i want to include a very simple, short poem i just wrote, cos i feel like it

Don’t you think an Arab mother might love her boy?
A 17-year-old boy can certainly be a handful…
If you can’t get him a wife…
But don’t you think it hurts, to lose one’s son?
Shot like a game bird by the Jews?
Once we were not game birds.
We were human beings.
Like they are.


  1. Inca Roads
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Very nice. I like it because it got me thinking …

    Your little poem is about a young Plastelinan who has spent his entire life in the walled in squalor of the Gaza Strip or the West Bank where he has been constantly humiliated and occasionally beaten, gassed, shot at or even bombed by some of the vilest oppressors anywhere on the planet while his only means of retaliation were sticks and stones. Who wouldn’t share the worries of his mother? Who wouldn’t take his side in this struggle, even if he (or she) out of anger and desperation resorts to using kitchen knives?

    But your poem also made me think of another 17-year-old who, typically for his age, knows very little about the world but has plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe this boy was born in Dagestan, or Turkey, or KSA, or Jordan, or Egypt … where he got mixed up with the wrong people and now he’s part of a head chopping, heart eating, life and culture destroying mob that’s (unwittingly ?) doing the dirty work for the above mentioned oppressors. What’s to be done about him? He, too, has a mother who is worried sick.

    Obviously, humanity cannot afford such barbarians in her midst and where there is no alternative such people must be eliminated. But I’d much, much prefer if this boy could be caught alive and kept in a secure place together with other young idiots, where they are all properly fed, clothed and educated for a number of years and then returned to their families.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    I wouldn’t call the Zionists the vilest absolutely. It’s not difficult to surpass the Zionists in cruelty, unfortunately. But what makes the Zionists so distressing is their apparent idealism, which is really a facade designed back in the 1950s to attract or at least titillate their own Pindo-Jewish cousins. Hence the pseudo-‘Wild West’ qualities, which tend to be accentuated by video. Some of the young Zionist barbarians are second or first generation olim from Pindo or Euro ‘stan. Others, the ‘sabras’, are third, fourth or even fifth generation. The longer you live under that sub-tropical sun, the darker your skin gets, and the more arabic you use in everyday speech, even if it is only by saying “Walla!” (let’s go!) all the time. So in a deeply deceptive and un-‘true’ (inauthentic) death-driven way, the Jew becomes the Arab he is replacing. It’s rather creepy, in that sense. But I’m prepared to become part of it, if my life pans out that way. The love of a Jewish woman is truly my lifelong desire, for reasons rooted in infancy (or maybe ancestry, if such preferences are hereditary). I would promise to let her decide about “right & wrong.” I think my love requires nothing less, whether she seems brightly anti-Zionist or darkly Zionist or both at different times, primarily because of that obstinate need for love, real physical love.

    There are doubtless a lot of useful idiots in ISIS, but nevertheless it appears to me to be a coherent entity under paramilitary discipline, which means it is paid by a single professionally skilled quartermaster who is also its policy director. There is only one man who could credibly fill this supremely difficult job. That is Bandar bin Sultan, the supposedly “retired” Toad intelligence chief from the al Qaeda era. All these things should be perfectly visible to the intelligent reporter (Patrick Cockburn, for instance), but if his instructions are to call ISIS “spontaneously self-recruiting” or “funded by rich Arabs in the Gulf who are so far unidentified,” that’s what he does. The extraordinary world leadership we now live under, which I think is best described as “world government by means of interlocking intelligence and security agencies,” is certainly able to require reporters to toe the line, because there is no ‘outside’ to this conspiracy. It’s truly global. In other words, they’re all part of it. Some reporters are even required to take part in pretended head-chopping videos with themselves as purported victims, and then to disappear. All are fed from above, with solid ‘hard currency’ type funds. And I in my turn will be required to stop saying these unpleasantly true things, which will be easy because for the first time in my life I shall be doing what makes a man happy.

  3. Inca Roads
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

    > … I shall be doing what makes a man happy.

    Haha! So, you too could be bought off? Interesting! Just make sure they don’t give you the Mordechai Vanunu treatment after the happy event. In any case I shall miss your selection of articles and the wonderful headlines if this happens.

    When I was in my very early teens I had a crush on Esther Ofarim. Although even then I found her music rubbish (Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks were my kind of music then) her big dark eyes, the pretty face and her petite, womanly figure got me dreaming, even though she was over twice my age. Compared to her all those combat trained, fitness studio enhanced Ayelets and Tzipis of today leave me cold. There’s no romance in their faces and their view of the world is just odious. They remind me of Zappa’s Jewish Princess … with a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma …🙂

  4. niqnaq
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    I agree. The Bar Rafaeli pneumatic effect is ghastly. But I object to the expression “bought off.” Love is love, you don’t have the right to reduce it to the level of something that can be bought & sold. I understand your cynicism, though.

    PS, music wise, you should listen to Ofra Haza. “Yemenite Songs” was the original classic album (though she did previous ones, they were not properly produced). “Yemenite Songs” IMO has just the right mixture of traditional acoustic instrumentation and TA techno. After that album, she gets more and more disco-ey.

  5. niqnaq
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 12:51 pm | Permalink

    Here’s a challenge for you: find a photo of this gal:

  6. Inca Roads
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    I got the album when it came out sometime in the 80s. I loved it and listened to it a lot at home, in my car and in the taxi I was driving at night to finance my student life. I still remember passengers commenting on it and in one or two cases finding it difficult getting rid of them at the destination because they insisted on listening to a particular track once again … those were the days.

    Ofra Haza was another of the many short crushes I had over the years. But this time I was a grown-up and in full possession of my mental faculties … which goes to show that we remain ‘vulnerable’ for the rest of our lives. And what a good thing it is, even if it occasionally compromises or corrupts our own views and values! In this short clip …

    … Jonathan Pie (the corporate-media-mouth-piece comedian) who hates the Tories and this government betrays a soft spot for Theresa May. Very funny!

    Re: your latest post

    The Google image search returned an inconsistent zoo of portraits and faces, including the awful Anna Ardin, Monica Lewinski, JFK and many others. But it wasn’t difficult to figure out which of them was Cheryl Bentov. I have never heard of her before. Poor, stupid Mordechai to have fallen for such a hag! I wonder how she feels today about what she has done?

  7. niqnaq
    Posted May 1, 2016 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    I remember that back during his period of work at Dimona, Mordecai had already converted to Christianity – not the best career move – so he was if you like under a more or less terminal career cloud anyway. Yet he was allowed to perform his photo spree. A useful idiot, no?

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