lots of weird & wonderful little provocations, all designed to make the whole idea of being jewish untenable…

Will The Holocaust Educational Trust Apologise For Greville Janner’s Child Sex Abuse?
Gilad Atzmon, Apr 5 2016


The BBC reported yesterday “Lord Janner misled an inquiry when asked about his contact with convicted child abuser Frank Beck.” The evidence is overwhelming that at the time Lord Janner was the head of the British Jewish community he was also fiddling with young kids and orphans. “Police and prosecutors believe Lord Janner, a veteran Leicester MP, used his relationship with Beck to get access to children in the city’s care home system,” the BBC writes. Lord Janner was president from 1978 to 1984 of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a body that claims to represent the British Jewish community. Lord Janner was a tireless and prominent advocate, both in Parliament and out, of the campaign to win reparations for victims of the Holocaust and to bring those responsible for Nazi atrocities to justice. He lobbied the Thatcher government for the War Crimes Act 1991 (prosecuting Nazis). Janner was the founder of The Holocaust Educational Trust. He was also a vice-president of the World Jewish Congress until 2009 and of the Jewish Leadership Council until 2015. Is not time ripe for all these Jewish institutions to say a word in regard to the depraved conduct of their paedophile leader? Shouldn’t the BOD that claims to represent British Jewry publicly express its regrets over its association with its past leader? Shouldn’t The Holocaust Educational Trust disassociate itself from its founder now that it has been revealed that Lord Janner inflicted personal Holocausts on so many innocent British kids?

On Labour Capitulation
Gilad Atzmon, Apr 7 2016


The Jewish Chronicle reported yesterday that a Jewish MP has been the target of a ‘terrifying’ campaign of abuse.’ The so-called ‘victim’ is veteran Labour MP, Louise Ellman. The JC reports that ‘anti-Semitic remarks’ were made on at least three occasions:

  1. A non-Jewish forty-year Labour member claimed that when he defended Mrs Ellman, a Momentum activist threatened him and told him he was “a Jewish Chronicle-reading Zionist fascist.” The JC fails to explain what is anti-Semitic in the Momentum activist’s ‘threat.’ The Jewish Chronicle is an ultra Zionist outlet that supports Hitlerian Israeli policies such as ethnic cleansing and Zionist expansionism.
  2. During a meeting in February, activists discussed Hamas tunnels being dug from Gaza into Israel. One Momentum member was said to have compared the tunnels to those created by Jews trying to escape Nazi persecution in the Warsaw ghetto.  Once again the Jewish Chronicle failed to explain why equating Israeli barbarism with other established cruelties in the past is anti-Semitic. In fact, the remark affirms the primacy of Jewish suffering and the orthodox Holocaust narrative.
  3. At last Friday’s session, an attendee claimed Israel was backing Daesh terrorists and that the IDF was operating covertly among Jihadis. Again the Jewish Chronicle does not tell us what is anti-Semitic in such an assertion.

As I often repeat, Jewish Power is the capacity to silence the discussion on Jewish power. British Labour is the present target of an intensive exercise in Jewish power. The Jewish Lobby and media are openly silencing criticism of Israel and Jewish power. So far, Jeremy Corbyn has not only failed to oppose such suppression, he has actively tried to appease the most Zionists institutions in Britain. We may have to recognize that our Jeremy, the hope for a change, is completely impotent. PS: At Tuesday’s Jewish hustings for London mayoral candidates, Sadiq Khan said:

I’m embarrassed. I’m sorrowful about anti-Semitism in my party. I think the Labour leadership could have taken a tougher stance, and needs to take a tougher stance.

Jews Only Letter for Tony Greenstein
Gilad Atzmon, Apr 8 2016

(Introduction by Gilad Atzmon): To fight the recent suspension of the notorious AZZ (anti-zionist zionist – RB) Tony Greenstein from the Labour Party, three of his friends launched a Jews-only campaign to support his cause. A goyish Labour member from Wales who attempted to lend her support for the campaign was told by Tony Greenstein: “Only Jewish members of the LP can sign the letter.” It would be interesting to learn from Greenstein what qualifies a Labour party member‘as a Jew.’ Is it the blood, the genes, the DNA or does it come down to the love of gefilte fish yet again? We, the rest of humanity who oppose wars and support equality, also want to join this appeal by Labour’s chosen members. The Labour Party is a horrid, horrid institution at the moment, no doubt a perfect home for Greenstein and his ilk. Please take him back. I do hope that at a some stage Corbyn and the Jews he has surrounded himself with will find the time to fight for Britain’s workless people. After all, this is what the Labour party is supposed to do. Now, the Jews-Only Letter:

