the return of butch cassady and the handflap kid

Jackass continues to claim that he is “working with” Russia to persuade Assad to step down, though Russia has formally denied this several times. That shows you what kind of a dickhead he is. On the photo, Jackass shows off a new visual effect I call “the lopsided look of compassionate doom.” Even William Shatner would have trouble doing this, especially after a stroke or something has given Jackass a droopy eyelid – RB

Jackass: Syria talks to test if Assad can negotiate in good faith
Lesley Wroughton, Reuters, Apr 5 2016

the lopsided look of compassionate doom (Photo: Alexander Nemenov/Reuters)

Upcoming peace talks on a political transition in Syria will test whether Assad can negotiate in good faith, Jackass said on Tuesday before a new round of negotiations in Geneva. Assad has said he thinks the Geneva talks can produce a new Syrian government that includes opposition, independents and loyalists, but has rejected the idea of a transition authority. But Syria’s opposition has consistently said it wants a halt in attacks on civilians and for the Geneva talks to result in a transitional governing body for Syria that does not include Assad. Jackass told Shit-Hot Television in brassy NY, capitale de la monde:

The key right now is whether Assad is capable of negotiating in good faith, and we have to put that to the test.

In Geneva, spox Ahmad Fawzi told reporters the second round of peace talks was expected to resume on Monday in Geneva. Posh toff front guy de Mistura was in Moscow on Tuesday to prepare for the talks. State Dept spox M Toner said the expectation was that the next round would tackle “the core” issue of a political transition in Syria, including Assad’s future. Jackass said there was no way to end the Syrian war with Assad still at the helm. So he said:

I don’t see any way possible for Assad to remain, because there is no way to end the war while he is there. There is no way to end the violence. There is no way for him to unify the country, so Iran and Russia and others need to recognize if you want peace, Assad has to transition. Exactly how is up to the talks.

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