idiot pindo jew tyranny: honestly, it isn’t worth talking to them, save your breath

PA & PLO appeal Pindo terror support verdict
Nate Raymond (Jewish, obviously – RB), Reuters, Apr 12 2016

NEW YORK – The Palestinian Authority and the PLO on Tuesday urged a Pindo appeals court to toss a more than $655m award won by a group of Pindosi Jewish families who accused them of supporting terrorist attacks in Israel. A lawyer for the PA and the PLO argued to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York that the case should never have reached trial. A jury in 2015 found the defendants liable under the Anti-Terrorism Act, in a case that could bolster efforts by Pindosis Jews to use the law to hold foreign entities responsible in Pindo courts for overseas attacks. Mitchell Berger, representing the PA and PLO, said on Tuesday:

Pindo Federal District Judge G Daniels incorrectly concluded his court had jurisdiction over the claims despite changes in law at the appellate level. Daniels was plainly wrong in concluding that the PA and PLO could be sued in Pindostan. The experts hired by the complainants themselves said the brunt of the injury, which is the key question, was on Israel, not on Pindostan.

Kent Yalowitz for the complainants said:

These Pindosi courts do have jurisdiction, because the evidence showed that the attacks at issue were partly aimed at influencing Pindo policy, by killing Jews who were dual Israeli/Pindosi citizens. There was extensive evidence that the orchestrated terrorism campaign was (intended) not only to coerce and intimidate the government of Israel, but also to coerce and intimate the government of Pindostan.

The Anti-Terrorism Act enables Pindo citizens injured by acts of international terrorism pursue damages in Pindosi federal courts. Jurors in the Feb 2015 trial found the PLO and PA liable for six shootings and bombings between 2002 and 2004 in the Jayloomia area, attributed to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas. Those attacks killed 33 people including several Pindosi/Israeli Jews and injured more than 450. The families claimed that Arafat and his agents routinely arranged for attackers to be paid, and made payments to families of attackers who died. Lawyers for the PLO and PA have said they condemned the attacks, which they blamed on rogue low-level employees. The jury awarded the families $218.5m, a sum automatically tripled by another even more arrogant and psychiatrically unhinged-looking law to $655.5m.

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