today my darlings you are going to have the chance to learn about various good things other than the disgusting news from the morons

The Sound of Progress: Pop music according to COIL, Foetus, Current 93, Test Dept.
A Dutch video documentary by Alexander Oey broadcasted by Videoline Den Hague, Netherlands 1988.

Documentary shows interviews with Jim Thirlwell, Dave Tibet, Test Dept memebers and the young Jhon Balance and Peter Christopherson playing the Fairlight computer. Music far ahead of their time. Test Dept. at 37:00 Shivers!

COIL – rare unedited May 2001 interview w/ Jhonn Balance & Peter Christopherson

Arno Peeters and Leendert Douma interviewed the band Coil on May 31st of 2001 in Amsterdam, the night before a show singer Jhonn Balance predicted would be conducted as “anger, coated with compassion, delivered through savage electronics”. And it really was – I feel – one of their best shows. Peeters has a real rapport with Balance and Christopherson, who are genuinely interested in what he has to say. He brings out how funny and real they were, defying their “dark mystics” image. Balance in particular is approachable and quite funny. About 40% of the the interview was split up to bridge music tracks throughout the Dutch Radio4 series on Coil. This is the unedited version – no music, just 2 hours(!) of a wonderful interview. Virtually all of Part Two was not used for Dutchradio4, although it is splendid in its own distinct way. The second instalment distinctly leans toward a conversational take on culture, musical styles, and low-key English smack down of the music scene. Which – in its own way – makes it just as essential. Balance clearly had a charisma that moved people, you can almost hear band members moving closer to him, as he was at his most relaxed and funny mood in Part 2, in the privacy of the hotel room. An invaluable document, in this way they are as Greil Marcus once wrote, “less dead than ever, and more dead than they will ever be.” Unfortunately, the last 12 minutes of Part 2 have distinct digital artifacts: clicks and distorted sounds that are obtrusive, suggesting that this recording was perhaps preserved on a fading CD-R(?) – not sure. In any case the subject matter gets quite morbid, ending on a grim (yet fitting?) note. Apologies for that, but this is now musical/cultural history – so do carry on, as it is well worth it.

Death In June – Behind The Mask

A videomovie by Darryl Hell filmed at the HellLab Underground, NYC, winter 2005 and the Pyramid Club, New York City, spring 2005. Forty feet beneath the Earth’s surface, Darryl Hell’s interview experiment with Douglas P. took place amongst the rumbles, hisses, and thunks of the belly of a New York City skyscraper…during a harsh January 2005 blizzard. This would be the first time Douglas would take part in this type of interview project. Its flow replicates a meandering day-long conversation that was held between Douglas P and Darryl Hell at Mindswerve Studio, NYC, in 2004. Their many life experiences in 1970s, 1980’s punk rock, made for a fertile ground. Hell’s vision for the project was to give Douglas a chance to fully articulate himself without the boundaries of the traditional interview format. The result is a roller coaster ride through Douglas’ life from childhood into the future. Features a number of unreleased versions of DI6 and rare Crisis material including a “BTM” image montage with Satan’s Feast, Golden Wedding of Sorrow, and Come Before Christ And Murder Love. The soundtrack is a dj darryl hell sound collage utilizing Death In June’s Operation Hummingbird & All Pigs Must Die, and Crisis’ “Holocaust Hymns” as its source.

Coil / Throbbing Gristle – Peter Christopherson in-depth interview circa 2009

This is a full 22-minute feature, in which the late Throbbing Gristle/Coil icon Peter Christopherson discusses his history, Throbbing Gristle, the life, illness and untimely death of lover and band founder Jhonn Balance, the Threshold Houseboys Choir project, Peter’s life in Thailand, and future plans that were not to be. Circa 2008 or 2009, Peter applies the same bold opinions and certainty that he applied to his music. This audio material was originally aired on June 17th of 2008, on a 60-minute radio show “Sleazy on The Hour Of The Apocalypse” on Resonancefm. 35 minutes of the show consisted of previously released Coil music, with the interview clips spread throughout. Here the interview clips have been combined, and visuals have been added from many many sources. I do appreciate your feedback at the results.

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