i can see derfner is going to be the official pseudo-anti-bastard who pretends to be better than the rest

I don’t have to tell you all, do I? This is Jewish slap-on hype with no disguise. It’s always just a tiny bit homoerotic. In Phil’s own work, you can always pick up the old jock expressions of fake surprised admiration which are there to outline the masculinity of both reviewer and reviewed, not unintentionally. Look out for pseudo-spontaneous exclamations, awestruck at the raw Jewish excellence of the target. So, as Webster Tarpley would say, you get the picture: “Caramba! What a man!” – RB

Derfner succinctly analyzes the anti-Semitism vs. anti-Zionism debate
James North.. Mondo.. well.. you know.. Apr 10 2016

DerfnerGee whiz – RB

Larry Derfner, the veteran and outstanding Israeli journalist, got straight to the point the other day. In an online discussion, Derfner said simply:

The overlap between Western anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is a fraction of that between Zionism and Islamophobia.

Eighteen words that say it all (sic! – RB). Derfner would not deny that the feverish hate swamps of the far right include Judeophobes who as a consequence also hate Israel. But their numbers are small compared to the self-professed Zionists who spend much of their time attacking “Islam.” Larry Derfner is no extremist, and he certainly would not agree with everything published at this site. But he is a man of courage, who in 2011 lost his job as a columnist at the JPost because he spoke out for Plastelinans Arabs. He has recently started contributing to Haaretz. Under the headline “The Reluctant Boycotter: Why This Liberal Zionist Now Supports BDS,” he wrote:

I don’t feel comfortable advocating a boycott of my own country, but a few years ago, after it became clear to me that neither the Israeli peace camp nor the White House was going to end the occupation, the choice came down to supporting the boycott or supporting the status quo forever, and I chose the former.

Derfner may well be breaking Israeli law by calling for boycott. I just started subscribing to the online edition of Haaretz, so I don’t miss any of Derfner, or of Amira Haas (sic – RB) and Gideon Levy, two other moral giants (sic! – RB) in Israel. Haaretz struggles in a media landscape dominated by Sheldon Adelson, who gives his propaganda sheet Israel ha-Yom away for free. Every time I read Haaretz, I marvel that you can find reports and opinions there that you will rarely see in the NYT.

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