as you know from previous reports, putin is establishing a large and well equipped riot force separate from the FSB

The correspondent of the Open Russia has become an unexpected witness to training battles near Lyubertsy (Moscow Oblast). Hundreds of riot police, interior troops and police officers simulated the dispersal of the “Moscow Maidan”. This is how the newly created national guard will deal with mass protests.

El Murid, Apr 8 2016

There will soon be considered a bill which adds to the reasons for which may be introduced a counter-terrorism operation. The document also proposed to expand the number of cases in which is introduced the counter-terrorism operation. Now what is declared to prevent a terrorist attack. The bill states specifically that the regime for the prevention and detection of crime under article “hostage-taking” (will include) “Stealing of a vessel air or water transport or railway rolling stock,” “Encroachment on life state or the public figure,” “Violent seizure of power,” “Armed rebellion” and “Attack on persons or establishment possessing international protection.” The bill, although prepared about the terrorist attack in Sinai, is perfectly placed for today’s events, when the authorities largely react in panic to the threat of a coup d’etat. How these activities will protect from the apical coup attempt is unclear. However, we are talking about more systemic issues. The crackdown comes against the background of complete helplessness and unwillingness to eliminate the reasons that caused the crisis: economic catastrophe, total corruption, infinite theft, closed political system, decaying social guarantees and so on. The authorities have no answer to these problems, nor any desire to solve them. It is therefore within the logic of instinct that they begin to create prohibitive standards, proactively clamping any expressions of discontent. They can only put off the collapse, of course. If the fire is boiling, no matter how you clamp the lid of the pot, the steam will find (or make – RB) a way out. Most likely, in the near future we will see many more innovations in terms of prohibitions and creating a variety of punitive mechanisms. However, in case of a collapse of the government, all of these activities will not have any sense; or rather, everything will always be solved at the level of individual initiative against the background of general weakness.

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