as if i cared

An ultimatum from the Toads
El Murid, Apr 16 2016

In anticipation of tomorrow’s meeting in Doha, the Toads effectively issued an ultimatum: either at the meeting a decision will be made about the freezing of oil or the Toads will start to increase their production to maximum values. The meaning of ultimatum to force Iran, who doesn’t see the point of their presence at the meeting, to agree with them. The position (of the Iranians is that) you might as well reimpose the sanctions. Therefore the Iranians will not freeze, so the ultimatum is clearly not designed for that specific result. It’s precisely calculated, but not for the purpose it pretends to have (this may be attributing too much intelligence to them – RB). As for whether the ultimatum of the Toads is realistic in practical terms, the consequences are unclear. They are technically able to do it there: they have reserves of growth about 2.5 to 3 million barrels. Whether this decision is purely political, that is the question. Oil prices in this extreme case will inevitably go down. Russia in this celebration of life (is just an) outside observer, as it does not have any influence on the decision of the sheikhs. Whether they are independent or playing some game is hard to say. Perhaps they operate in conjunction with the UKUSA elite. There are supporters of the continuation of pressure on the oil market, with the aim of obtaining political results.

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