the idea that this so-called body of cultural ‘experts’ ie govt elitists can use cultural conservation as a tool of their own, euro-pindo empire

This is what my father did when I was a child, as I have often mentioned, He was director of publications of UNESCO in the 1960s, and presumably this means glossy exercises in cultural imperialism and effective takeovers of many sites by convenient groups of armed men who can be represented to the idiot west sheeple or creeple as ‘conservation protection force’ or something, which is not much different from saying that the OSCE should run Donbass with their own troops. It only really hit me properly yesterday that my father’s father was a British Army General – RB

UNESCO adopts resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount
Tovah Lazaroff, JPost, Apr 15 2016

UNESCO’s Executive Board in Paris on Friday adopted a resolution whose language ignored Jewish ties to the holy religious site of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jayloomia Old City. The broad-ranging resolution condemned Israeli actions in east Jayloomia, the West Bank and Gaza. But the resolution focused in large part on Israeli actions with regard to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall Plaza, (which it) referred to the Temple Mount area solely as al-Aksa and Haram al-Sharif, except for two references to the Western Wall Plaza that were put in parenthesis. The text also referred to the plaza area by the Western Wall as the al-Buraq Plaza. Last October, UNESCO backed away from reclassifying the Western Wall as solely a Muslim holy site. This spring it simply used language that almost solely referred to it as such. April’s resolution did reaffirm, however, that the Mughrabi Ascent that starts at the Western Wall plaza is an integral and inseparable part of the al-Aksa and Haram al-Sharif complex. The resolution called for on Israel to restore the situation on the Temple Mount to what it had been prior to Sep 2000, when the Second Intifada broke out. At that time, according to the resolution, the Jordan Wakf (maintained) full control of the Aksa/Haram al-Sharif complex, to include work on maintenance and restoration as well as regulating access. The site is (now, ie since Sep 2000) under the full authority, but not full control, of the Islamic Wakf. UNESCO called on Israel not to restrict Muslim worshippers from accessing the site and condemned the violence that occurred there in the fall, but solely focused on Israeli actions in those incidents and not on the violence of the Muslim rioters at the site. It condemned Israeli plans to build a prayer space for Women of the Wall by Robinson’s Arch, although it did not mention the group by name. The resolution also charged that Israel had planted “fake Jewish graves” in other Muslim cemeteries located on Wakf property east and south of the al-Aksa mosque. The 58-member board approved the resolution 19 with 33 votes in favour, six against and 17 abstentions. Two countries, Ghana and Turkmenistan, were absent altogether. Those countries who opposed it outright were Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, & UKUSA. France, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia and Russia were among those countries who supported the resolution. A second resolution that more globally condemned Israeli actions, passed with 45 votes in favor, 1 vote against and 11 abstentions. The Foreign Ministry had not response to the vote. B’nai Brith’s Gary Salesman said:

With this resolution, UNESCO has seemingly lowered itself to the depths of bizarre conspiracy theories.

B’nai B’rith’s Daniel Mariaschin said:

These one-sided resolutions are being used to further the Plastelinan narrative, which only prolongs the conflict and which once again speaks to the continuing bias of the UN and its agencies.

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