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Sanders Campaign Suspends Jewish Outreach Coordinator for Vulgar Remarks About Netanyahu
Jason Horowitz (no, actually he is from Lapland, he’s an Inuit by birth – RB), NYT, Apr 14 2016

The Sanders campaign’s announcement on Tuesday that Simone Zimmerman would be its national Jewish outreach coordinator delighted her fellow left-wing Jewish political activists and encouraged their belief that public expressions of disgust with the Israeli government had edged into the acceptable mainstream of Democratic politics. They might have been getting ahead of themselves. On Thursday, the Sanders campaign suspended Zimmerman after revelations that she had used vulgarities about Netanyahu in Facebook posts (Vulgarities about the child god of the Clean Break? Allah have mercy on us all! – RB). The suspension, hours before a Demoagogue debate in Brooklyn, made for an embarrassing misstep for Sanders, a secular Jew who despite having lived briefly in Israel and being the most successful candidate of his faith in Pindosi history, is being pummelled by Clinton among Jewish voters. The suspension was an important moment in the small but deeply-felt universe of Demagogical Jewish politics, which has been torn apart on generational and ideological lines over the acceptable level of criticism of Israel’s right-wing government. With Zimmerman’s history of opposition to Israeli policies in the OPT, her hiring drew concerted and ultimately overwhelming pressure from Pindo Jew boxtops. Her suspension showed that when it came to the high stakes and intense scrutiny of presidential politics, the establishment’s view of her and her brethren as dangerous radicals still held sway even with Sanders, a candidate promising a revolution (sic – RB). M Hoenlein of CPMAJO delivered the victory crow of the cock astride the barnyard midden:

The fact that he acted, shows that obviously he didn’t think it was acceptable!

A chorus of Jews including Abe Foxman as well as Hoenlein had demanded Zimmerman’s firing. The final straw was a report on Wednesday in the Washington Free Beacon (a right-wing freesheet directly financed by Judeonazi ‘philanthropy’ – RB), which found a Facebook post in which she described Netanyahu as “arrogant, deceptive, cynical and manipulative,” and said that he had “sanctioned the murder of over 2,000 people this summer.” She used a vulgarity (but what it was we will not say cos we are prim and proper here, and would much prefer to softly paddle her ass with a sex-play implement – RB). Sanders spox M Briggs wrote in an email:

She has been suspended while we investigate the matter.

After Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary in a landslide, Zimmerman also wrote triumphantly on Facebook:

The first Jew in history just won a primary, as a proud socialist calling for political revolution.

Then she criticized Clinton and added a vulgarity (see what we mean? The girl needs spanking – RB). Zimmerman said via anon friends that she wrote the Facebook post about Netanyahu in Mar 2015, an emotionally-charged time when Netanyahu infuriated liberals across Pindostan by hectoring the bought & paid for critturs of the cardboard so-called Congress about Iran. Peter Beinart (a carefully-positioned phony nice guy amid the sea of transparent fixers, and hence an even slimier being than the rest – RB), commented:

This is Pindo Jewry eating its own. Simone is the best of the best. Most of the other kids have given up on the community. She cares deeply and wants to make it live up to its own stated ideals. Of all the original ‘Kids from Fame’, she was the one who stared longest at the soda bottle.

In an interview last year about the shifts in Pindo-Jewish politics, Zimmerman talked about how she had grown up in an active Jewish community and household in LA, with a grandparent who had fought for Israeli independence. Other relatives were killed in the Holocaust, she said (Well then, she should be a normal death dwarf like the rest of them, as far as that goes – RB). After receiving training from AIPAC, Zimmerman entered UC Berkeley with the intention of defending Israel, she said, but she began doubting Israeli policies regarding the occupation, settlements, and what she viewed as the excessive use of military force. She then became the national president of the student branch of J Street, where she started a grass-roots movement (a nonsensical and self-contradictory claim demonstrating a deliberate distortion of the concepts of democracy – RB) of thousands of young Jews who sought to stop Pindo-Jewish groups from supporting Israeli policies in the OPT. She protested in front of the offices of Hoenlein (ie CPMAJO, if it has offices – RB) among others. She said:

They claim to speak for the Pindo-Jewish community. … Young people make the establishment the most worried.

