this sounds like the work of one of those unlikely looking guy fawkes impersonators with the masks

The Congress of the Advisory Council at the Governor of Sevastopol began an anti-Russian demarche
Dmitry Osipenko, ForPost (Sevastopol), Apr 8 2016


Today at the center of culture and arts (центре культуры и искусств, СЦКИ) in Ulitsa Lenina, first Congress of public-expert Council (общественно–экспертного совета,ОЭС) under the Governor of Sevastopol, established in Jul 2014 by Sergey Menyailo and headed by Olesia Romanova. The event was abruptly interrupted (резко прервалось) at the very beginning. During the opening of the Congress, in the execution of the anthem of Russia, on the big screen appeared the text the beginning of the hymn, which made gross and insulting errors. For example, the first line, instead of “Russia! our sacred power” for some unknown reason the adjective “crazy”. And another that ForPost will not quote. In addition, the music of the anthem was accompanied by the dissonant music mixed with the cacophony of the bell. He was followed by the hymn of Sevastopol. And it was only after the hymns were present in the hall that people made a fuss. Representatives of the self-defense forces, who were also members of the ОЭС, headed by Vladimir Tyunin and Oleg Mahon rushed into the control booth of the sound technician. But the file with the garbled anthem of Russia from a computer had already been deleted, and the file cart is cleared. A clear answer from the engineers was not achieved. Tyunin called the police, the FSB and head of СЦКИ, Igor Zenin. Currently, the Congress of the public expert Council continues.

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