Re: Our Concerns about Suspension of Tony Greenstein

We are Jewish members of the Labour Party who oppose all forms of racism equally. Some of us have been members for many years. We are committed to Labour ideals and principles, and have been working to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for the transformation of society gains support. We want a progressive Labour government. We were dismayed to discover that Tony Greenstein has been suspended from the Party, without even being told the grounds for this suspension. We were further dismayed that the grounds for Tony’s suspension had been leaked to a right-wing newspaper. The Daily Telegraph claimed on Apr 1 that the suspension is related to allegations of anti-Semitism. Tony Greenstein is not an anti-Semite. However, in common with a growing number of other Jews, he is opposed to Zionism, and to the actions of the Israeli state with regard to the Plastelinans. Such a stance is emphatically not anti-Semitic. It is important that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is clearly understood. Tony Greenstein has long campaigned against both the constitutional inequalities of the Israeli state and its continuing attacks on the Plastelinan people. His writings can be forthright and angry, in the best traditions of many polemicists, but it is a slur to characterise them as anti-Semitic. Like many Jews opposing Israel’s actions, Tony has endured insults from some who claim to represent the Jewish community, who have no interest in protecting the Labour Party from anything. We note, for example, that the current President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews is on record recently as saying that Jews cannot trust Labour. We would be concerned if the serious issue of anti-Semitism was being exploited in order to damage the Labour Party. Some of us faced similar insults last summer because we set up the Facebook group “Jews for Jeremy.” If Tony Greenstein can be accused of anti-Semitism, we fear that other Jews who have been critics of Israeli policy and actions may soon be faced with similar charges. Tony has been an active opponent of racism, fascism and anti-Semitism. It would do damage to the Labour Party to expel him. We ask that the NEC intervene in this case to ensure that his suspension is lifted forthwith, and the charge of anti-Semitism dropped. If there are other serious charges against him that have not yet been disclosed, they should be made public, and Tony should be given an opportunity to answer them. In solidarity, etc

Michael Rosen and the Kosher Sandwich: A Discourse Analysis
Gilad Atzmon, Apr 9 2016

If you wonder what the role of the Left is in the 21st century, if by mistake you bought into the idea that the Left has something to do with the oppressed, the British poet Michael Rosen will enlighten you. The Left has one true mission: it exists to save the Jews from the next pogrom. Earlier this week, Rosen published a short text regarding ‘Corbyn and antisemitism.’ According to Rosen, anti-Semites will identify him as Jewish, then in the same line, he writes: “I self-identify that way too.” So according to Rosen, the anti-Semites are actually correct in identifying Rosen as what he is: that is, a Jew. But Rosen then claims that those who identify him as what he declares himself to be are anti-Semites. I wonder, since Rosen identifies himself as a Jew, how does he know that he isn’t himself an anti-Semite?Are there some criteria? Rosen’s Jewishness is an odd entitlement. He is entitled to identify as a Jew, while the rest of us are advised that identifying him as such turns us into ‘hate-mongers.’


In my writing I delve into Jewish Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jews are often tormented by a phantasmic traumatic event set in the future. No one exemplifies this  mental condition better than the Jewish poet. “I have to ask myself, who would I turn to for assistance in the case of unwarranted attacks, persecution, harassment or pogroms?” What persecution, what pogroms, Mr Rosen? You are one of Britain most beloved children’s poets! You are not a Syrian refugee! No-one calls to kick you out of the country! You are not the oppressed! Why do you feel the need to prepare for a pogrom? Is it guilt on your part? Are you hiding something? Let me tell you, Mr Rosen, none of my Jewish friends are afraid of pogroms or “unwarranted attacks.” In the eyes of the so-called ‘anti-Semites,’ I should be seen as a Jew. My kids are also ethnically Jewish. And yet, the fear that you describe in your statement is totally foreign to us. We are free of fear. We enjoy our lives. We listen to music. We love each other. And we pray for peace. What we don’t do is imagine the next pogrom. Is it because we do not identify politically as Jews? Once Rosen has established his angst over a phantasmic terror event, he is ready to tell us what the Left is really about. “Which of the people now stepping forward to defend me from anti-Semitism?” Rosen asks and his answer is unequivocal: “A strong, united left.” To Rosen the Left is primarily a Jewish shelter. If you wonder why Jeremy Corbyn has dedicated himself to bowing to Jewish pressure, Rosen basically provides the answer. Corbyn is a tired squashed piece of smoked salmon stranded in a cream cheese bagel. Jewish lobbies push him from every possible direction. But the cheesy Jewish radical left, the ‘Rosens’, are there to save him. They deliver the kosher fig leaf that already transformed the Labour Party into the new ADL. In my worst dreams I didn’t imagine that Jeremy Corbyn (whom I supported last summer) would be so idiotic as to march into this trap. The British Left will not recover from this disaster any time soon.


I have managed to unwind this last puzzle. The whole thing is very funny but as usual, Gilad’s secret joke is contained in the logic of his argument about ‘anti-Semitism’. This is basically Gilad’s only joke, but he embeds it so skilfully in his material that we get tripped up by it without being able to reassemble the tripwire we just broke. Here it is:

  1. “Tony says that anti-Semites would call him a Jew. He also calls himself a Jew. Is he therefore an anti-Semite?”
  2. “An anti-Semite would call me, my wife and my children Jews, even though none of us call ourselves that.”

Those are not exact, but they merit quote marks because they are close enough. Clearly, the answer to the implicit syllogism is that anyone who calls anyone a Jew (even himself), is necessarily committing a stigmatizing political act which brands the victim unjustly, and is therefore an ‘anti-Semite’. Gilad and his family are permanently in the clear, as long as they never call anyone a Jew. He can and does draw attention to the fact that the others call themselves that, whereas he and his family do not. In order to stop being the principial anti-Semites of the world, all that the Jews have to do is to stop calling themselves Jews. A neat vanishing trick, if you can do it – RB

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