But apparently the Sanders campaign became worried too, despite its popularity among young liberal voters who tend to agree with Zimmerman on the question of Israel. A significant number of Jewish voters consider Zimmerman and her allies to be radicals, and the Sanders campaign, already facing a more than 30% deficit among New York Demagogue Jews, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll, took action. In Thursday night’s debate, Sanders advocated a critical discussion of Israel that while popular with his young liberal base, was unlikely to please the Jewish establishment figures who had sought to hold a common line on Israel in Demagogue politics. Sanders criticized Clinton’s pro-Israel orthodoxy, called the IOF’s use of arms against Plastelinans Arabs “disproportionate,” and argued that “we have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time.” Zimmerman would have approved (note the glacial irony, without even the pretence of concern – RB).


Bernie, Reinstate Simone Zimmerman!
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam (Blog), Apr 14 2016

Bernie Sanders just made a bone-headed move. Two days ago, he hired Simone Zimmerman, past national student president of J Street U. Apparently, Zimmerman over a year ago posted a few feisty things about Bibi Netanyahu and some of Israel’s more egregious Occupation policies. Nothing she said was remotely untrue. In fact, everything she said is in the best tradition of liberal Zionism. But being a young Jew and college student she expressed herself boldly, perhaps even brashly. She even said “Fuck you, Bibi!” For that, the pro-Israel, largely Republican 1% is calling for her scalp. Abe Foxman, that dinosaur of the Jewish establishment, wanted her canned. Ronald Lauder, head of the WJC, joined him. Malcolm Hoenlein expressed satisfaction that Bernie slapped her down. But that’s to be expected. Anytime the Washington Free Bacon grabs hold of a trashy headline, you can expect the pro-Israel witches will circle round the bubbling cauldron expecting a tasty dish of roasted self-hating Jew. The article was written by Noah Pollak, an acolyte of Bill Kristol. He’s a close pal of Eli Lake and those other Zio-scribblers (aka journalists) the Lobby makes such good use of. Since when does the left allow Breitbart, Drudge or the Free Bacon to manage our politics? Since when do we cower in the face of their assault?

My question is, why should this concern Bernie? If anyone should attack him, wouldn’t it be these trogdolytes? If Bernie says he’s proud to earn the enmity of Jeffrey Immelt and the CEO of Verizon, why shouldn’t he be equally proud to earn the enmity of the moth-eaten, moribund pro-Israel establishment, almost all of whom are, by the way, associated with the robber barons of Wall Street and environs? There are a few reasons Bernie has to tread carefully. He has his eyes on the bigger picture. He’s clawing tooth and nail for the New York vote ahead of the primary this coming week. He knows New York is home to an especially vocal pro-Israel community. He’s worried l’affaire Zimmerman will distract from his momentum in New York. I get that. That’s why I’m glad he refused to fire her and only suspended her. Someone in Bernie’s camp better realize that Simone Zimmerman is a sacrificial lamb. That the Bacon-eaters of the Israel Lobby don’t give a fig or pork rind about her. It’s Bernie’s scalp they want. So throwing her overboard will only embolden these pro-Israel bullies. Don’t do it. Get Zimmerman back on staff where she’s needed as Bernie heads into the California primary, her home state.

Bernie needs to understand that the young people he appeals to are bold and brash, just like him.  They like him because he doesn’t mince words.  He doesn’t triangulate.  He tells it like it is.  That’s who Nicole Zimmerman is as well. Would Bernie prefer Young Republicans working for him? Smooth-talking, prim and proper youth who know their place? He must know that if he wants the youth vote he’s going to have to accept that they have a few rough edges, as all young people do. I have a 14 year-old son, I know. But despite those rough edges, aren’t young people the heart of our future? Don’t we want to embrace and nurture their passion and fire? A closing note is in order. Readers here must know that I fundamentally disagree with J Street and do not support it. I’m sure if I spent any time talking to Simone Zimmerman about Israel our views would diverge at some point. But that’s not the point. The point is that the pro-Israel fat cats are trying to dictate Bernie’s strategy and we mustn’t let them. I oppose bullies just as I oppose injustice, whether the victim is a Palestinian or a former J Street student leader. Sign the petition demanding that Bernie reinstate Simone.

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