soup and matsos

I hated to spoil the yandexian in this, I have become so used to yandexian backward sentences and I love them – RB

El Murid, Apr 10 2016

The Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier does not rule out the return of Russia to the “Big Eight”, reports Die Zeit. If the end of the year Moscow will continue to play a “constructive role” in resolving the crises in Ukraine and Syria, members of the G7, of course, will discuss when and under what conditions it will be possible to continue cooperation with Russia in the G8 format, said the German politician. The G8, it must be understood, is the carrot for the the Russian nomenklatura, long suffering under sanctions and excommunication from the world civilization. And Steinmeier, respectively, the good cop. Sign the protocol, says the detective in his most sincere voice, and we’ll let you go back to your cell. We’ll get you some hot soup, you’ll be able to eat, and then you’ll be able to sleep. Everything will be OK. All you need to do is just to tidy up a few trivial issues: to “resolve” the crisis in Ukraine “constructively”, and in Syria, excuse me, to clean up the shit – you need for us all essence of shit (говны) to remove. Especially, the nomenklatura will not wrinkle nose from the smell of the rotten socks of Russian Vanya, soldier or whomever else. Let him lie (where he falls), let him die, he could save billions offshore (for) thieves in high and highest offices. (Better that) than to come back home and wait. Pension will cancel this year, or wait another couple years.

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