mad rabbit resignation speech – our boy yats goes west

Yatsenyuk Resigns
Colonel Cassad, Apr 10 2016


Yatsenyuk today finally announced that dumps into retirement. His departure has become part of backroom deals, one of which was the resignation of Shokin. As Shokin was removed, it became clear that until the fall of Yatsenyuk will not survive, although even after the failed vote of no confidence in winter, fans Yatsenyuk yelled that now by law until the next session of the Verkhovna Rada to remove him will be impossible, but who cares about such details.

In his “farewell speech” Yatsenyuk told a cool story about how much he has achieved and how he was disturbed to (be unable to) do so much more. Well, at least it didn’t stop him earning $2b. But I think him and c-1 m well (Но думаю ему и c 1-м хорошо). The next Prime Minister with a probability of 95% will be Groysman, and the inner circle (окружение) around Poroshenko will continue the course on the concentration of political, military and economic levers in their hands. “Popular Front” of Yatsenyuk will remain as a forced partner until the next election when he will sink into political oblivion.

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