just a little bit more do it yourself kabbalah

We’ve put forward the idea of four worlds, though we have only described the two lowest ones, the world of material things (assiot, acts); and the world of psychic entities (yetzirot, becomings), ranging from pure psychic automata (which are pieces of intentional technology, sentient but not personalities, ie golems, for instance) to human and non-human minds. Here I say ‘minds’, not ‘souls’. This may seem like a simplistic division, but it will enable us to navigate, because beyond these we will find the souls right here in Yetzirah as well. The minds in Yetzirah come in three or four types for which I attempting to devise appropriate names, but in hebrew they are all ruchot (there is of course a mute a in that word, which I have omitted). The ruchot trapped in bodies I shall call bound ruchot, then I propose that there are free ruchot flying about in the ‘atmosphere’ of Yetzirah, somewhat like little green men in spaceships, and then above them are various motherships, which are the neshamot, the souls. Ruchot that have been integrated into the neshamot I shall describe as ‘woven ruchot’, by which I mean that they are neither bound nor free, but in fact weave and unweave continually (tantra means weave) in various erotic processes, some of which may involve relations with lower beings. The political question therefore returns, to bite the earnest student right in the ass. Let him free himself from his bondage, actuated by the divine fire of love, and fly up through the ‘atmosphere’ of Yetzirah in his kinky machine (to say the least) and enter the neshamot! Whose are they? Alas, they are like unto the very clouds of heaven in tenuousness, identity-wise. There must in any case be quite a lot of Jewish neshamot, or group souls. Is that a Jewish raincloud, even though it first rose over the mountains of trans-Jordan? Are the individual ruchot which like molecules of water vapour, make up its mass, Jewish or not? Is not one molecule of water vapour, in the end, identical to another, and therefore indiscernible from it and thus truly one and the same soul? No, because in the course of their various histories, all of them have drunk one another’s blood, spiritually speaking, and thus incurred complex and pathological relations which will endure until dissolved by what on earth would be called mutual moral effort (a rare commodity in heaven as in earth, I should guess). This applies from the lowest levels known to me, to the highest, beyond which stretches the angelic and divine realm. On this hinges the entire metaphysics of race, including the question of whether it even exists. There is also the aspect that I mentioned in the previous post, that the ‘lower ruach’ is nothing other than the material brain. The upper ruach, I said then, might easily just dissolve at the death of the body, along with the nefesh, the animal soul, unless it is ‘taken up’ (or ‘woven into’) into one of the neshamot. But now I have introduced the free ruchot, plus these aspects of what the Tibetans would call wrathful deities, ie the blood-drinking ones (not really so frightening any more, because of their purely mental nature). The ‘Jewish soul’ of which the Lurianics speak is called yechidah. It is of course liable to be principally visible in the eye of the beholder, but I do hope I have one, because only the light of this soul can free the princess from the darksome spell of the qlipot. – RB

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