kerch strait progress

The unique construction of the Kerch transition

Rossiya 24, Apr 6 2016: The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is gaining momentum. Unique engineering structure will connect mainland Russia with Crimea. Commissioning in Dec 2018. Currently, there are up to 4,000 builders working at the same time on the object. As they are building the longest and perhaps the most unusual bridge in Russia?

Apr 6: Ukrainian vessel delivered to “occupied Crimea” domestic materials for construction of the Kerch bridge and ore for Firtash plants. Former Commissioner for the European Court of Human Rights Boris Babin said at the press conference of the project Free Crimea, that the Ukrainian ship in Crimea deliver materials for construction of the Kerch bridge and the ore for the plants controlled by Firtash. He said:

Regarding maritime transport, the situation is the most blatant. Community action and the uncertainty of corruption schemes in 2014 led to the fact that some time the owners were really afraid to go in the Crimean ports closed, there was a decrease in freight transport. But already in 2015 have different dynamics. Today the court out of the South, Kherson, Nikolaev and go straight to Kerch. These vessels are imported to the Crimea from Ukraine materials for the construction of Crimean bridge, is supplied to the plants Firtash Ukrainian ore from mines.And only through such a direct connection is still working the factories of Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk. If these direct messages were not, these companies would have long since stopped. It’s very simple. The ore from the Zhytomyr region is on the southern, Nikolaev, Kherson, there is changing the owner. Relevant investigative journalism was, there are facts, dates, names of ships. The business is fully supervised by Ukrainian security forces…

(here and here.)

Apr 7: “Large Odessa Port workers, particularly port South, categorically deny the loading of ships heading to ports in occupied Crimea. However, for the actions of private stevedoring companies, the port state can not answer. This in exclusive comments to UKRINFORM correspondent on the supply of goods to the Crimea, said the head of the press service of the port of Larisa Evseeva… In turn, the personal assistant of the General Director of the private Maritime group of companies “transinvestservice” Anastasia Pululahua refused to comment on shipping, marine terminals, ore and building materials of the Crimean customers. “Sorry, have no right to comment on this information. Such information can only be commented on by CEO Andrey Stavnitser, but he is now on a business trip…”
here and here)

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