYT is also a member of the “hybrid war” against Ukraine, then I do not know who is fighting against her is not something for today! Imagine the whole world announced a hybrid war against poor Poroshenko: Russia, Holland, and now and Pindostan connected… Surrounded by demons!

Ukrainian political analyst Kost Bondarenko sarcastically commented:

Do I understand correctly? The NYT will now be recognized as a publication which is a threat to national security of Ukraine, its journalists will be deprived of accreditation in the state institutions of Ukraine, the editor will be denied entry to Ukraine, and reprints of materials and links to articles in the NYT will automatically come to the attention of law enforcement?

The reason that reputable Western media in unison started talking about the horrific Ukrainian corruption, many times “Maidan” level, and who is accused in this case, it is the President himself, Poroshenko with all his pseudo-patriotic clan. Eurostan & Pindostan are turning away from Ukraine. The gang of Poroshenko discredits our country in the eyes of the West. Deputy of three convocations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of Committee of rescue of Ukraine Volodymyr Oliynyk (below – RB), says:

They’re in one door come, others come, and between the doors – the box office! Mugs kamikaze is expanded, and must not be diluted antimonii (Кружек камикадзе расширяется, и не надо разводить антимонии.). And gullible Ukrainians will hang on the ears of another “Patriotic” noodles.

So devastating the publication in the influential foreign media testify that the current Kiev government finally discredited itself and the state of Ukraine in the eyes of the world community. Ukraine continues to lose ground and has to admit that is guilty of this. Ukrainians themselves naively believed its false “Maidan” propaganda, and led to the government is a gang of thieves and international criminals.

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