maybe this is why certain cyrillic fonts can’t be deciphered by yandex (but i doubt it)

I’ll try to slightly improve and complement about this Nazi Vadim Chernoye: for nearly 10 years, holds two hotels in the center of Odessa. Of a kind where within about one-and-a-half or two hours, prostitutes are available upon request; a modern public house. Several years he headed the Odessa anarchists, but nature took its course and kicked him out (now required not to touch anyone and only want to hang yourself). It is interesting that in 2008-2009, another Nazi, Hurwitz the then-mayor, had an argument with him on another day after Chernoye burned expensive jeep. Bitch of course rare, perhaps because of the growth of 155 cm and complexes – Santana, Antiquaries

“Like rotten stew”: a Ukrainian live on “Vesti.doc” glad at the death of Russians
PolitRussia, Apr 14 2016


Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Chernoe shared his joy at the news of the death of Russians on the program “Vesti.doc”. After this (ensued a) scandal, which ended with the expulsion of the Ukrainian from the Studio. Chernoe said in the (course of an) answer to the question from Olga Skobeeva regarding the death of Russian pilots in Syria:

Yes, we are happy when your military die! Yes, we rejoice when they are sent home from the Donbass in zinc coffins,like rotten stew!

After the Ukrainian said this, the other guest of the program, Deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Nikonov, left the Studio to the applause of the spectators and participants of the broadcast, explaining that he was not going to participate in the transmission along with the person making such statements. Nikonov went back to the studio after the break, but by this time Chernoe had already (been) expelled. Olga Skobeeva of the editorial Board explained (the propriety of his expulsion by) the need to stop attempts “to speak in fascist intonations.”

After the film Vyacheslav Nikonov commented on the events in the air on his page in Facebook. He wrote:

I don’t want on their land, we listened to speeches calling for the killing of the Russians, the killings in the Donbass. So we listened to mock our dead heroes. And to happen with impunity. Cannot and should not be tolerance for meanness and fascism… (Let this be a) lesson (Это урок) to all producers, not squeamish at times to invite on the air persons of the lowest manner (пошиба).

It is worth noting that a few hours after the incident in the Studio Vadim Chernoye on his page in the social network acknowledged that the position of the Russian media in relation to the Ukrainian events is correct. He wrote:

It fucked me to get on Russian TV. Yes, they are all right when the Ukrainian government in society. Well, the Maidan, well, kicked out Yanukovych, then what? Why would you sit home and allow Poroshenko to play this farce with the change bad Yatsenyuk on his supposedly good Groysman? Are you not aware that Poroshenko you by the nose leads, he uses Yatsenyuk as the scapegoat? (To make it appear) that Yatsenyuk was stealing and not Poroshenko appointees, like Gontareva? (They insist that) Yatsenyuk had disorganized the army, but not Poroshenko, the Minister of defence and начгенштаба? What the Russians are wrong when they shoved you in the face that after Euro-Association Agreement, Ukraine’s exports to the EU fell, but lost a huge Russian market?

We will remind, the Ukrainian authorities continue to write off the problems of the economy of the country on “Russia’s aggression” while regularly voicing contradictory statements about their victory over “the Russian-terrorist forces.”

Perhaps it may be of interest to note that whatever he says above, Vadim is not stupid ):

I’m talking nasty stuff, Yes, but you think about it: the Crimea, Russia will not give up, period. You can pout about it for another ten years, but in the end will be the same: Crimea will not be picked up. Even if you turn off there water and electricity, Russia could give a damn about how the opposition will have to suffer. It will not return the Crimea. And with the Donbass same thing. Ukraine his quarter of a century was out of control, and there was no smell of the Kiev government. Now one gang replaced another. You don’t care? What exactly want to control the Donbass grouping that you do not like? Because the maximum of their demands, the right to veto Ukraine’s membership in NATO. So you and so there will not accept, NATO does not need a long border with Russia. Yes, more unpleasant than to give in to the aggressor, but before you now the choice is not “to surrender or to win.” Not with this President, not this army, not with the missing weapons, not with this economy. Your choice is to admit defeat actually existing or not recognize. Russia has cut off Japan of the Kuril Islands, and in violation of neutrality. The Japanese do not recognize the annexation, but it does not prevent them from establishing normal relations with Russia. For Ukraine, serious investments can come only from Russia, Western investors will not go to Ukraine until it is cleaned up corruption, which so far is not even close planned. Ukraine is too poor to afford to turn a blind eye to the facts. Even if these facts are sick.

When you hate Russian occupiers of Ukrainian territories, then try to consider that from the Russian point of view it looks not so. A thin line between occupier and liberator. You are honoring Ukrainian veterans of Afghanistan? And they established the Soviet regime is not even close to a Slavic country, and in the Muslim God-forsaken hole. Or when the Ukrainians with the Russians were imposing communism in Spain: “To land in Granada to peasants to give.” And in three dozen countries. Think about it: the participants suppress anti-Communist uprisings in Hungary and the Czech Republic you are considered combatants and receive a pension from the state. I mean, good or bad, (what) Russians do with Ukraine, the answer is obvious. But the thing is that from their point of view, they are absolutely right. And about Bandera the same. You will remember that in the Ukraine before the second Maidan that word was sharply negative for 70% of the population. Then the Ukrainian nationalists of the past years become symbols of resistance to the Yanukovych regime, and the attitude of society has changed for the better. But it happened even in Ukraine just two years ago, and only three months before the conflict began in the Donbass. The Russians, therefore, sincerely believe that they are exempt fraternal people from the brown plague. They don’t view you as enemies.

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